David Golay reviews the Rocky Mountain Element for Blister

2022 Rocky Mountain Element

The Rocky Mountain Element has long been a traditional XC race bike, but the new one very much is not. It’s got a bunch more suspension travel and wildly more aggressive geometry than the bike it replaced, but still maintains a fair bit of XC influence, too. So how does that all add up, and who is it going to work best for?

Inov-8 Parkclaw G 280

Road-to-trail shoes are becoming an increasingly popular option for runners who might not have immediate access to trails from their front door. Asking a shoe to feel smooth on pavement and grip on dirt is a tall order, but after testing Inov-8’s Parkclaw G 280, we think it’s up to the task. Check out our full review for the whole story.
Dylan Wood and Eric Freson review the Intense Tracer 279 for Blister

Flash Review — Intense Tracer 279

We've been spending some time on the new Intense Tracer 279. Check out our initial impressions of this mixed-wheel Enduro bike.

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Dylan Wood and Eric Freson review the Intense Tracer 279 for Blister

2022 Intense Tracer 279

The new Intense Tracer 279 got a pretty drastic makeover over the last version, including a dedicated mixed-wheel configuration. So what else is new, and how does this position the Tracer 279 in the ever-crowded class of Enduro bikes? Check out our First Look and Flash Review to find out.

Blister Brand Guide: The North Face Trail Running Shoe Lineup, 2022

While trail running shoes are not new to The North Face, the brand recently gave their lineup a complete overhaul to showcase “VECTIV,” the patented technology system driving their footwear design process. Check out our Brand Guide to learn more about VECTIV, how it’s expressed in each of The North Face’s shoes, and which one might make the most sense for how and where you run.
Eric Freson reviews the Five Ten Trailcross Clip-In for Blister

Five Ten Trailcross Clip-In

Five Ten’s new Trailcross Clip-In is the first, well, clip model in their Trailcross line, and Five Ten talks as much about its hiking performance as the on-bike portion of the program. So what does that mean for its performance as an actual bike shoe, and who is it going to work best for?
David Golay reviews the Norco Fluid FS for Blister

2023 Norco Fluid FS

Norco’s affordable all-rounder Trail bike, the Fluid FS, just got a big update, and while the new bike is marketed to beginner and intermediate riders, it’s got great-looking geometry and a nice build spec that seems like it could attract plenty of price-conscious experts, too.
David Golay reviews the Rocky Mounts GuideRail Bike Rack for BLISTER

Stuff We Like: July 2022

In the July edition of our "Stuff We Like" series, we've got everything from tents to bike racks, backpacks to sandals, and several summer accessories. Check it out to see the latest gear our reviewers have been digging.