Leatt 5.0 Clipless Shoes

Noah Bodman reviews the Leatt 5.0 Clipless Shoe for Blister

Leatt’s 5.0 Clipless shoe offers downhill-worthy protection in a package that still pedals impressively well — and it’s competitively priced. That sounds great, but is there a catch?

2022 Fox 34 Fork

Noah Bodman reviews the 2022 Fox 34 for Blister

We’ve now tested Fox’s new 34 fork on both a hardtail and a modern short-travel Trail bike. Check out our full review of the fork for our thoughts on it, including how it compares to the alternatives from both Fox & RockShox.

Flash Review: 2022 Fox 34

Noah Bodman reviews the 2022 Fox 34 for Blister

Fox gave their 34 a substantial update for 2022, and we’ve been spending time on the new one. Check out our Flash Review for our initial impressions, including how it compares to the new and old Fox 36.

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Hunt All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact Wheelset

Noah Bodman reviews the Hunt All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact Wheelset for Blister

Can a product that costs half as much as the competition perform just as well? That’s basically what Hunt is claiming about their Carbon H-Impact wheelset, and after 5 months of testing, we actually don’t think they’re far off. Check out our review of this impressive wheelset.

2021 Fox 38 Fork

Noah Bodman reviews the Fox 38 Fork and compares it to the Fox 36 & Rockshox Lyrik for Blister

We’ve spent the last 3 months riding Fox’s burliest single-crown fork, the 38, and comparing it to other mainstays in the category to see just how much of a difference the bigger chassis (and new internals) make on the trail. Spoiler alert: it’s a significant difference, but there’s more to it. Check out our full review.

2021 Fox Float X2 Shock

Noah Bodman reviews the 2021 Fox Float X2 shock for Blister

The Float X2 is Fox’s most downhill-oriented air shock, and they made a lot of changes to it for 2021. Do those changes actually make a difference? We’d say yes, and also think they make it one of the standout air-shocks on the market today — whether you’re racing DH or just want better downhill performance out of your Trail bike.

WTB Verdict & Judge

Noah Bodman reviews on the WTB Verdict & Judge and compares them to the Maxxis Minion DHF & DHRII for Blister

The Judge & Verdict are two of WTB’s newest, aggressive tire options and we’ve put around 500 miles on them. Check out our review to see what makes them stand out in this crowded category, and how they compare to similar options like the Maxxis Minion DHF & DHRII.

Tannus Armour Tire Inserts

Noah Bodman reviews the Tannus Armour Tire Inserts for Blister

We’ve had more reviewers using the Tannus Armour tire inserts, and have updated our review with thoughts on long-term durability; how the inserts perform when primarily used in a rear tire; and how noticeable the different ride quality will feel to beginners and intermediates.

2020 Guerrilla Gravity Smash

Noah Bodman & David Golay review the Guerrilla Gravity Smash for Blister

We’ve now had two reviewers convert Guerrilla Gravity’s 120mm-travel Trail Pistol to their 145mm-travel Smash (an option that’s noteworthy in itself) and they both think the Smash is one of the more versatile and easy-to-recommend bikes in the Trail category. Check out our full review of the Smash.

Kuat Highline Trunk Rack

Noah Bodman reviews the Kuat Highline Trunk Bike Rack for BLISTER

There are plenty of different ways to carry bikes on your car, but not everyone wants (or needs) an expensive, semi-permanent hitch or roof rack. That’s why trunk racks like the Kuat Highline exist, and the Highline is a great choice in this category.

Enve M7 Bar & M7 Stem

Noah Bodman reviews the Enve M7 Bar & M7 Stem for Blister

If you’re looking for a bar & stem that offer an excellent balance of low weight, stiffness, and enough vibration damping for long days on the trail, Enve’s M7 Bar & Stem are worth a very good look.