2020 Guerrilla Gravity Smash

Noah Bodman & David Golay review the Guerrilla Gravity Smash for Blister

We’ve now had two reviewers convert Guerrilla Gravity’s 120mm-travel Trail Pistol to their 145mm-travel Smash (an option that’s noteworthy in itself) and they both think the Smash is one of the more versatile and easy-to-recommend bikes in the Trail category. Check out our full review of the Smash.

2020 Ibis Mojo HD5

David Golay reviews the 2020 Ibis Mojo HD5 for Blister

Ibis is releasing today the 5th generation of their longer-travel 27.5″ bike, the Mojo HD5. We came away impressed with the prior-generation HD4, so how similar is the HD5 to the HD4? Is this new bike an entirely different beast? Check out our First Look.

2019 Specialized Enduro 27.5

Eric Freson reviews the Specialized Enduro for Blister

Specialized recently released a new Enduro, but whether you’re looking at the resale market, don’t love the new Enduro’s geometry or 29er-only design, or are just looking for a versatile Enduro / Trail bike, we think the Enduro 27.5 still deserves strong consideration. Check out Eric Freson’s full review, and Luke Koppa also adds his thoughts from the perspective of a newcomer to the sport.

2020 Ibis Ripmo AF

Blister breaks down the details on the 2020 Ibis Ripmo AF.

Today Ibis announced the brand-new Ripmo AF, as in “aluminum frame.” As in, the first all-aluminum Ibis bike since they reopened shop in 2005. But there’s a whole lot more to this new Trail / Enduro bike than just being made of metal — check out our First Look for more info.

2019 BTR Ranger 27.5

David Golay reviews the BTR Ranger 27.5 for Blister

“Enduro Hardtail” — sound like an oxymoron? Well BTR, a custom builder out of England, makes them, and one of our reviewers has spent the past 2 years riding their long and slack steel hardtail, with some surprising conclusions. Check out the full review of the BTR Ranger.

2019 Nicolai / GeoMetron G16

David Golay reviews the Nicolai / Geometron G16 Mojo Special Edition bike for Blister

Every brand is now making longer and slacker bikes, but few have taken this approach to the extremes of Nicolai. So, how does their ultra-long and ultra-slack G16 Enduro bike actually perform on trail, and how does it compare to the more moderate competition? Check out our full review of the G16.

2019 Santa Cruz Hightower LT

Dylan Wood reviews the Santa Cruz Hightower LT For Blister

With the introduction of the redesigned Hightower and new Megatower, you’re probably going to see a lot of Santa Cruz Hightower LTs on the used market. So we put together a full review of the Hightower LT, and we think it’s still a great bike for those seeking a nice balance of playfulness and stability in their Trail bike.