Shimano AM45 SPD shoe

Product: Shimano AM45 SPD shoe  Intended Use: Shreddin, thrashin, rippin, tearin, all mountainin’, standin’, walkin’ Rider: 5’9”, 160lbs, likes zooming, currently has moustache Test Location: Lake Tahoe area, Northstar, Sol Vista, Mammoth, Whistler bike parks Test Bike: 2011 Turner DHR, 2011 Turner 5 spot, on … Read more

2011 Specialized SX – Part 1: JUMPS

2011 Specialized SX - Part 1: JUMPS, Blister Gear Review

Frame: 2011 Specialized SX, with OEM Fox RP23, and Pushed Fox RP23 with special tune. “Short” size of two options.

Intended Use: Four cross, Slalom, Slopestyle, Dirtjumping, General jumpy mayhem

Geometry Chart: Specialized SX Frame

Rider: 5’8”, 160 lbs. of stocky, pissed-off chihuahua, with about a decade of DH, 15 years of  XC, 7 years of dirtjumping, way too much digging, and a love for speed over any and all terrain.

Test Location: Woodward West Mega Trails, Northstar dirtjump park

Duration of test: Several months of intermittent riding since Autumn, 2010.

The Specialized SX is the little brother of the very popular Specialized SX Trail, and has been around for years in several different incarnations. It is and always has been a 4 inch(-ish) travel frame that sported a design similar to the corresponding version of the SX trail, but with more of a focus on transitions, jumping and pumping.

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Kevin Bazar

Age: 36 | Vitals: 5’8”, 160 lbs. | Moustache: Cop/Slovenly Fireman Years riding: About 15 years XC/trail riding; 10 years DH; 7 years dirtjumping; raced bmx as a kid. Current Residence: Lake Tahoe, California Background: Born in Jacksonville, Florida, I developed an early appreciation for … Read more