David Golay reviews the Aenomaly Switchgrade for Blister

Aenomaly Switchgrade Seat Angle Adjuster

Most mountain bikers just set their seat angle to a comfortable position to pedal on flat ground and forget about it. But Aenomaly thinks there’s a better way, so they made the Switchgrade to let you change your seat angle on the fly. And having spent a few months on one, they’re definitely on to something. Check out our full review for more.
Noah Bodman reviews the Enve M7 Bar & M7 Stem for Blister

Enve M7 Bar & M7 Stem

If you're looking for a bar & stem that offer an excellent balance of low weight, stiffness, and enough vibration damping for long days on the trail, Enve's M7 Bar & Stem are worth a very good look.