A Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting, Pt 2: Your Questions Answered by Master Bootfitters, Sam and Kara (Ep.214)

Kara and Sam dive even further into some of the mysteries and complexities of bootfitting while responding to several really interesting and important questions from the audience. We bet that you’ve had some of these questions yourself, so here are some in-depth answers to consider before spending time in your ski boots this winter.
David Golay reviews the Rocky Mounts GuideRail Bike Rack for BLISTER

Stuff We Like: July 2022

In the July edition of our "Stuff We Like" series, we've got everything from tents to bike racks, backpacks to sandals, and several summer accessories. Check it out to see the latest gear our reviewers have been digging.
Kara Williard reviews the Faction Dancer 3X for Blister.

2022-2023 Faction Dancer 3X

The Dancer 3X is a wider, metal-laminate women's all-mountain ski, and it offers something a bit different from most of the other options in that category. Check out our Full Review for more.
Kara Williard reviews the Diamondback Release C for Blister

Flash Review — Diamondback Release C

The Diamondback Release 5C is proving to be a fairly nimble, versatile mid-travel Trail bike. Check out our Flash Review for our early impressions.

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Kara Williard reviews the Diamondback Release C for Blister

Diamondback Release C

The Diamondback Release 5C is an unusual offering these days — a mid-travel 27.5’’ Trail bike with somewhat moderate geometry — but we think that’s exactly why it could be a great option for the right riders. Check out our First Look & Flash Review to learn more.
Kara Williard reviews the Nordica Unleashed 98 W for Blister

2022-2023 Nordica Unleashed 98 W

Nordica's new Unleashed line offers skiers some more maneuverable, playful alternatives to their established Santa Ana & Enforcer series — check out our full review of the Unleashed 98 W to see how they compare.