Zack Henderson and David Golay review the Canyon Torque:ON for Blister

Canyon Torque:ON CF

The Torque:ON is Canyon’s burliest eMTB, with lots of suspension travel and a massive battery to match. After several months aboard this 54+ pound giant, it has proven to be an interesting take on the ever-diversifying long-travel eMTB category.
David Golay reviews the Chromag Darco for Blister

Chromag Darco

Chromag has been doing things their own way for decades, and their first adult full-suspension bike, the Darco, isn’t like much else out there. And while it won’t be for everyone, it’s a bike that the right folks will absolutely love.
Simon Stewart reviews the Orbea Wild for Blister

2023 Orbea Wild

The Orbea Wild has already collected its share of e-Enduro podiums, but does it perform well outside of the tape, too, or is it a one-dimensional speed demon? After a few months on it, we’re ready to weigh in — and compare it to several of long-travel, high-power eMTBs.
David Golay reviews the 2024 Trek Slash for BLISTER

2024 Trek Slash

The Trek Slash was starting to look a bit conservative by modern Enduro bike standards, but the new sixth-generation bike changes that in a big way with radically overhauled geometry, a high-pivot suspension layout, mixed wheel sizes, and a lot more. And we’ve started spending time on it.
David Golay reviews the SCOR 2030 for Blister

SCOR 2030

SCOR’s founding ethos of making playful, “fun” mountain bikes carries over to their latest and shortest-travel model, the 2030. And while it does look like a scaled-down 4060 in a lot of respects, there are quite a few new details, too — and the end result looks pretty interesting.
Simon Stewart reviews the Specialized Turbo Levo for BLISTER

Specialized Turbo Levo

Having logged more than 600 miles on the Specialized Turbo Levo (and burned through a couple of sets of brake pads and tires in the process) we’re well acquainted with the bike and ready to chime in — check out our full review of one of the most popular eMTBs on the market.
David Golay reviews the REEB Steezl for Blister

REEB Steezl

REEB has been taking an unconventional approach to bike design and fabrication for a while now, and their latest model, the Steezl, is no exception. We’ve started spending time on REEB’s take on a bike for “big rides in big terrain.” Check out our First Look for a rundown on what sets the Steezl apart, and our Flash Review for our initial impressions.
Simon Stewart reviews the Propain Ekano 2 for Blister

Propain Ekano 2 AL

Propain’s Ekano eMTB stood out from the rest of their line, with a different suspension layout and geometry that was starting to look a bit dated. That all changes today, with the new Ekano 2 getting a major overhaul. Propain is talking a big game about the Ekano 2 being an especially nimble, “fun” bike, despite its big travel numbers and modern geometry.
Simon Stewart reviews the Pivot Shuttle AM for Blister

Pivot Shuttle AM

The new middle child in Pivot's electrified mountain bike lineup slots in between the lightweight Shuttle SL and beefy Shuttle LT, but in doing so is poised to charge the great eMTB travel debate: “If I’ve got a motor, why shouldn’t I have ALL the travel?” Check out our First Look for all the details, and our Flash Review for our initial on-trail impressions.
Dylan Wood reviews the Trek Fuel EXe Aluminum for Blister

Flash Review — Trek Fuel EXe Aluminum

We've started spending time on Trek's new aluminum Fuel EXe, testing its claims of a quieter motor and more "natural" feel on the trail — check out our initial impressions.

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Dylan Wood reviews the Norco Fluid FS Carbon for Blister

2024 Norco Fluid FS Carbon

Norco released their updated all-rounder Trail bike, the Fluid FS Aluminum, last season, which was an immediate success due to its combination of performance and value for riders of all kinds. They’ve now introduced a carbon version with a few new build kits, too — check out all the details.