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Recent Podcasts

Running coach, Jason Koop, goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss his running career, how he got into coaching, his approach to coaching, and more

Jason Koop: Runner, Head Coach at CTS Ultrarunning (Ep.20)

Jason Koop is a passionate runner, the author of Training Essentials for Ultrarunning, the head coach of CTS Ultrarunning, and someone who is not afraid to speak his mind. So we talked to Jason about his endurance coaching; “nonsensical” training aids & techniques; his recent running of the 330 km Tor de Geants; the current state of the minimalist / maximalist shoe debate; what he thinks the running scene will look like 10 years from now; and a *whole* lot more.

Dash Longe goes on the Blister Podcast to talk about his new film, Stone's Throw, his recent move to DPS Skis, and more.

Dash Longe on Skiing, Ski Films, & Ski Design (Ep.104)

Dash Longe is a skier who’s been doing it — and going big — for a long time. So I spoke to Dash about his brand new film, Stone’s Throw, and about ski films in general; his coming up during the heyday of the freeskiing revolution in Tahoe; ski design and Dash’s work on the DPS Koala 119; and more. Check out this post for the whole conversation — and watch Dash’s film, Stone’s Throw.

Luke Koppa, Sam Shaheen, & Jonathan Ellsworth discuss on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast the 19/20 Blister Winter Buyer's Guide, the 19/20 Blister Best Of winners and runner-ups, and more.

19/20 BLISTER Winter Buyer’s Guide, Part 1 (Ep.68)

We just released our new 19/20 BLISTER Winter Buyer’s Guide, and given that it’s over 200 pages long, there’s a lot to talk about. So we’re going to have a 2-part conversation about the Guide, and here in part 1, we’re going to discuss some of our Blister “Best Of” selections; and some of the products that just missed the cut; some general trends and takeaways from putting this big book together, and we find out the real reason why Luke prefers mittens to gloves.

Dylan Wood, David Golay, Luke Koppa, and Jonathan Ellsworth talk on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast about how and why they built Blister's Mountain Bike Brand Guides

Why We Built a MTB Brand Guide (Ep.10)

Reviewers Luke Koppa, Jonathan Ellsworth, Dylan Wood, and David Golay discuss our new BLISTER Brand Guide to Mountain Bikes; why we saw a need for it; the trends and takeaways we’ve seen in the process of building it; and … the revolutionary new Badonkadonk bike.

Kyle Robidoux goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss how running has helped him as someone with limited vision, including running dozens of marathons and ultramarathons

Kyle Robidoux on Running, Skiing, & Being Legally Blind (Ep.19)

Kyle Robidoux is passionate about running and skiing and beer. He has run 25 marathons and ultra marathons, including three 100-mile races, and the Boston Marathon six times. Kyle also happens to be legally blind. So Kyle and I talk about his background, his anger about his receding vision and what he did about it; how he got into running and trail running; his efforts to create more inclusive trail races; his advice about how to deal with loss of any kind; and what specific things we all can do to be more supportive of everyone dealing with disabilities. (And we talk about beer.)

Corey Rich goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his new book, "Stories Behind the Images: Lessons from a Life in Adventure Photography"

Adventure Photographer, Corey Rich (Ep.103)

Adventure photographer, Corey Rich, has spent a lot of time documenting some of the most interesting and amazing athletes in the world. So we talk to Corey about his time with the likes of Fred Beckey, Chris Sharma, Tommy Caldwell, Ashima Shiraishi; why making mistakes and being vulnerable makes for great storytelling; his excellent new book; what his dream assignment would be; and much, much more.

In this edition of "Reviewing The Reviewer" on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast, Blister's founder, Jonathan Ellsworth, gets reviewed by Luke Koppa and Sam Shaheen.

Reviewing the Reviewer: Jonathan Ellsworth (Ep.67)

Luke Koppa and Sam Shaheen pose questions & rate the answers of Blister founder, Jonathan Ellsworth, about being charged by a bear; nearly burning his house down; teaching philosophy; his favorite gear in the world; and (of course) the things he’s better at than Sam Shaheen.

Luke Nelson discusses his running career, how he balances being a professional runner with family, work as a physicians assistant, and being a race director, and more on Blister's Off The Couch podcast

Luke Nelson on Testing Limits (Ep.18)

Brendan Leonard & Jonathan Ellsworth talk to Luke Nelson about being a professional runner, physician assistant, race director (of the Scout Mountain Ultras), climate activist, husband, father of three, and … someone who doesn’t get a lot of sleep.

Jason Levinthal, founder of J Skis, Line Skis, & Full Tilt Boots, goes on the Blister Podcast to answer everyone's questions.

J Skis founder, Jason Levinthal (Ep.102)

J Skis founder, Jason Levinthal, is back on the show, and this time, our conversation is made up almost entirely of your questions. And in his trademark style, Jason answers each of them with extreme candor. Check out the full video and conversation here.

Mike McCabe of Folsom skis goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss Folsom's new pop-up shop in Aspen, their 19/20 ski line, and the new Folsom Blister Pro 104 ski.

Folsom Skis & the New Blister Pro 104 (Ep.66)

We’ve been working on a special project with Folsom Skis, and it’s finally time to discuss the details with Folsom’s Mike McCabe. We also talk about Folsom’s (insane?) new plan to build and deliver custom skis in 2-3 days; go over a few highlights from the 19/20 Folsom lineup; and we ask Mike how much of a nightmare it was to work with us on this project.

Maddie Hart, Gordon Gianniny, Luke Koppa, and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss Blister's running shoe Brand Guides on the Off The Couch podcast.

Why We Built a Running-Shoe Brand Guide (Ep.17)

Finding the right running shoe can be extremely complicated and confusing. So reviewers Luke Koppa, Jonathan Ellsworth, Maddie Hart, and Gordon Gianniny discuss our new BLISTER Brand Guide to Running Shoes; why we saw a need for it; what we hope it accomplishes for runners everywhere; and the trends and takeaways we’ve seen in the process of building it.