2020-2021 Majesty Vanguard

Luke Koppa reviews the Majesty Vanguard for Blister

New for 20/21, the Majesty Vanguard is a lightweight, twin-tipped, and strong 118mm-wide ski — a combination we don’t see all that often. Check out our First Look & Flash Review for more on this new big-mountain ski.

2019-2020 Renoun Citadel 114

Luke Koppa reviews the Renoun Citadel 114 prototype for Blister

Renoun is currently working on adding a wider ski to their lineup, and we recently received a prototype of their new Citadel 114. Check out our First Look for our measured specs, rocker pics, and initial impressions of this lightweight, uniquely constructed ski.

2020-2021 K2 Mindbender 116C

Jonathan Ellsworth and Luke Koppa review the K2 Mindbender 116C for Blister

Apart from the name, the new K2 Mindbender 116C doesn’t share a lot in common with the Mindbender 99Ti and Mindbender 108Ti. And that’s no accident. Check out our full review for more.