Mountain Ops

Based in Stowe, Vermont, Mountain Ops has become well-known for its welcoming atmosphere, excellent customer service, and dedication to human-powered pursuits.

Boulder Orthotics

Boulder Orthotics is a women-owned, and women-led bootfitting operation. They deliver the full range of bootfitting customization and modifications. With over 25 years of experience, a background in pedorthics, and a passion for getting it right, schedule an appointment to redefine the way your ski boots fit.

Vemdalen Ski Shop

Vemdalen Ski Shop is a dedicated, specialty ski shop right beside the ski area Vemdalsskalet. At Vemdalen Ski Shop, you are guaranteed a great shopping experience with their staff full of expertise, an authentic atmosphere, and excellent gear to suit your needs.
Boone Mountain Sports: Our Blister Recommended Shop in Evergreen, Colorado

Boone Mountain Sports

Boone Mountain Sports is a family-owned and operated ski and snowboard shop in Evergreen, Colorado, and they offer a whole lot more than just amazing gear, including an unforgettable customer experience, word-class bootfitting and ski services, a brewery and coffee shop, and a place to connect with community and appreciate the outdoors.

Park City Boot Room

When it comes to specialty bootfitting, particularly for those who ask a lot of their boots, spend countless days on skis, or really need to address some complex issues in order to enhance their time out on the hill, there are few places that have the breadth of experience and skills offered by Matt Schiller at Park City Boot Room.
Lone Pine Gear Exchange: our Blister Recommended Shop in Salt Lake City, UT

Lone Pine Gear Exchange

Lone Pine Gear Exchange is far from your average ski shop – In addition to their extensive collection of new gear, they have a large consignment program, a gear repair program, a commitment to sustainability, plus a knowledgeable staff and full-service ski and snowboard shop.
Outside Sports: Blister Recommended Shop in the Southern Lakes Region of the South Island of NZ.

Outside Sports

Outside Sports is a premier ski, bike, and outdoor retailer with multiple locations in the Southern Lakes region in the South Island of New Zealand, and they have all your outdoor gear needs covered no matter the season.

Ski Connexions

Ski Connexions is a unique one-man bootfitting operation by the highly skilled Barry Allison, and is the place to go for bootfitting in Whistler, CA to ensure the best possible experience out on the hill.
Boot Mechanics is a BLISTER Recommended Shop.

Boot Mechanics

Boot Mechanics is an impressive operation with a team of professional bootfitters, all of whom are MasterFit Certified, with two locations in Golden and Avon, Colorado.

Skiboot RX

Skiboot RX in Billings, MT is best known for its high-quality bootfitting, selection of alpine and backcountry gear, and a wide array of accessories, in addition to ski and board services.

Zimmermann’s Skis, Boards & More

Zimmermann’s is a longstanding ski and snowboard shop in Nashua, NH with plenty to offer everyone from beginners to expert skiers and snowboarders, to families passionate about getting their kids on the hill. They offer the full gamut of services, a huge season lease program, and a wide selection of gear.

Moment Factory Store

The Moment Factory Store is much more than just a ski factory. They offer a curated selection of hardgoods, in addition to a robust array of ski and bootfitting services, and an impressive demo program. Find out more about this unique shop in our summary.
Pulse Custom Boot Lab is a Recommended Ski Shop for BLISTER.

Pulse Boot Lab

With all the bootfitting techniques Pulse has developed, their goal of getting you to love your ski boots is no exaggeration. It's why they have the reputation of some of the most skilled bootfitters in the industry. Find out more about their innovations in our summary below.