Sunglasses Roundup — 2020

Sunglasses: you use them, and if you spend a lot of time outside, you probably use them all the time. We’ve rounded up a variety of our current go-to sunglasses, from affordable, casual options to versatile, yet stylish frames to performance-oriented shades.
Luke Koppa & Eric Freson review the Giro Method Goggle for Blister

Giro Method Goggle

The Giro Method is far from the most expensive goggle on the market, yet it offers excellent optics and a versatile fit, all of which have made it one of our favorite goggles for those on a budget. Check out our full review.
Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa review the Zipline XT Goggle for Blister

Zipline XT Goggle

The Zipline XT features an absurdly quick and easy magnetic lens-swap system typically only seen on goggles twice as expensive. So, what’s the catch? Is there one? Check out our full review
Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa review the Smith I/O Mag XL for Blister

Smith I/O Mag XL Goggle

Smith’s original I/O goggle helped start the trend of lenses with quick and easy lens-swap systems. The I/O line has evolved a lot since then, with the brand-new I/O Mag XL being one of the newest additions. Check out our full review of the I/O Mag XL.
Luke Koppa reviews the Zeal Hatchet Goggle for Blister

Zeal Hatchet Goggle

Goggles with magnetic lens-swap systems have made it easier than ever to swap lenses. But most of them are very expensive, and some people aren’t thrilled about a few magnets being the only thing securing lenses to their frames. The Zeal Hatchet aims to solve both of those issues — check out our full review.
Sam Shaheen reviews the Sweet Protection Firewall Goggle for Blister

Sweet Protection Firewall Goggle

Sweet Protection has been making high-quality helmets and outerwear for years, and for 19/20, they're breaking into a new category — goggles. Check out our review of their new budget-oriented Firewall Goggle.
Luke Koppa and Sam Shaheen review the Smith 4D Mag Goggle for Blister

Smith 4D Mag Goggle

Ski & snowboard goggles have undergone a lot of changes recently, but one thing that’s remained relatively unchanged is their lenses. For 19/20, Smith is changing that with their 4D Mag goggle, which features a unique extended lens to offer increased field of view. So is it just a gimmick, or a notable advancement? Check out our review.
Luke Koppa reviews the Spy Ace EC Goggle for Blister

Spy Ace EC Goggle

Spy’s new Ace EC goggle uses a single electrochromic lens that lets you change the tint with a touch of a button. Yep, one lens for everything. So, how does it actually work in reality, and are there any downsides? Check out our review.
Luke Koppa reviews the Anon M4 Goggle for Blister

Anon M4 Goggle

Anon goggles feature the best lens-swap system we’ve used, and this year, they have a new goggle that lets you use two different types of lenses. Check out our review of the Anon M4.
Sam Shaheen reviews the Glade Optics Challenger Goggle for Blister

Glade Optics Challenger Goggle

High-quality goggles have become quite expensive, but Glade Optics is aiming to change that with their Challenger goggle. We spent much of this season testing the Challenger, and have come away very impressed. Check out our review and our Glade lens comparisons.
Cy Whitling reviews the Anon M3 MFI Goggle for Blister Gear Review

Anon M3 MFI Goggle

With the M2, Anon had already made a nearly perfect goggle. So what does their M3 bring to the table? Several things, actually, including over-the-glasses compatibility...
Cy Whitling reviews the Giro Contact Goggle for Blister Gear Review

Giro Contact Goggle

Giro’s new Contact goggle is their entrance into the quick-change lens swapping game, and incorporates magnetic attachments. So how does it measure up to some of the current options?