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Recent Podcasts

Cody Townsend goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss how he went from hating running to loving it, how running is a big part of his training plan for his ongoing Fifty Project, and more

Big Mtn Skier (& Trail Runner), Cody Townsend (Ep.70)

Six months ago, professional skier, Cody Townsend, hated running. Now he loves it. So what happened?? And will his current training program really get him ready to ski tour up and down some of the gnarliest peaks in North America for his ongoing Fifty Project? If you have ever found yourself in the “I hate running” camp, you should listen to this episode.

Blister Podcast: Cody Townsend talks at the Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University, Gunnison, Colorado.

Blister Speaker Series 3.1: Cody Townsend (Ep.146)

Cody Townsend came to Western Colorado University and spoke about why his education has been so beneficial to his career; social media and the new responsibilities of athletes today; starting & growing a business (Arcade Belts); The Fifty Project and all of the behind-the-scenes work; and more.

What You’re Wearing, Part 6: Alpaca Wool (Ep.118)

How much do you know about Alpaca wool? And what do you about manufacturing in Peru? We talk about these things and more with the founders of Arms of Andes, which is a company that makes outdoor clothing from Royal Alpaca wool that is single-sourced and produced in Peru. We discuss the characteristics and benefits of Royal Alpaca wool; the traditional method used to collect the wool; their commitment to manufacturing in Peru; what they’re doing to try to be one of the most sustainable clothing brands in the world; and more.

Folsom Skis CEO Mike McCabe goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss Folsom's PPE production, their Spar Turbo ski, and their 20/21 ski lineup

Folsom Skis 20/21 Lineup + Update on our Buyer’s Guide (Ep.117)

We’ve got Folsom Skis CEO, Mike McCabe, back on the show to catch us up on what’s been going on at Folsom; the PPE equipment they’ve been making; their lineup for the 20/21 season; and more. Mike also asks how things have been at Blister, we share what we’re celebrating this week, and give an update on the status of our 20/21 Winter Buyer’s Guide.

Gravity Scooter's Jordi Ponti goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss what the origins of the brand and sport, scooter mushing, and much more

Surfing Trails on a Bike without Pedals (Ep.41)

A bike without pedals? Dog mushing? Surfing mountains? We talk to Gravity Scooters about how the idea of a DH scooter came to be; the advantages of ditching your pedals — and seat posts; designing a DH scooter; dog mushing; and more.

Black Crows Skis co-founder, Camille Jaccoux goes on the Blister Podcast

Black Crows Skis co-founder, Camille Jaccoux (Ep.144)

We talk to Black Crows Skis founder, Camille Jaccoux, about growing up in Chamonix and his background in skiing; what Black Crows is doing to grow the brand while trying to stay true to the reasons they started the company; the lost art of ski ballet; who would win in a mogul comp between Camille and Glen Plake; and more.

Black Sheep Sports founder, Sebastian Steinbach, goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss running a freeride ski shop in Germany, how COVID-19 has affected the ski industry in Europe, customer service in the ski world, and more

Shop Talk: Sebastian Steinbach, Black Sheep Sports (Ep.116)

We talk to the founder of Black Sheep Sports about this past ski season; his predictions for the upcoming ski season in Europe — and whether we’ll see a backcountry boom in Europe? We then talk about the critical art of customer service; why friends shouldn’t tell friends to just “Go buy this boot”; and more.

Jonathan & Maddie run (and record this during) the Elk Run 5k (Ep.68)

Last Saturday, Blister reviewer & accomplished ultrarunner, Maddie Hart, ran the Emma Coburn Elk Run 5k with Blister founder & unaccomplished runner, Jonathan Ellsworth, and they recorded the experience. Hilarity (and embarrassment) ensued, but it was all for a great cause.

Faction engineer, Daniel Tanzer; product manager, Josh Cohen; and North American marketing manager, Henrik Lampert go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss Faction's history, the recent changes they've made, and the 2020-2021 Faction Lineup

Faction Skis: Company History & 20/21 Lineup (Ep.115)

For some time now, Faction has been one of the hottest brands in skiing. But how much do you actually know about the company? This week we are talking about the history of the brand, some key moments in the company, and some big recent changes; what it’s like to go skiing with and design skis for Candide Thovex; and Faction’s lineup for the upcoming season.

Dylan Wood, Eric Freson, & David Golay go on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss the 2021 Trek Slash, Banshee Phantom V3, EXT Storia Shock, Hayes Dominion A4 Brakes, & More

Reviewer Reports: Trek Slash, Banshee Phantom, EXT Shock, Hayes Brakes (Ep.40)

We check in with reviewers Dylan Wood (who gets to keep his seat at the bar), David Golay (who is now reconsidering what makes brakes good or bad), and Eric Freson (who still enjoys a sick jazz soundtrack) to get their updates on the Trek Slash, EXT Storia shock, Hayes Dominion A4 brakes, and the Banshee Phantom V3.