How to Choose the Right Ski Length | BLISTER Video

How do you know what ski length is best for you? And why does it matter if your skis are too short or too long? Choosing the right ski length is tricky, but getting it right makes a huge difference.

In this BLISTER “How To” video, our managing editor, Luke Koppa, explains the most important factors to consider, what you should and shouldn’t worry about, and more.

How to Think About Ski Length (written version)

How to Choose the Right Ski Length | BLISTER Video, BLISTER
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2 comments on “How to Choose the Right Ski Length | BLISTER Video”

  1. Great video, funny at the beginning and you covered all aspects. Here is the but, for someone new or very inexperienced, how do they take you info and choose a length?? You said choose between chin and forehead (which is a wide range, maybe 3 ski sizes?) or go by how other skis felt and adjust based on criteria. All very good and on the money, but what if someone can’t use either one? I would suggest you add that skis come in a limited range and steps. 155-190cm. For someone light and short, they should be looking at 155-165, for average size people range is 165-178cm, and for larger taller range is 178-190. This would give people a starting point to then apply all your criteria. I could see the chin-forehead measurement covering my “but” and maybe you could measure yourself in the video and then discuss how your criteria applies for your skis, as examples. How many people will actually get out a tape measure and measure themselves, especially in cm and not inches. Maybe more than I think, but I have never taken that measurement as a lifelong skier, I use your #2 method. Shops don’t seem to measure people either, they just size them up. I have seen a shop hold a ski up to a person’s head occasionally and apply your criteria #1. You did great covering all the info, but I suggest adding an example or two.

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