2018-2019 Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide — Print Edition

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The most honest, accurate, and useful Buyer’s Guide in the world.

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“After 50+ years of skiing, and almost as many years of reading those other reviews, I can say hand on heart, that this is the most comprehensive, honest, and reliable review publication I’ve ever come across.” — Hart

“You guys are like my ski bible, so thanks again for cutting through the bullshit within the ski industry.” — B. Gephart

“Not that you need to hear it for the millionth time, but you are the only source of reliable information regarding ski reviews. Which is frankly bizarre given the time the other magazines have had to get their shit together.” — B. Chadsey


Most buyer’s guides are quite useless, and having flipped through this year’s crop of guides, it’s clear that the others aren’t getting any better. But the Blister Buyer’s Guide is radically different.

We Test Product Year Round

Other publications do all of their ski testing in a few days. We literally test year round. Nobody puts in as much time on equipment as we do, so no other Buyer’s Guide can match the accuracy of our reviews and our product comparisons.

We Take No Money from the Manufacturers We Review

Unlike the other buyer’s guides out there, we don’t take any money from the ski or snowboard companies we review. So what you get is the most honest, accurate, and useful product descriptions and comparisons you will find anywhere.

We Won’t Insult Your Intelligence

We’ll leave the bad cliches and unhelpful product descriptions to the other buyer’s guides. Instead, we’ll provide you with the info you need to make informed buying decisions — our own verified product specs (weights, dimensions, lengths, mount points, etc.), and honest, accurate descriptions that detail the nuances of how a product performs, and distinguish that product from the others in its class.


Blister’s Winter Buyer’s Guide features the 18/19 products we’ve vetted, and provides the most helpful comparisons and recommendations you will find to help you identify the gear that’s best for you, given where and how you ski.


Our Buyer’s Guide covers:

  • Men’s & Women’s Skis
  • Ski Boots
  • Outerwear
  • Midlayers & Baselayers
  • Helmets
  • Goggles
  • Backcountry Touring Bindings
  • Backcountry Touring Skins
  • Men’s & Women’s Snowboards

Blister Spectrums

Our Blister Spectrums are arguably the most important thing we put in the Guide. Blister Spectrums order the products we’ve tested along a continuum, letting you see how they stack up against the rest of the category, and allowing you to make the most informed decision possible.

Our Ski-Quiver Selections

A favorite among Blister readers, we will once again lay out our recommendations for one- and two-ski quivers from the 18/19 crop of skis.

The 18/19 Blister ‘Best Of’ Awards

Unlike the other buyer’s guides out there, we don’t take any advertising money from the companies we review, and we spend more time than anyone testing gear. So when we give a product a ‘Best Of’ Award, you know that award was earned, not bought.

Blister Categories

Most buyer’s guides are simply too general. So we’ve sorted the skis and boots we’ve reviewed into distinct classes based on common characteristics. We describe those classes in detail, and lay out what each particular product brings to the table.

Our Ski Categories Include:

  • All-Mountain Skis:
    • More Stable
    • More Forgiving
    • Chargers
    • Freestyle
  • 50/50 — Resort / Backcountry Skis
  • Touring Skis
  • Frontside Skis
  • Women’s Skis
  • Park Skis
  • Powder Skis
    • More Directional
    • More Playful

Our Ski Boot Categories Include:

  • Dedicated Alpine Boots
  • ‘Walk Mode’ Alpine Boots
  • Touring Boots

Bottom Line & Timeline

This is the most honest, no BS, genuinely useful buyer’s guide in the ski industry.

The print edition will begin to ship in mid-October. The digital edition will be available for FREE later this week. 

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