Mammut Alvier Hardshell Pants

Noah Bodman reviews the Mammut Alvier Hardshell Pants for Blister

The Mammut Alvier Hardshell Pant is what happens when you combine a stretchy vest with a waterproof ski pant. So how does that impact the usual pros and cons of hardshell bibs? Check out our full review.

WTB Vigilante 2.6 and Trail Boss 2.6 Tires

Noah Bodman reviews the WTB Vigilante 2.6 and Trail Boss 2.6 for Blister

Some wider tires feel very similar to their narrower versions, while others feel like entirely different products. So which category do the 2.6″ versions of the WTB Trail Boss and Vigilante fall into, and what do you gain or lose by going with the wider versions? Check out our review.

Kuat Transfer Bike Rack

Noah Bodman reviews the Kuat Transfer Bike Rack for Blister

When it comes to bike racks, you’re often choosing between expensive options that are secure, or inexpensive options that are unreliable and unstable. But the Kuat Transfer aims to change that. Check out our review.

Five Ten Hellcat Pro

Noah Bodman reviews the Five Ten Hellcat Pro for Blister

The Five Ten Hellcat Pro is a burly, downhill-oriented clipless shoe that’s designed to offer lots of protection and comfort while maintaining pedaling efficiency. And for that use, it’s one of the best options we’ve tried.

Race Face Next R Cranks

Noah Bodman reviews the Race Face Next R Cranks for Blister

The Next R sits in the middle of Race Face’s high-end crank lineup, slotted between their burly DH cranks and lighter XC options. So how does the Next R differentiate itself from the many other options out there? Short answer: a lot of ways. Check out our full review.

Suspension 101: Designs

Suspension 101, Blister Gear Review.

Trying to figure out bike suspension designs – how they work and the pros & cons of each – can feel like you need an engineering degree. So we put together this article to clarify the differences between the various suspension designs on the market. Check it out.