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Will Ritter, founder of Spark R&D, on the Blister Podcast GEAR:30

Spark R&D — Part 2 (Ep.28)

We talk to Spark R&D founder, Will Ritter, about some of Spark’s current products, collaborating with CAST Touring and 22 Designs, and implementing solar power in their factory in Bozeman, Montana.

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Parlor Skis co-founder, Mark Wallace on the Blister GEAR:30 podcast.

Parlor Skis 18/19 Lineup & ‘Build Your Own Skis’ Class (Ep.24)

We talk to Boston-based Parlor Skis co-founder, Mark Wallace, about the origins story of Parlor; their “Build Your Own Skis” class; the new models in their 18/19 lineup — including Parlor snowboards and splitboards; and several trends on the East Coast ski scene. (We also talk about lasagna, burritos, and Camaros.)

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Bike Companies vs. Ski Companies on the GEAR:30 blister podcast

Bikes vs. Skis, Part 1 (Ep.21)

Which ski company is most like which bike company? Who is the Moment Skis of the bike world? And which ski brand shares the most family resemblance with Yeti or Transition? Jonathan Ellsworth has been having this discussion for years with Blister’s bike editor, Noah Bodman, and we’re now taking it public. So give it a listen, then let us know where you agree, where you disagree, and where you’ve got the better analogies.

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