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Off The Couch is a new podcast from Blister that will be taking a closer look at the wide, weird, and wonderful world of running.


Recent Podcasts

Angela Hawse on the eastern face of Castle Peak in 2018

The Guide Life with AMGA President, Angela Hawse (Ep.85)

Angela Hawse is the president of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA), and is certified to the highest international mountain guide standards. We talk to her about how she got into guiding; the various roles she has taken on in her career; what advice she would offer to aspiring guides; her company Chicks Climbing and Skiing, her work with POW Climb, and more.

Jonathan Ellsworth, Sam Shaheen, and Luke Koppa discuss new skis & goggles, random reviews, and more on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast

New Skis, New Goggles, & Random Reviews (Ep.44)

Sam Shaheen, Luke Koppa, and Jonathan Ellsworth talk about new goggles; new skis; which ski companies made the biggest impressions on us this season; funniest answers so far to our BLISTER Survey; and more.

Jonathan Ellsworth & Brendan Leonard talk to Filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal, about his film "3100: Run and Become" on Blister's Off The Couch running podcast

Filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal, on the World’s Longest Race (Ep.2)

Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth talk with filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal, about a 3,100 mile-long race that takes place on a sidewalk in Queens, NY; the attempt to save the traditional ways of life of the San Bushmen of Botswana; the long-distance (and extremely consequential) rituals of a Buddhist monastic community in Japan, and a whole lot more.

Jonathan Ellsworth interviews Flylow President & Co-Founder, Dan Abrams, during the Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University

Blister Speaker Series 1.3: Dan Abrams, Flylow (Ep.84)

Our 3rd Blister Speaker Series at Western Colorado University was with Dan Abrams, president and co-founder of Flylow. Dan gets into the details of running an outerwear company, and in doing so, offers insight into maintaining perspective while under pressure, how he approaches risky decisions, making the most of bad situations, and more.

Sam Shaheen and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss new ski gear and Sam reviews Tinder on Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast

New Gear + Sam’s Review of Tinder (Ep.42)

Sam Shaheen, Kristin Sinnott, and Jonathan Ellsworth talk about some of their favorite new skis, then — in what might be our most anticipated review ever — Sam Shaheen gives us his honest, in-depth, pretty hilarious, and surprisingly insightful take on the dating app, Tinder.

Zoetica Founders Karen Hoskin & Elizabeth Smith

Zoetica: Solutions to the Global Recycling & Trash Crisis (Ep.82)

Trash is a growing global crisis, and currently, the majority of “recycled” products are still ending up in landfills or being burned. So we discuss the crisis, the myths, and the solutions to these problems with the founders of Zoetica, who are working to help us rethink these issues and take concrete actions to address them.

Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa review the Prior CBC for Blister

Prior Snowboards & Skis, with Dominic Morin (Ep.39)

We talk to Prior’s head snowboard and ski shaper, Dominic Morin, about the origins of Prior, their philosophy of ski and snowboard shaping, their craziest designs, their new shapes for 19/20, and the legacy of Chris Prior.

Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss what makes someone a "Runner" on Blister's Off The Couch podcast

What Makes Someone a “Runner”? (Ep.1)

In our inaugural episode of Blister’s new running podcast, Off The Couch, Brendan Leonard (semi-rad.com) and Jonathan Ellsworth talk about their running backgrounds; their love / hate relationships with running; and Strava as a modern-day spiritual exercise??