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Recent Podcasts

Merlin Rock Gear's Erick Davidson on Blister's All Things Climbing Podcast

Making Homemade Cams: Erick Davidson of Merlin Rock Gear (Ep.20)

Merlin Rock Gear makes the best cams you’ve never heard of — they aren’t sold in stores or online, and they don’t even have a website. Engineer Erick Davidson designs and builds extra-large format cams at home, trimming weight and introducing clever design elements to raise the bar significantly for large cams. We talk about his design improvements and how he convinced himself that they were safe to use in the real world.

Hoji on the Hoji Free & 4FRNT Renegade (Ep.29)

We talk with Hoji about his brand-new boot, the Dynafit Hoji Free; the differences between it and the current Hoji Pro Tour; how he’s been refining his signature ski, the 4FRNT Renegade; and his work with Arc’teryx.

Eric Hjorleifson discusses the Matchstick Productions Movie "HOJI" on the Blister Podcast

HOJI on “HOJI” (Ep.75)

Few people are so good at what they do that they can have a film made about their life and career while they’re still in the middle of both. But Eric Hjorleifson is one of those people, so we talked to Hoji about the new Matchstick movie and more.

Will Ritter, founder of Spark R&D, on the Blister Podcast GEAR:30

Spark R&D — Part 2 (Ep.28)

We talk to Spark R&D founder, Will Ritter, about some of Spark’s current products, collaborating with CAST Touring and 22 Designs, and implementing solar power in their factory in Bozeman, Montana.

Climbing The Nose - All Things Climbing Podcast

What’s it like to climb The Nose? (Ep.18)

What’s it like to climb The Nose? Is it really as “easy” as people say? And what level of experience is required to have a reasonable chance of topping out? Our host of All Things Climbing and his wife Katie report on their recent trip up the world’s most iconic rock climb.

Justin Brown, founder of Rhino Skins Solutions on Blister's All Things Climbing podcast

Rhino Skin Solutions founder, Justin Brown (Ep.17)

Justin Brown is the founder of Rhino Skin Solutions. He’s also a board member of the Smith Rock Group, and a 5.14 climber. We talk about starting Rhino Skin, why climbers need to be leaders in land management, and why belaying just might be the sport of the future.