2022 Trek Session

David Golay reviews the 2022 Trek Session for Blister

Trek just updated their World-Championship-winning Session, and while it still looks like a Session, there’s a whole lot going on that’s new — including a high-pivot suspension layout. Check out our First Look for all the details.

Sun Ringlé Duroc SD37 Pro Wheels

David Golay reviews the Sun Ringlé Duroc SD37 Pro wheelset for Blister

Sun Ringlé has been making mountain bike wheels for about as long as there have been mountain bikes, and we’ve spent the past 6 months on their latest heavy-duty alloy wheelset, the Duroc SD37 Pro. Check out our full review to see how they compare to the competition.

2021 Guerilla Gravity Trail Pistol

David Golay covers the details of the new 2021 Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol on Blister

“Full carbon, with a little bit of anarchy.” That’s how Guerrilla Gravity describes the newest version of their Trail Pistol. The prior-generation bike was one of the rowdiest short-travel Trail bikes we’ve been on recently, and the new model looks to pick up where it left off. Check out our First Look for all the details.

TRP Slate T4 Brakes

David Golay reviews the TRP Slate T4 Brakes for Blister

TRP’s Slate T4 brakes are an affordable option for a four-piston Trail bike brake. But how do they stack up against some of the more expensive options in that space, as well as bigger, downhill-focused options?

2021 Canyon Stoic

David Golay reviews the Canyon Stoic for Blister

Sub-$2K price tag, huge size range, modern geometry — the new Canyon Stoic hardtail checks a lot of boxes on paper. And after spending a couple months riding it, we think it checks a lot of boxes on the trail, too. Check out our full review of this versatile hardtail.

2021 Fox 40 Fork

David Golay reviews the 2021 Fox 40 for Blister

The first iteration of the Fox 40 dual-crown fork came onto the market in 2005, and now for 2021, Fox has given it an overhaul. So just how different is the new version, and how does it perform on the trail? Check out our full review.

Smith Mainline Helmet

David Golay reviews the Smith Mainline helmet for Blister

For folks who want full-face protection on the down without the full-face sweatiness on the up, the Smith Mainline should be high on your list. Check out our review of this lighter, more breathable alternative to traditional full-face helmets.

2021 Nukeproof Giga

David Golay discusses the Nukeproof Giga for Blister

What’s a “Super Enduro” bike? Apparently, the brand-new Nukeproof Giga is one of them, and you can check out our First Look to learn more about this competitively priced, extra-long-travel bike that’s still designed to pedal uphill.

2021 Trek Slash

Dylan Wood reviews the Trek Slash for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time now on the new Trek Slash, and three of our reviewers are weighing in on this smooth, stable, and surprisingly versatile long-travel bike. Check out our full review.