Zeal Hatchet Goggle

Luke Koppa reviews the Zeal Hatchet Goggle for Blister

Goggles with magnetic lens-swap systems have made it easier than ever to swap lenses. But most of them are very expensive, and some people aren’t thrilled about a few magnets being the only thing securing lenses to their frames. The Zeal Hatchet aims to solve both of those issues — check out our full review.

Smith 4D Mag Goggle

Luke Koppa and Sam Shaheen review the Smith 4D Mag Goggle for Blister

Ski & snowboard goggles have undergone a lot of changes recently, but one thing that’s remained relatively unchanged is their lenses. For 19/20, Smith is changing that with their 4D Mag goggle, which features a unique extended lens to offer increased field of view. So is it just a gimmick, or a notable advancement? Check out our review.