Zeal Hatchet Goggle

Luke Koppa reviews the Zeal Hatchet Goggle for Blister

Goggles with magnetic lens-swap systems have made it easier than ever to swap lenses. But most of them are very expensive, and some people aren’t thrilled about a few magnets being the only thing securing lenses to their frames. The Zeal Hatchet aims to solve both of those issues — check out our full review.

2019-2020 Armada ARG II

Paul Forward reviews the Armada ARG II for Blister

While many companies continue to make their pow skis skinnier in the name of versatility, Armada is giving the proverbial middle finger to that trend by bringing back their 133mm-wide ARG. The updated ARG II stands out now more than ever, and you can check out our measured specs, rocker pics, and initial impressions.