Recent Ski Reviews

Blister reviews the Kastle MX99

2019-2020 Kastle MX99

We recently received the Kastle MX99, and this ski has many of us at Blister very, very excited. Check out our First Look to see why.

Blister's 2019-2020 Reviewer Quiver Selections

2-Ski Quivers: Reviewers’ Selections (19/20)

The quivers keep getting smaller, and the decisions keep getting harder. We’re now asking our reviewers to cut their quivers down to 2 skis, and you can now check out all of their selections.

Blister's 2019-2020 5-ski Quiver Selections

5-Ski Quivers: Reviewers’ Selections (19/20)

It’s that time of year — we’re fantasizing about skiing and our ideal ski quivers. We’ll be rolling out a bunch of our reviewers’ personal selections, and we’re kicking it off with our 5-ski quivers.

Luke Koppa reviews the Renoun Citadel 114 prototype for Blister

2019-2020 Renoun Citadel 114

Renoun is currently working on adding a wider ski to their lineup, and we recently received a prototype of their new Citadel 114. Check out our First Look for our measured specs, rocker pics, and initial impressions of this lightweight, uniquely constructed ski.

Blister reviews the Moment Commander 118

2019-2020 Moment Commander 118

The new Commander 118 is a metal-laminate ski with a big sidecut radius that looks like it means business. So how does it compare to the old Moment Governor, the current Moment Wildcat, and what else is notable about this ski? Check out our First Look.

Blister reviews the WNDR Alpine Intention 110

2019-2020 WNDR Alpine Intention 110

WNDR Alpine is a new ski brand with an origins story unlike any other, and they utilize a unique algal-derived composite in their construction. Check out our First Look for our initial impressions of both the cambered and reverse-cambered versions of their new ski.

Blister's reviewers discuss where to save weight and where to cut weight in your backcountry ski setup

Saving Weight in Your Backcountry Ski Setup

Next up in our ‘Saving Weight in Your Backcountry Ski Setup’ series, reviewer Paul Forward discusses where he chooses to cut weight in his backcountry gear, and where he opts to keep a bit of weight for better downhill performance.

Luke Koppa reviews the Moment Deathwish for Blister

2019-2020 Moment Deathwish

While it’s been around for quite a while now, the Deathwish is still unlike most skis on the market. And for 19/20, it’s getting tweaked. We have both the 184 cm and 190 cm versions of the new ski, and you can check out our First Look for more info.

Blister reviews the 2019-2020 4FRNT Renegade

2019-2020 4FRNT Renegade

The 4FRNT Renegade has been Eric Hojorleifson’s go-to ski for many years now, and 4FRNT tweaked it again for 19/20. Check out our measured specs, rocker pics, and initial impressions of the latest iteration of Hoji’s venerable pow ski.

Blister reviews the Folsom Blister Pro 104

2019-2020 Folsom Blister Pro 104

We recently talked about the everyday, all-mountain ski we’ve been developing with Folsom, and you can now check our measured specs, rocker pics, and initial impressions of the result: the Folsom Blister Pro 104.

Paul Forward reviews the Liberty Genome for Blister

2019-2020 Liberty Genome

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere officially ends tomorrow, and just in case that’s got you down, we thought we’d get you dreaming of skiing deep pow on super-fat skis. So check out our full review of the 140mm-wide Liberty Genome.

Jonathan Ellsworth and Luke Koppa review the DPS Foundation Koala 119 for Blister

2019-2020 DPS Foundation Koala 119

UPDATE: After we published our review of the DPS Koala F119, Dash Longe — who had a large role in the creation of the ski — shared his assessment of our review, then offered his own take on the ski and its purpose. Check out what Dash had to say.

Luke Koppa reviews the Moment Wildcat Tour 108 for Blister

2019-2020 Moment Wildcat Tour 108

Moment now makes 4 different skis under the “Wildcat” name, including the Wildcat Tour 108. So how does the Tour 108’s design compare to the other Wildcats, and to other touring skis on the market? Check out our measured specs, rocker pics, and initial impressions.