2020-2021 Sego Condor 108

Jonathan Ellsworth & Luke Koppa review the Sego Condor 108 for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Sego’s Condor 108 was one of the more surprising skis we got on last season, and we think it is a reliable, predictable, and versatile tool that will work for a lot of skiers – whether you take a more directional or more playful approach to the mountain. Check out our Full Review & Deep Dive Comparisons.

2020-2021 Sego Cleaver Comp

Luke Koppa reviews the Sego Cleaver Comp for Blister

Last season Isaac Freeland won both Rookie of the Year and the overall title on the Freeride World Tour, and for some of the stops, he was on a new, custom ski from Sego. That ski is now available to the masses, and you can check out our First Look of the Cleaver Comp to learn more about this unique big-mountain ski.

2020-2021 4FRNT Devastator

Luke Koppa reviews the 2021 4FRNT Devastator for Blister

The 4FRNT Devastator had been relatively unchanged for many years, but that changes for 20/21. 4FRNT overhauled the ski this season, and while the new version maintains much of what Devastator fans would expect of a ski bearing this name, there are also some significant changes. Check out our First Look for more.

2020-2021 Black Crows Anima

Luke Koppa reviews the Black Crows Anima for Blister

The Anima has been in the Black Crows line for several years now, serving as their playful-yet-stable, big-mountain powder ski. For 20/21, they overhauled the Anima and we’ll be skiing it this season. For now, check out our First Look to see what’s changed with the new ski, and how its design compares to the rest of the market.