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1 comment on “What People are Saying”

  1. Hi All

    I really enjoyed the “predictions” podcasts (both gear and general ski industry outlook).
    2 points:

    1. I grew up skiing on a tiny local hill in Pennsylvania, but that was enough to encourage a lifelong love of the sport. I lived in the UK for 20 years and witnessed the indoor skiing phenomenon which I believe has great potential to introduce people to skiing in a very accessible way and bring new people to the sport. I think there must be loads of ways to improve that formative experience and get more people on skis. I feel like the industry doesn’t work on this “new customer experience” enough … I see this firsthand with colleagues who are keen to learn and the obstacles they encounter.

    2. Speaking of more people on skis, I’m surprised no one mentioned potential growth of the sport in China and the potential impact this could have longer term both good (overall growth of the sport, scale and better economics in equipment development and manufacture, money into resort and infrastructure development, maybe even helping to solve some of the equipment size challenges, ie poor availability of smaller sizes, that were raised) and potentially bad (overcrowding of popular resorts due to waves of Asian tourists). I imagine the impact of tens of potentially tens of millions of new skiers into the sport would be massive.

    Love everything you do. Come to Munich!
    [PS: please don’t interpret my comments about “overcrowding” as at all discriminatory. It is just a comment on the supply /demand balance of the sport and the implications of a large uptick in demand, given the supply/capacity of infrastructure today. ]

    PPS: Thanks to Kristin … I’ve not been perfect, but have been pretty consistent with my 15 burpee/day challenge! And this has proven a good catalyst to gradually increase my activity levels (small things do matter!)

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