Luke Koppa reviews the Norse Enduro for Blister

2022-2023 Norse Enduro

The Enduro is Norse's do-everything all-mountain ski, for both resort and backcountry use, and it goes about accomplishing that in a pretty different way than many of its competitors. Check out our Full Review & Deep Dive comparisons for more.
Kara Williard reviews the Faction Dancer 3X for Blister.

2022-2023 Faction Dancer 3X

The Dancer 3X is a wider, metal-laminate women's all-mountain ski, and it offers something a bit different from most of the other options in that category. Check out our Full Review for more.
K2 launches new 2022-2023 Mindbender Ti skis; Blister discusses the details

22/23 K2 Mindbender 89Ti

Here are our initial impressions of a ski that's been on our mind this summer — the new K2 Mindbender 89Ti.

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David Golay reviews the Shimano AM903 for Blister

Shimano AM903 Shoe

The Shimano AM9 has been their top-tier gravity clipless shoe for a long time now (and a personal favorite of ours), and while the latest AM903 generation is mostly a case of leaving a good thing alone, it’s got some nice refinements over the earlier iterations.
David Golay and Zack Henderson review the Orbea Rallon for Blister

2022 Orbea Rallon

The Orbea Rallon is a super precise, quick-handling Enduro bike that offers something pretty different from most of its competitors — while still feeling really cohesive and intuitive. Check out our full review for more detail, including how it stacks up to fourteen other long-travel Trail and Enduro bikes.
Kara Williard reviews the Diamondback Release C for Blister

Diamondback Release C

The Diamondback Release 5C is an unusual offering these days — a mid-travel 27.5’’ Trail bike with somewhat moderate geometry — but we think that’s exactly why it could be a great option for the right riders. Check out our First Look & Flash Review to learn more.

La Sportiva Karacal

La Sportiva is synonymous with hardwearing shoes for running in difficult, mountainous terrain. However, the brand has lately focused on making more accessible models for runners who prioritize comfort over technical performance. With the Karacal, we think they’ve mostly succeeded in meeting that demand.