Topo Athletic Mtn Racer 2

Gordon Gianniny reviews the Topo Athletic Mtn Racer 2 for Blister.

The new Topo Athletic Mtn Racer 2 is in contention to be our running editor’s favorite long-distance mountain running shoe of the year. Check out his review to see why, and why this 2nd version is such an improvement over the original.

2021-2022 DPS Pagoda Tour 100 RP

Luke Koppa & Dylan Wood review the DPS Pagoda Tour 100 RP for BLISTER

The Pagoda Tour 100 RP is an easy, intuitive touring ski that we think would work very well for the backcountry skiing that most people do. Check out our full review & Deep Dive comparisons.

Hustle Avery REMTech Magnetic Clipless Pedals

Dylan Wood & Luke Koppa review the Hustle Bike Labs Avery REMtech magnetic mountain bike pedals for Blister

Hustle’s Avery REMtech pedal is the latest take on a magnetic MTB pedal that aims to bring you the best of both the clipless and flat-pedal worlds. Two of our reviewers — one clipless fan, one flats fan — spent several months using the Avery to see where it shines, how it compares to traditional options, how much metal debris is actually on their local trails, and more. Check out their full review.

Hope Evo Crankset

David Golay reviews the Hope Evo Crankset for Blister

Hope’s updated Evo crankset is reportedly designed for everything from XC to DH, and it stands out from most aluminum cranks due to its low weight & made-in-UK design. Check out our review for more on how it compares to the competition.

adidas Terrex Two Ultra

Gordon Gianniny reviews the adidas Terrex Two Ultra for Blister.

The Terrex Two Ultra is designed to offer comfort during long trail runs, and for the right person, it could be excellent. Check out our review to see if you should have it on your list.

Stuff We Like: October 2021

Blister Stuff We Like: October 2021

Our latest Stuff We Like roundup features everything from paddleboards to beer, MTB tires to water bottles, a whole lot of apparel, and more.

2021-2022 Wagner Summit 97

Luke Koppa reviews the Wagner Summit 97 for Blister

Historically, Wagner has only offered fully custom skis. But last year they made four models for the Blister Summit, and those Summit skis are now available as stock, “factory” options. The Summit 97 is their take on a versatile and stable all-mountain ski, and we think it is an excellent execution of that concept. Check out our full review & Deep Dive comparisons.