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Eric Helmbrecht of Powder Hound Ski Shop in Girdwood Alaska goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss the 20/21 ski season in Alaska, gear they've been liking in Alaska, and more

Shop Talk: Powder Hound, Girdwood, AK (Ep.133)

Eric Helmbrecht, owner of Powder Hound Ski & Bike Shop is back on the show to talk about this season in Girdwood; Fizz Nation; some of the gear that he and his staff are particularly high on this season; and, of course, we had to talk about Juras.

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Drew Kelly, Luke Koppa, & Jonathan Ellsworth discuss on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast the new Volkl M6 Mantra & Secret 96; Head Monster 108 vs. Volkl Katana 108; Movement Alp Tracks 106, GO 106 Ti, & Fly Two 115

New Volkl Mantra M6; Burly Chargers; & Movement Skis (Ep.130)

Luke Koppa and Jonathan Ellsworth offer their initial thoughts on the new Volkl Mantra M6 & Secret 96; reviewer, Drew Kelly, makes his GEAR:30 debut to compare the Volkl Katana 108 vs the HEAD Monster 108 vs the Blizzard Cochise 106; Luke discusses some of the Movement skis he’s been getting time on; & more.

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On Blister's GEAR:30 Podcast, Luke Koppa and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss the ski gear that impressed them the most during 2020, the new 4FRNT Devastator, Sego Big Horn 106, Renoun Endurance 88, Elan Wingman 86 CTi, and more

2020: Gear in Review (Ep.129)

Luke Koppa & Jonathan Ellsworth talk about some of the skis they’ve recently been testing; name some of the most surprising products of 2020 and some of the standout products of 2020; offer a few gear predictions for 2021; and end with what they’re celebrating this week.

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The Ski Monster founders, Eric Gerrmann & George Michaelsen, go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss how and why they started The Ski Monster, what they've learned since then, and much more

Shop Talk: The Ski Monster founders, George & Eric (Ep.126)

We’re talking with the two friends who founded The Ski Monster in Boston, MA. We discuss how George and Eric met; how getting fired — twice! — turned out to be a very positive development; the diverse customer base they serve; why ski shops ought to work to elevate the experience of purchasing all of this expensive gear; and more.

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Boise Gear Collective founder, Tyson Stellrecht went to Blister HQ at Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado to discuss on their GEAR:30 Podcast running his shop, the used-gear ski and snowboard market, why Tyson is not getting into e-commerce, and more

Shop Talk: Tyson Stellrecht, Boise Gear Collective (Ep.123)

We sat down with Tyson Stellrecht, the founder of Boise Gear Collective, to talk about the selling of both used gear and brand new gear; how it’s going with one year later; why Tyson isn’t moving into e-commerce; gear snobs; predictions for the upcoming season; and more.

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Michael Cattanach, Product Design Director at Polartec, goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss the history of Polartec, Polartec NeoShell and why people should think a bit differently about waterproof and breathable fabrics, Polartec Power Air & Power Fill, & More

Bending the Paradigm: Polartec’s Approach to “Waterproofness” & Comfort (Ep.122)

What does “waterproof” really mean, and when should you worry (and not worry) about a 10k or 20k rating on the jacket or pants you are thinking of buying? Luke Koppa and Jonathan Ellsworth spoke with Michael Cattanach, the product design director at Polartec, about the “ingredients” used to make your favorite apparel; Polartec’s history; and what Polartec is up to today.

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GEAR:30 Podcast, BLISTER

20/21 Blister Buyer’s Guide + Your Questions (Ep.121)

Luke Koppa and Jonathan Ellsworth discuss some of the highlights and big takeaways from our new Winter Buyer’s Guide; our Best Of award winners; whether or not the 20/21 crop of ski gear represents a step forward; and we then answer a lot of the questions you submitted.

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Bentgate's John Weir goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss predictions for the 2020-2021 ski season, how shops are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and more

Shop Talk: John Weir, Bentgate (Ep.120)

We talk to John Weir from Bentgate in Golden, Colorado, about fitting AT boots; the rise of splitboarding; John’s predictions for this upcoming season; some of the precautions and protocols that Bentgate is taking and putting in place this winter; a lasting (positive) effect that COVID may have on the bootfitting process; and more.

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GEAR:30 Podcast, BLISTER

What You’re Wearing, Part 6: Alpaca Wool (Ep.118)

How much do you know about Alpaca wool? And what do you about manufacturing in Peru? We talk about these things and more with the founders of Arms of Andes, which is a company that makes outdoor clothing from Royal Alpaca wool that is single-sourced and produced in Peru. We discuss the characteristics and benefits of Royal Alpaca wool; the traditional method used to collect the wool; their commitment to manufacturing in Peru; what they’re doing to try to be one of the most sustainable clothing brands in the world; and more.

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Folsom Skis CEO Mike McCabe goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss Folsom's PPE production, their Spar Turbo ski, and their 20/21 ski lineup

Folsom Skis 20/21 Lineup + Update on our Buyer’s Guide (Ep.117)

We’ve got Folsom Skis CEO, Mike McCabe, back on the show to catch us up on what’s been going on at Folsom; the PPE equipment they’ve been making; their lineup for the 20/21 season; and more. Mike also asks how things have been at Blister, we share what we’re celebrating this week, and give an update on the status of our 20/21 Winter Buyer’s Guide.

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Black Sheep Sports founder, Sebastian Steinbach, goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss running a freeride ski shop in Germany, how COVID-19 has affected the ski industry in Europe, customer service in the ski world, and more

Shop Talk: Sebastian Steinbach, Black Sheep Sports (Ep.116)

We talk to the founder of Black Sheep Sports about this past ski season; his predictions for the upcoming ski season in Europe — and whether we’ll see a backcountry boom in Europe? We then talk about the critical art of customer service; why friends shouldn’t tell friends to just “Go buy this boot”; and more.

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Faction engineer, Daniel Tanzer; product manager, Josh Cohen; and North American marketing manager, Henrik Lampert go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss Faction's history, the recent changes they've made, and the 2020-2021 Faction Lineup

Faction Skis: Company History & 20/21 Lineup (Ep.115)

For some time now, Faction has been one of the hottest brands in skiing. But how much do you actually know about the company? This week we are talking about the history of the brand, some key moments in the company, and some big recent changes; what it’s like to go skiing with and design skis for Candide Thovex; and Faction’s lineup for the upcoming season.

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Outdoor Research Essential Facemask

What Makes a Face Mask More or Less Effective?

Not all bikes or skis are equally good at all things — and the same goes for protective face masks. So we talked with Alex Lauver and Kat Schoewe of Outdoor Research about what type of masks are the most & least effective; how Outdoor Research’s work on medical-grade PPE has influenced their commercially available Essential Face Mask; we make some predictions about the upcoming ski season; and more.

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Aprch co-founder, Adam Hunter, goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss CBD products and the outdoor industry, Aprch's products in particular, and more

Aprch, CBD, & the Story Behind an Emerging Category (Ep. 107)

This week we’re switching things up a bit and taking a close look at a massive emerging category — CBD products in general — and one specific company, Aprch. And to walk us through some of the relevant science, regulations, production processes, and the trajectory of this industry, we talk with Aprch co-founder, Adam Hunter.

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