2022 Cannondale Jekyll

David Golay Reviews the Cannondale Jekyll for Blister

Rumors and spy photos of a high-pivot Enduro bike from Cannondale have been floating around the internet for a while now, but that new bike is finally here. Check out our First Look of the all-new Jekyll for all the info on this exciting new offering.

Vorsprung Secus Fork Air Spring Upgrade

David Golay reviews the Vorsprung Secus Fork Air Spring Upgrade for Blister

MTB forks have gotten better and better, but there’s always room to improve. The Vorsprung Secus upgrade aims to do just that, and in a rare occurrence, we think it’s a product that offers a very significant performance boost without many significant downsides. Check out our long-term review to see if this air-spring upgrade would be worth adding to your own fork.

2021 Santa Cruz Nomad

David Golay Reviews the 2021 Santa Cruz Nomad for Blister

The original Santa Cruz Nomad was one of the first bikes to shape the mold for the modern Enduro bike, way back in 2005. Now in its fifth generation, the new bike stands out from the rest of the market in some interesting ways. Check out our First Look for more.

2022 Santa Cruz Bronson / Juliana Roubion

David Golay Reviews the Santa Cruz Bronson V4 for Blister

Santa Cruz just gave their longstanding Bronson and its sister model, the Juliana Roubion, a major update, and the biggest change is that they have grown mullets — the former 27.5’’ bikes now feature a 29’’ front wheel. That’s not all that’s new though. Check out our First Look for all the details.

2021 Commencal Meta TR 29

Luke Koppa reviews the Commencal Meta TR 29 for Blister

Our managing editor was in the market for a new bike this year and has opted for Commencal’s “Trail” bike, the Meta TR 29. Check out our First Look & Flash Review for more on why he went with this particular bike and build, how it compares to the rest of the market, and our initial on-trail impressions.

Flash Review: Commencal Meta TR 29

Luke Koppa reviews the Commencal Meta TR 29 for Blister

We’ve got five rides on the latest version of Commencal’s Trail bike — check out our initial thoughts.

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2021 Transition Spire

2021 Transition Spire - Blister First Look

Transition’s just-released Patrol was the longest-travel non-DH bike in their lineup — for just 48 hours. Enter the all-new Spire, Transition’s 170mm-travel 29er. So how do the two bikes differ, and who should be most interested in each? Check out our First Look on the Spire for all the details.

2021 Transition Patrol

2021 Transition Patrol First Look - Blister

The Patrol has long been in Transition’s lineup as their longest-travel Enduro bike, with 27.5’’ wheels. Today they dropped an updated version, and while the 160 mm of rear travel remains, the new Patrol gets the mullet treatment, with a 29’’ wheel and 160mm-travel fork up front. There’s a lot more that’s new than just wheel sizes, so check out our First Look for all the details.

2021 Marin Alpine Trail

David Golay and Zack Henderson review the Marin Alpine Trail for Blister

The Marin Alpine Trail is one of the most playful Enduro bikes we’ve been on recently, but also manages to keep a great deal of capability in technical terrain — and is an impressive bang-for-buck to boot. We think it’s a really compelling option for the right sort of rider, and you can check out our full review to find out who we think will get on best with this unique offering from Marin.

Ride Concepts Hellion Elite Shoe

Zack Henderson Reviews the Ride Concepts Hellion Elite for Blister

Ride Concepts recently added a new flat-pedal shoe to their lineup, the Hellion Elite, which is a relatively low-profile option with the brand’s stickiest rubber. But how does it compare to popular options like the Five Ten Freerider Pro, and which riders are going to like this new shoe the most? Check out our full review to find out.

2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude

David Golay Reviews the 2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude for Blister

The Altitude has been in the Rocky Mountain lineup for more than a decade now, but what, exactly, the Altitude is has changed a lot over the years, and the bike got a dramatic overhaul for 2021. We’ve been riding the latest iteration, and have found it to be surprisingly versatile for a 160 / 170 mm travel Enduro bike.

2021 Marin El Roy

David Golay reviews the Marin El Roy for Blister

Marin calls the El Roy “the ultimate aggressive steel hardtail,” and its geometry numbers are certainly eye-popping, even in our current world of longer, lower, and slacker. But who should be interested in a hardtail that’s so emphatically oriented towards descending? And does the El Roy really deliver on what looks like a promising recipe? Check out our full review to find out.

Öhlins RXF36 m.2 Air

David Golay reviews the Ohlins RXF36 m.2 for Blister

Öhlins has long been known for their motorsports suspension, but have more recently branched out into the mountain bike world, and we’ve been testing their RXF36 m.2 Air Enduro fork. It’s an impressive offering, but who does it make the most sense for, and how does it stack up to the competition from Fox, RockShox, and Manitou? Check out our full review to find out.

2021 Pivot Switchblade

Ben Sims, Eric Freson, & Dylan Wood review the Pivot Switchblade for Blister

Over the past several months, three of our reviewers spent time on Pivot’s do-it-all Trail bike, the Switchblade, and they think it does an impressive job of standing out in a very crowded category. Check out our full review to see why.

Banshee Titan V3

Zack Henderson reviews the Banshee Titan V3 for Blister

We recently reviewed Banshee’s short-travel Phantom, and we’ve also spent the past year+ on its longer-travel sibling, the Titan. It’s an impressive (and incredibly good looking) 29er, but who is it best suited for, and where does it most notably excel? Check out our full review to find out.