2021 Commencal Meta TR 29

Dylan Wood and Luke Koppa review the Commencal Meta TR 29 for Blister

Two of our reviewers spent several months on Commencal’s downhill-oriented Trail bike, the Meta TR 29. Check out our video & written full reviews for their thoughts on who it suits and how it compares to several other bikes in its class.

2022 Rocky Mountain Element

David Golay reviews the Rocky Mountain Element for Blister

It seems like every new bike is longer, lower, and slacker these days, but few undergo such a radical change as the new Rocky Mountain Element — and the results have us pretty excited. Check out our First Look for more on this XC (or Trail?) bike.

2021 Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead

David Golay reviews the Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead for Blister

Guerrilla Gravity’s Pedalhead hardtail just got a major update, and we’ve been spending a whole bunch of time on it. Check out our full review for our thoughts on the bike that GG says is “built for everything from crushing singletrack miles to getting rad around town.”

2021 Knolly Tyaughton

David Golay reviews the Knolly Tyaughton for Blister

We’ve talked a lot about how much fun aggressive hardtails can be, and now Knolly has launched their take on the genre — the Tyaughton — which is available in both titanium and steel. Check out our First Look for all the details.

2022 Trek Session

David Golay reviews the Trek Session for Blister

The latest Trek Session is a much more race-focused DH bike than the previous iteration, but in the right terrain and with the right approach from the rider, it is an excellent one. Check out our full review for more info.

Nicolai / Geometron G1

David Golay reviews the Nicolai G1 for Blister

The original Geometron bike blew minds when it first appeared in 2015, with wildly radical geometry that *still* stands out today. So how do you follow up an act like that? The G1 is their answer — check out our First Look for all the info.

2022 Canyon Lux Trail

David Golay reviews the Canyon Lux Trail for Blister

The Canyon Lux has seen plenty of action (and results) on the World Cup XC circuit, and now it’s got a bigger sibling, the Lux Trail. The new bike is a lot more than just an XC race bike with a little extra suspension, though — check out all the details in our First Look.

2022 Pivot Firebird

David Golay reviews the Pivot Firebird for Blister

Pivot’s EWS race team has been spotted piloting a new bike this season (the bright orange paint helped) and now that bike — the all-new Firebird — is finally here. Check out our First Look for the rundown on what’s new and interesting with the new bike.

Flash Review — Ibis Ripley AF

Eric Freson & Luke Koppa review the Ibis Ripley AF for Blister

Update 8.3.21: Luke Koppa adds his thoughts on Ibis’s budget-friendly, shorter-travel Trail bike.

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We Are One Arrival

David Golay Reviews the We Are One Arrival for Blister

We Are One made a name for themselves with Canadian-made carbon rims. Now their first bike is here, the aptly named Arrival, made right in British Columbia — a real rarity for a carbon frame. But that’s far from the only thing that’s interesting about the Arrival, so check out our First Look for all the details.

2021 Pivot Trail 429

Dylan Wood and Eric Freson review the Pivot Trail 429 for Blister

Pivot’s longstanding Trail 429 recently got a major update, but how true to the original recipe is the new, V3 version? We’ve now had two reviewers spending a lot of time on the new bike, and you can check out our full review for their thoughts on the new bike and how it compares to the rest of the market.

Chromag Minor Threat

David Golay reviews the Chromag Minor Threat for Blister

Chromag has long been known for making aggressive hardtails, but they’ve just released their first full-suspension model — and it’s a kids’ bike. The Minor Threat (which is the best new product name we’ve seen in a while) is an interesting new direction for the brand and looks like a very promising option for the younger rippers out there. Check out our First Look for all the info.