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Recent Podcasts

Maddie Hart and Gordon Gianniny talk to Jonathan Ellsworth about the future of trail running on Blister's Off The Couch podcast

Fresh Takes on Trail Running & its Future (Ep.6)

While participation in trail running and ultra trail races is increasing, it has tended to draw an older crowd. But younger runners are getting into the sport, and they aren’t following all the old conventions. So we discuss the current and future state of trail running and ultra running with two young and rising trail runners, Maddie Hart and Gordon Gianniny.

Noah Bodman and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss Guerrilla Gravity's unique single-frame concept; Mullet bikes; Downcountry Bikes; and more on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast

New Products, New Trends, & Old Marketing Tactics (Ep.2)

We talk with BLISTER senior bike editor, Noah Bodman, about Guerrilla Gravity’s modular designs; the emerging category of ‘Downcountry’ Bikes; whether ‘mullet bikes’ are just a fad; and whether the lingo used to market and sell bikes is in need of a refresh.

Brendan Leonard talks with Jonathan Ellsworth about completing the Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Run on Blister's Off The Couch podcast

Brendan Runs the Bighorn 100 (Ep.5)

This past weekend, our Off The Couch co-host, Brendan Leonard, ran the Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run. So Jonathan Ellsworth talks with him about why he decided to run it; how he prepared; the highs and lows of the experience; his advice for anyone thinking of running a 100; and whether or not he plans on running another 100 miler.

Sam Shaheen, Kristin Sinnott, and Luke Koppa discuss White Claw, ON3P Woodsman 108, Salomon S/Max 120 W, Tecnica Plasma S Shoe, and much more on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast

The Dumpster Fire Episode (Ep.52)

Things kind of go off the rails in our latest GEAR:30 episode, with topics ranging from the ON3P Woodsman 108, K2 Mindbender 99Ti, new ski boots, and heat-moldable hiking shoes, to very contentious debates about Hard Seltzer, energy bar flavors, and Smashburger.

Pro skier, Mark Abma, talks with Jonathan Ellsworth about Abma's career, lifestyle, inspirations, and more on the Blister Podcast

Mark Abma’s Regimen for Skiing Well & Living Well (Ep.91)

For a long time now, Mark Abma has stood right at the center of big-mountain skiing. So we talk to him about living with JP Auclair, Julien Regnier, and Anthony Boronowski; filming with Shane McConkey, Hugo Harrison, and Ingrid Backstrom; serving as a guide for a new generation of skiers; and the specific fitness, dietary, and health regimen that keeps Mark functioning at a high level on and off the mountain.

Sam Shaheen talks to Bivy's Pitt Grewe about personal GPS devices on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast.

GPS Devices & Backcountry Safety with Bivy (Ep.51)

GPS communication devices can be the difference between life and death in remote places. So we talk with Bivy’s Pitt Grewe about the different types of technology and devices on the market; how these devices can affect decision making; satellite networks; complicated payment plans; and … Pitt’s impressive skills as a DJ.

Jonathan Ellsworth discusses James Buehler's snowboard descent of Ciochetti's Ribbon on the BLISTER Podcast

James Buehler on Riding the Ribbon, Devil’s Castle (Ep.90)

You may have seen last week some pretty mind-blowing (and terrifying) footage of a snowboarder negotiating the Ribbon on Devil’s Castle at Alta. So we talked to James Buehler about his apparent first descent with Alex Gavic of the Ribbon on a snowboard, and James walks us through the technical aspects of the route; his preparation for the line; the mental and physical demands it imposes; encountering multiple cruxes; the “Ronald McDonald Grin”; and what’s next on his list.

Sam Shaheen discusses how to gear up for big days in the mountains on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast

Gearing Up for Big Days in the Mountains (Ep.50)

Last Saturday, Sam Shaheen skied three different lines in one day on the Colorado 14er, Torrey’s Peak. Jonathan Ellsworth sits down with Sam to discuss the details of this “Torrey’s Peak Triple Crown”; the ‘D-Scale’ of rating ski descents; the gear, apparel, and food he used on the mountain; and the safety and decision-making process throughout the day.

Jonathan Ellsworth, Sam Shaheen, and Luke Koppa discuss skiing in Iceland at Eleven Experience's Deplar Farm, the ON3P Woodsman 108, Volkl Mantra 102, Volkl Revolt 121, Faction Candide 5.0, and more on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast

Skiing in Iceland + New Ski Reviews (Ep.49)

Jonathan Ellsworth talks about testing the ON3P Woodsman 108 and Black Crows Navis while heli skiing with Eleven Experience in Iceland, and Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa talk about their time on the Volkl Mantra 102 & Revolt 121, Faction Candide 5.0, and more.

Jonathan Ellsworth talks to ski racer and big-mountain skier, Travis Ganong, on the BLISTER Podcast

Travis Ganong: U.S. Ski Racer + Backcountry & Big-Mtn Skier (Ep.89)

Travis Ganong might be the most well-rounded skier in the world (just listen to this conversation), and he is certainly one of the most passionate. He’s a Team U.S.A. downhiller and Super G racer, and he is also obsessed with backcountry touring and big-mtn skiing. So we talk about all of it: racing & training; catching the attention of Shane McConkey as a kid; backcountry skiing; and more.

Luke Koppa and Sam Shaheen talk to Patagonia's Senior Materials Developer, Pasha Whitmire, about Patagonia's technical fabric development on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast

Patagonia’s Technical Fabric Development & Design (Ep.47)

This week we talk to Patagonia’s senior material developer, Pasha Whitmire, about how Patagonia designs, develops, and tests their technical fabrics; myths surrounding waterproof / breathable materials; why the future of fabric development lies in sustainability; the advantages and disadvantages of working with big names like Gore-Tex; and a whole lot more outerwear geekery.