Best Skis for Beginners: Our Top Picks, 2022-2023

In Part 2 of our top picks for skis that are well-suited to less experienced skiers, we've added several women-specific all-mountain skis; some that are worth considering for those getting into backcountry touring; and others for those who will be skiing deeper snow.
Luke Koppa reviews the Norse Enduro for Blister

2022-2023 Norse Enduro

The Enduro is Norse's do-everything all-mountain ski, for both resort and backcountry use, and it goes about accomplishing that in a pretty different way than many of its competitors. Check out our Full Review & Deep Dive comparisons for more.
Kara Williard reviews the Faction Dancer 3X for Blister.

2022-2023 Faction Dancer 3X

The Dancer 3X is a wider, metal-laminate women's all-mountain ski, and it offers something a bit different from most of the other options in that category. Check out our Full Review for more.
K2 launches new 2022-2023 Mindbender Ti skis; Blister discusses the details

22/23 K2 Mindbender 89Ti

Here are our initial impressions of a ski that's been on our mind this summer — the new K2 Mindbender 89Ti.

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Dylan Wood and Luke Koppa review the Line Blade Optic 96 for Blister

2022-2023 Line Blade Optic 96

Line's brand-new Blade Optic 96 is an extremely versatile all-mountain ski that isn't easily pigeonholed into a particular category, which is exactly why so many people should have it on their lists. Check out our Full Review & Deep Dive comparisons for the whole story.