Layering 101: Types of Outdoor Apparel & How to Layer for Different Activities & Climates

There are a zillion new baselayers, insulators, and shells out there — and the options are constantly evolving and diversifying. So in our updated "Layering 101" guide, we sort out what makes certain types better / worse than others, and outlined how we think about layering for various cold-weather outdoor activities.
Paul Forward reviews the Mammut Barryvox S Avalanche Beacon for Blister

SKIING 101: Primer on Heli-Skiing

If you're considering a heli-skiing trip or are already fortunate enough to have one on the schedule, check out this 101 piece from Blister Reviewer & Lead Heli Guide, Paul Forward. ALSO: we've got 1 remaining spot open for a trip this April with Paul, Jonathan Ellsworth, and a bunch of other great Blister Members — first person to commit gets it!
Snowsports Glossary, Blister

Glossary – Snowsports

Death Cookies? Coral Reef? Chalk? Directional vs. Playful Style? Can a ski be maneuverable but not nimble? There are a whole lot of ways to talk about snow and the different ways to slide down it. Check out our updated Glossary learn more about the sometimes foreign-sounding language of snowsports and ski reviews.
Atomic's global product manager for ski boots, Matt Manser, discusses how ski boots and different ski-boot plastics differ on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast

A Very Deep Dive on Ski Boots — Part 1: Plastics (Ep.54)

Ski boots are made of plastic, and different plastics feel and perform very differently from one another. So we get deep into the details with Atomic Ski Boots product manager, Matt Manser, to help you figure out which plastics are used in your ski boots, and the pros & cons & general performance characteristics of different plastics — which will help you understand why you might like or dislike your current boots, and what you ought to be looking for in your next pair.

Base Repair 101

You may have encountered a rock or two by this point in the season, and base repairs are part of the game. Here’s our step-by-step guide to simple base repairs. (We also threw in a short primer on polymer chemistry, you know, just for good measure.)