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We discuss the latest in the bike world; being good stewards of the places we ride; and the game-changing innovations and emerging industries that can improve the present and our future.

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Off The Couch takes a closer look at the wide, weird, and wonderful world of running.

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We cover the major events, prominent trends, new gear, and notable individuals that make the climbing community so interesting. 

Recent Podcasts

Anneke Beerten on Racing, ‘Badass’ Books, & Big Ideas (Ep. 34)

Anneke Beerten was born in the Netherlands, started racing BMX when she was 4, then became a 2 x world champion in BMX, a 3-time Four-cross world champion, the Queen of Crankworx, and she’s won, podiumed, and top 5’d many enduro, DH, DS races. She also just won the So Cal Enduro and Snow Summit DH. So Blister reviewer Dylan Wood and Jonathan Ellsworth caught up with Anneke to talk about racing; what she’s up to these days; ‘badass’ books; business ideas; and you’ll get to hear ‘the story of Dylan and Anneke.’

Noah Brautigam goes on Blister's Off the Couch Podcast to discuss winning the 2020 the Speedgoat 50K, running during COVID-19, and more

2020 Speedgoat 50K Winner, Noah Brautigam (Ep. 61)

Noah Brautigam just won the Speedgoat 50K, and a few days after winning, he sat down with us in Blister HQ to provide a very fresh and fun recap of the race, and describe what tweaks were made to allow the event to happen. We also discuss his background and a surprising discovery that has him feeling great, performing at a high level, and recovering really well.

Jeremy Bloom goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss competing on the US Ski Team and Olympic Skiing team, being drafted into the NFL, mental health and the HBO film The Weight of Gold, & More

Jeremy Bloom on Winning, Happiness, & The Weight of Gold (Ep. 138)

Jeremy Bloom is a 3-time world champion mogul skier, a 2-time Olympian, an 11-time World Cup gold medalist, and an All-American football player that was drafted into the NFL. He’s also the executive producer of an important new film, The Weight of Gold, which explores the mental health challenges that Olympic athletes often face. So we talked to Jeremy about his own background; the pursuit of athletic excellence; winning and happiness; brain health; and more.

Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association executive director, Dave Ochs, goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss increased trail use during COVID, the issues it causes, and potential solutions.

Pros, Cons, & Potential Solutions to Increased Trail Use (Ep. 33)

Bike sales are through the roof this season, and all around the world, a lot of people are hitting the trails. So we talked to the executive director of the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association, Dave Ochs, to discuss the implications of — and potential solutions to — increased trail use.

Dylan Wood, David Golay, Luke Koppa, & Jonathan Ellsworth discuss on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast the Rocky Mountain Instinct BC, Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana, Manitou Mezzer fork vs RockShox Zeb fork, the 2020-2021 Blister Winter Buyer's Guide, & More

Bikes, Forks, & Our 20/21 Winter Buyer’s Guide (Ep. 108)

Jonathan Ellsworth talks to David Golay, Dylan Wood, & Luke Koppa about the Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana; Manitou Mezzer & RockShox ZEB; Rocky Mountain Instinct BC; our 20/21 Winter Buyer’s Guide; and … ‘The Year of Ellsworth.’

Martinus Evans goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss founding 300poundsandrunning, the Slow AF Run Club, and more

Martinus Evans, 300 Pounds & Running (Ep. 60)

Martinus Evans is the founder of and the Slow AF Run Club, and Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth talk to Martinus about modern media, being a Black runner in 2020, DJ-ing, motivation, Detroit pizza vs. Chicago pizza, the Slow AF Run Club, and more.

National Brotherhood of Skiers co-founder & U.S. Ski Hall of Fame inductee, Art Clay (Ep. 137)

Art Clay is the co-founder of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, and he and his NBS co-founder, Ben Finley, are the first African Americans elected into the US Ski-Snowboard Hall of Fame. This past weekend, Jonathan Ellsworth sat down with Art at his home in Chicago to talk about growing up in Chicago in the 1940s; his first time skiing; the idea to start the National Brotherhood of Skiers; cutie pies; the Black Summit; and more.

RockShox's Chris Mandell goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas Podcast to discuss the new RockShox Zeb fork, why Rockshox made it, how it compares to the Lyrik, and more

The New RockShox ZEB with Chris Mandell (Ep. 32)

David Golay and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss the backstory of the new ZEB fork and why RockShox built it; who it’s for; its available configurations and compatibility; the ZEB vs. the Lyrik and more, with RockShox’s Chris Mandell.

Addie Bracy on Her Trajectory, Sports Psychology, & OUTrun (Ep. 58)

Addie Bracy is an accomplished runner who thinks hard about the psychology of sports performance. So we talk to Addie about her background and how it led her to the study of sports performance psychology; the book she is now writing on the topic; and OUTrun, the organization she founded with her partner, Corey Conner, to empower and connect LGBTQ+ individuals within the running community and to create an environment that is encouraging, supportive, and inclusive to all.

Judge Craig Mitchell goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss the Skid Row Running Club

Skid Row Running Club founder, Judge Craig Mitchell (Ep. 136)

Whether or not you’re a runner, you ought to know about the Skid Row Running Club and the Skid Row Marathon. We talk to the club founder, Judge Craig Mitchell, about why he started the club; his background; the duty of police officers to protect and serve; the need for minimum sentencing reform; and much more.

Reviewing the Reviewer: Kristin Sinnott (Ep. 106)

On our latest “Reviewing the Reviewer” episode of GEAR:30, we talk to Kristin Sinnott about her gear preferences; Family Feud; killer bees; her background in alpine and nordic skiing; and more.