Gregory Targhee 32

Luke Koppa reviews the Gregory Targhee 32 for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado.

We spent most of this past season skiing with Gregory’s recently revised Targhee 32 backpack and think it’s an excellent option for a do-it-all snowsports pack, and it’s also worth a look for photographers who spend time sliding on snow. Check out our review.

Revel RW30 Wheels

Ben Sims reviews Revel's RW30 Wheels for Blister

Revel claims that their new RW30 carbon wheels are not only more durable and better damped than other carbon rims, but also more easily recyclable and similarly lightweight. These are some pretty bold claims, so check out our review to see how they went about doing this and our initial on-trail impressions.

Salomon Sense 4 /Pro

Gordon Gianniny reviews the Salomon Sense 4 /Pro for Blister in Gunnison, Colorado.

The Salomon Sense 4 /Pro is basically the less racing-oriented, more cushioned version of their high-end S/Lab Sense 8, and we’ve been running in both to see how they compare, who’d be better off in each particular shoe, and how the Sense 4 /Pro compares to several other moderate-cushion trail shoes.

Hoji on Tinkering, Climbing Skins, Monoskiing, & Michael Jordan (Ep.100)

Eric Hjorleifson goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss what he's been tinkering with during the COVID-19 pandemic, his thoughts on Michael Jordan, the new 4FRNT x Pomoca collaboration, & more

In celebration of episode #100, we of course had to have Hoji back on, our patron saint of GEAR:30. We discuss all the tinkering he’s been doing during quarantine; what ski gear has the most room for improvement; snowmobiles; climbing skins; monoskiing; and then, one of the all time greats talks about another all time great, Michael Jordan.

2020-2021 J Skis Hotshot

Luke Koppa reviews the J Skis Hotshot for Blister

From directional skiers to those throwing tricks, many of our reviewers really like the J Skis Metal. For 20/21, J is replacing the Metal with the new Hotshot, and those same reviewers are pretty excited about this new metal-laminate ski. Check out our First Look for more info.

Maxxis Assegai

Ben Sims reviews the Maxxis Assegai for Blister.

The Maxxis Assegai was created as a blend of several of their most popular tires. In our full review of the Assegai we dive into how it differs from the ubiquitous Minion DHF, and who we think will get along with this very aggressive tire with a totally not-funny name.