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While we never accept any money from the manufacturers we review, we are happy to line up great deals on interesting products for Blister Members. Current Blister Members can access all of these deals through the Blister Member Clubhouse page.

We’re continually rolling out new deals, but here are the ones currently included with a Blister Membership:

– We Are One Composites Carbon Wheels, Rims, Bars, & Stem – 

– Folsom Custom Skis – 

  • 15% off the regular price of Folsom Custom Skis + free shipping to the lower 48 states

Wagner Custom Skis – 

  • 10% off all Wagner skis + free shipping

– ON3P Skis – 

  • 10% off + free US shipping on stock, regular-price ON3P skis

Moment Skis – 

  • 10% off all regular-price Moment Skis

J Skis – 

  • Get a 1-time use code for 10% off all products on a single order at

Sego Skis – 

4FRNT Skis – 

  • Get a 1-time use code for 20% off all products on a single order at

Liberty Skis – 

WNDR Alpine Skis – 

  • Get a 1-time use code for 10% off all skis, poles, apparel, and ski kits on + free shipping on ski orders in the U.S. & Canada.

Parlor Skis, Snowboards, & Splitboards – 

  • 10% off all skis, snowboards, & splitboards + free shipping from this New England custom ski & board builder

Renoun Skis – 

  • 10% off all regular-price Renoun skis + free shipping to US

Prior Skis, Snowboards, & Splitboards – 

  • 15% off all regular-price Prior skis and snowboards

G3 Skis, Splitboards, Bindings, Skins, & more – 

  • 15% off regular-price products from G3 + free shipping to US

Shaggy’s Skis – 

  • 10% off stock, regular-price Shaggy’s skis + free shipping to US

Flylow Apparel & Accessories 

  • 20% off all non-sale items from Flylow

Arcade Belts

  • 15% off all regular-price items

Zipline Goggles, Poles, Skis, & Backpacks – 

  • 15% off everything from Zipline, apart from clothing.

Powder Hound Ski Shop

Located right at the base of Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska, Powderhound is an excellent shop for everything from dedicated alpine gear to touring equipment (see our writeup). At Powderhound, Blister members will receive:

• 20% off custom footbeds

1 free ‘race wax’

Blacksheep Sports

Blacksheep is our Recommended Shop in Munich, Germany (see our writeup). At Blacksheep, Blister members will receive:

10% off skis

BENTGATE Mountaineering

For over twenty years, Bentgate has been the core climbing and ski shop for Denver and Golden, Colorado (see our writeup). At Bentgate, Blister members will receive:

• one free ski or split board demo ($120 value)

25% off tunes and mounts

• 25% off custom footbeds and boot work

25% off one full-priced item per calendar year (*snowsports and clothing only. Camping, climbing, and electronics excluded.)

Get in on our current deals now, then take advantage of more great deals later.


(If you’re already a member, head to the Blister Member Clubhouse page to take advantage of all the benefits of your membership.)

*exclusions apply

20 comments on “New & Current Deals for Blister Members”

  1. Jonathan – Congratulations on enhancing Blister’s offerings to include a Members Area. It was/is a great idea, especially since it creates a vehicle where Blister can offer some cool discounts to people who are really interested in supporting the in-depth product reviews and insight you and your Blister team provide. Question, the Moment Blister Pro, that can only be purchased this year by Blister Members, has the same graphics as last years edition, a new look or the same graphics as the Moment’s ’15-’16 Bibby X? Look forward to your response.

    Greg J.

    • Thank you, Greg! We’re very excited about the new Membership, and the response has been extremely positive.

      As for the Blister Pro, we’re discussing this right now – it definitely won’t be the same graphic as the 15/16 Bibby, and we’re considering bringing back last season’s Blister Pro graphics with just a few tiny tweaks.

      But I’m not ruling out an overhaul just yet, and we should know by the end of this week.

  2. Hey Jonathan – Any update on the Blister Pro graphics? I’ve been imagining what “a few tiny tweaks” might look like for the past week and am excited to see the new look. Of course I could just order a pair and be surprised when they arrive, but I can’t resist previews. Greg J.

  3. Also eager to hear, Jonathan. The M1 has been up on the Moment website for more than a week but no sign yet of the Blister Pro. At 6’2″ 170 and advanced but far from expert 68 years old I think I’d like the 190 for open bowls and tracked-out powder, but it might make more sense to go with the 184 for tight trees. Any advice?
    Thanks, J

    • Good news: We’ve finalized the graphics, and will be showing off the new Blister Pro very, very soon.

      As for the 184 vs. 190 … I’m inclined to recommend the 184. I still love the 190, but I was touring quite a bit this past spring on the 184, and the truth is, there is a decent amount of overlap. For moguls and tight trees, I am confident that you would prefer the 184s to the 190s — i.e., you wouldn’t be wishing for the 190s. In open bowls at very high speeds? Yes, the 190s are more stable. But the 184s don’t fall apart in that scenario either. So I think you might find a higher fun factor on the 184s.

  4. Jonathan – Following up on your downsizing recommendation for the Blister Pro, I’m also 6’2″, with a strong advanced level skill set, but am 20 lbs heavier than James at 190. I had, based on yours and the Blister team’s previous recommendations, thought the 190s were the right choice, but given your response to James, and the fact I would be using the skis in tracked out open bowls, moguls and trees, am wondering if I should reconsider and order the 184s. Does my additional weight impact your downsizing/up the fun factor recommendation of the 184s? Thanks, Greg J.

    • My comments really were specifically tailored to James, for what that’s worth. And as for the age-old question of whether to go 184 or 190 Bibby, I really think a number of factors are relevant. (1) Where you ski. (2) How strong you are. (3) How fast you like to ski. (4) How much you weigh. — And I’d rank those 4 factors roughly in that order.

      So for a touring ski, I was pretty happy to drag the 184 uphill since they weigh less than the 190s, and for skiing pretty good backcountry snow, the 184s were fine. But for nuking around in variable resort conditions? That’s where I prefer the additional stability of the 190s, and if you ski with some speed, I can’t remember ever thinking, “Man I wish I was on the 184s.” FWIW, or mt bike editor Noah Bodman weighs 155 lbs., and he was going back and forth on the 184 vs 190 question. He went 184, and given that he skis lots of tight trees at his home resort, he thinks it was the better choice overall. I’ve got 25 lbs. on Noah, and I can have fun on the 184s, but prefer the 190s. And you’ve got 10 more lbs. on me. So I think you *could* go either way, and hopefully I’ve spelled out why you might opt for one over the other.

  5. Thanks Jonathan for the quick reply. Your additional insight is most helpful. More often than not I will be nuking around in variable resort conditions so the additional stability of the 190s, seems to me, the way to go. When is the official unveiling of the new Blister Pro’s top sheet going down? As you know, I really liked concept design you shared and am anxious to see the final version. Best, Greg J.

  6. I apologize if i missed it on the site, but what is the price going to be fore the Blister Pro as a member? Do you have any updates on expected ship dates? I picked up the 196 Governor for AK heli last year (based on your recommendation!) because I gave up on ever finding a pair of Comi’s – then saw that Greg Harms and others got Moment to re-release the Comi…

    I am 6′ 195# and have the Governor in 196. I am looking for a more playful and quicker ski for resort powder and cut-up in places not big enough to justify the Governor. I was looking at the Automatic but the 190 Blister pro looks pretty interesting.

  7. Hi Blister folks,

    I am going to buy new set of Bibby’s ….not sure how to get Blister Pro’s ? If one of you kind folks can point me in the right direction that would be great if they are not sold out…I kinda like Moments grahics …the balck Blisters are pretty cool too.



  8. First of all, I’m blown away by the depth and breadth of your reviews. From skis, boots, bindings, mountain bikes, gear…you nail it. I’m actually in the market for skis, boots and a new mountain bike which is why I joined Blister.

    I recently moved to Jackson Hole and plan to start ski touring on a regular basis. However, I am new to ski touring and am having a hard time deciding on the right set up (skis, boots and bindings). I’m 38, good shape, 175lbs, 6’2″ advanced skier, but not an expert. I usually only get 25 to 30 days a year with the exception of one season in Switzerland when I got 60+.

    I currently own a pair of Volke Shiro 181cm and love them, especially in powder.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.



  9. Hi Blister! Just started looking at your digital site. Would very much like to become a member.
    My hesitation is that the skis that you have posted here my be too long for me.
    I started skiing at 5 years old. Now I’m 74. Female. 115 lbs. 5’ tall. I have been working out generally – 4 months of the year for 15 years. I am expert, but not as fast as the ‘ole days!
    The technical side of skiing has skyrocketed to the extent that I have found it extremely complicated. But also the improvements have been awesome!
    I have been skiing in Golden for the last 4 winters. Generally packed snow! Poor years.
    I am looking specifically (only) for appropriate skis for Heli skiing. I will be going this year.
    As I’m Canadian, the subscription is 30% more. So before making the plunge, I need some encouragement!
    Best regards – Nina

    • Hi, Nina! Thanks for your note, and for expressing your concerns. What I can tell you is that we have made many thousands of product recommendations — including skis of many different lengths — to men and women all around the world of all ages and of all sizes and ability levels. And I would say that in something like 99.9% of the time (I won’t say 100% of the time just in case I am forgetting 1 or 2 examples out of thousands), Blister members end of very confident in our recommendations after the back and forth we have with them — and we have had (again) several thousand people report back to tell us how happy they are with the products they’ve purchased off of our recommendations.

      So based on statistics and our track record, I feel extremely confident that we can help you find a ski that you’ll love — and we’ll have all our female ski reviewers weigh in too.

      Hope that helps, and you can email me directly at:

  10. Any chance of having a member discount at some sort of store in Australia? Rhythm snowsports comes to mind as it’s the biggest store near the NSW ski fields.

  11. I see quite a few questions on what length Bibby to get. I can add a data point at the heavy weight end. Noah makes a good “light” skier data point, Jonathan a good “Mid-weight” skier (notice I didn’t call him a light weight or heavy weight) and I a good “Heavy-weight skier. I am 6’4″ and 240lbs. I have only skied the 184 cm Bibby’s and definitely need the 190’s. On groomers or packed snow the 184’s handled my weight fine. In light powder, I sank like a rock unless I had a decent amount of speed. I had no problem controlling them in powder, but they would be more of a packed snow ski for me. My son own’s the Bibby’s and he loves them everywhere at 5’10” and 190 lbs.

  12. I want to join blister. I do not want the 20-21 winter guide. I really want. 21-22 guide. Should I wait a few months. Before. Joining. Thanks. Steve. Love your podcasts

    • Hi, Steve – just sent you an email, so check your inbox.

      When someone becomes a member, we normally send them the current guide + the upcoming guide. But in your case, we can just ship you the upcoming guide.

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