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Luke Koppa reviews the Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender Ti for Blister

2020-2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender Ti

Rossignol has just announced that they’re discontinuing their extremely popular “7” series of skis, and replacing them with an entirely new line of skis under the BLACKOPS name. Learn more about the new line, and then check out our First Look video, writeup, and Flash Review of the new BLACKOPS Sender Ti.

Luke Koppa reviews the Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender for BLISTER

2020-2021 Rossignol BLACKOPS Sender

In addition to the BLACKOPS Sender Ti, Rossignol is releasing the BLACKOPS Sender. Check out our First Look video and writeup to see how it compares to its metal-laminate sibling, and the rest of the market.

Luke Koppa reviews the Moment Deathwish for Blister

2020-2021 Moment Deathwish

We’ve been putting quite a few days on the latest iteration of the Moment Deathwish, and you can now check out our full review & Deep Dive comparisons.

Nordica Announces New 2020-2021 Santa Ana Skis; BLISTER

Nordica Announces New Santa Ana Skis

Nordica announced today that they’re overhauling their excellent Santa Ana skis. Check out our writeup to see what’s new with the 20/21 skis.

Blister reviews the Åsnes Voss Z'N.

2019-2020 Åsnes Voss Z’N

Åsnes is a Norwegian brand that has been making skis for 95 years, and this year we’re testing their big-mountain-touring ski, the Voss Z’N. Check out our video First Look & writeup.

Armada announces new 2020-2021 Declivity Skis; BLISTER

Armada Announces New Declivity Skis

Armada just announced a completely new line of directional, metal-laminate skis that features some interesting technology. Check out our writeup to learn more about the new 20/21 Armada Declivity Series.

Sam Shaheen & Luke Koppa review the Atomic Backland 107 for BLISTER

2019-2020 Atomic Backland 107

We’ve had two reviewers skiing Atomic’s Backland 107 on everything from July suncups to deep mid-winter pow. Check out our Full Review & Deep Dive comparisons of this freeride touring ski.

Blister reviews the Parlor Cardinal Pro

2019-2020 Parlor Cardinal Pro

Boston-based Parlor Skis recently added a metal-laminate ski to their lineup, the Cardinal Pro, which is designed to be a stable and versatile all-mountain ski. Check out our First Look video & writeup.

Blister reviews the Whitedot Ragnarok ASYM.

2019-2020 Whitedot Ragnarok ASYM

Asymmetrical, plenty of girth, lots of rocker, and a surprisingly low weight — the Whitedot Ragnarok ASYM is a unique-looking ski, and you can check out our First Look for more.

Eric Freson review the Fischer Ranger 107 Ti for Blister

2019-2020 Fischer Ranger 107 Ti

We’ve been spending time on the big gun in Fischer’s all-mountain lineup, the Ranger 107 Ti, and you can now check out our full review.

Blister reviewers discuss the best ski gear of the past decade

Best Ski Gear of the Past Decade

We asked more of our reviewers to provide their nominations for the best and most influential skis, ski boots, and ski bindings from the past decade. Check out their selections, then let us know yours.

Luke Koppa and Sam Shaheen review the 4FRNT Inthayne for Blister

2019-2020 4FRNT Inthayne

Update: reviewer Cy Whitling has been spending time on 4FRNT’s playful pow ski, the Inthayne, and he now adds his take on the ski.

Luke Koppa reviews the Moment Commander 98 For Blister

2019-2020 Moment Commander 98

This year Moment tweaked their metal-laminate, directional Commander 98, and the new version looks like it maintains much of what we liked about the previous version, while potentially addressing some of the things we didn’t love about the old one. Check out our First Look & Flash Review.

Luke Koppa reviews the Icelantic Nomad 105 for Blister.

2019-2020 Icelantic Nomad 105

We’ve been skiing Icelantic’s best-selling ski, the Nomad 105, and we now understand why it holds that title. Check out our full review & Deep Dive comparisons.

Luke Koppa reviews the Kastle FX106 HP for Blister

2019-2020 Kastle FX106 HP

This year Kastle overhauled their FX freeride skis, and the new skis look like an interesting new direction for the brand. Check out our video First Look & writeup of the new FX106 HP.