Jed Doane reviews the Venture Carbon Storm Splitboard for Blister

2020-2021 Venture Carbon Storm Splitboard

Venture designed their Carbon Storm splitboard to handle everything from tight tree lines to big, open faces. While we often hear things like that, we don't think Venture's claims are far off. The Carbon Storm is a very versatile, approachable splitboard for the masses — check out our full review.
Andrew Forward reviews the Amplid Snommelier for Blister.

2020-2021 Amplid Snommelier

As part of Amplid's "Future Shapes" collection, their Snommelier is designed to "create a unique personality" on snow. And after spending a lot of time on this big-mountain gun, we'd say that Amplid's claims are pretty spot-on. Check out our full review for more.
Kelsey Opstad reviews the Weston Riva for Blister

2020-2021 Weston Riva

After spending 30 days on it, the Weston Riva has proven to be an intuitive, stable, and surprisingly versatile powder-oriented board. Check out our full review.
Jed Doane reviews the Amplid Creamer for Blister

2020-2021 Amplid Creamer

If you’re someone who loves riding hard and fast through nasty conditions and who wants an exceptionally damp and stable board to keep up with you, the new Amplid Creamer is worth a look. Check out our full review.
Andrew Forward reviews the Jones Ultra Mountain Twin for Blister

2019-2020 Jones Ultra Mountain Twin

The Jones Ultra Mountain Twin takes a freestyle shape and combines it with their stiff, carbon-laden “Ultra” construction. The result? One of the better freestyle boards we’ve used for aggressive, hard-charging riders. Check out our full review.
Jed Doane reviews the Rossignol Krypto for Blister

2018-2019 Rossignol Krypto

Rossignol says the Krypto is based on their big-mountain charger, the XV. So just how burly is the Krypto, and could it also work for more playful and less aggressive riders? Check out our full review.
Andrew Forward reviews the Never Summer Swift Split for Blister

2020-2021 Never Summer Swift Split

We’ve recently seen an increasing number of surf-inspired boards hit the market, but the Never Summer Swift Split stands out as a splitboard that's not only surfy, but that’s also stable enough for riding fast and dropping cliffs.
Nate Murray reviews the K2 Cool Bean for Blister

2020-2021 K2 Cool Bean

If you’re looking for a dedicated board for the deepest days, K2’s short and stubby Cool Bean is a surfy, playful option that provides a unique feel in soft snow and deep snow.