Blister 2024 midlayer and insulation roundup

Midlayer & Insulation Roundup – 2024

As the temperatures continue to drop in the northern hemisphere, many of us are thinking about and adapting our layering setups. Midlayers and insulators are a vital part of this, especially when it comes to balancing cold temperatures with high-output activities. In our new Midlayer & Insulation Roundup, several of our reviewers discuss some of their recent favorites.

Flash Review: Luke’s Opening Day Gear: Rossignol Forza, Lange Shadow, Rab Vapour-Rise, & Anon Goggles

We're back on snow! And in this special opening-day Flash Review, Luke Koppa shares some thoughts on the Rossignol Forza 70D V-Ti, Lange Shadow 130 LV, Rab Vapour-Rise Summit Jacket, & Anon M5 goggle.

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What We’re Wearing, Skiing 23/24: Luke Koppa

Most of our reviews and conversations have the goal of helping you, our audience, figure out what gear might work best for you and your particular preferences, circumstances, etc. However, it can be fun (and sometimes, maybe, even illuminating) to occasionally shrug off the cloak of objectivity and just talk about what we personally use and enjoy. In our new “What We’re Wearing” series, we’re doing just that, having several of our reviewers run us through their head-to-toe kits for this winter. First up, our managing editor and self-diagnosed apparel obsessive, Luke Koppa.
Kara Williard reviews the OR Shadow Insulated Hoodie for BLISTER.

Midlayer Roundup 2022

If you're in the market for a new midlayer, be sure to check out this roundup — our reviewers compare and contrast 19 different men's & women's insulators, ranging from ultra-breathable fleeces to a variety of puffies and softshells. We've just updated it with 7 new additions from Patagonia, Outdoor Research, Strafe, Le Bent, & Artilect.
Cy Whitling reviews the Beringia Altai Over Hoody for Blister

Beringia Altai Over Hoody

When it comes to stop-and-start activities like ski touring, a big puffy jacket can not only be nice, but also extremely important if things go wrong in the backcountry. We’ve been using the Beringia (the North American branch of Teton Bros) Altai Over Hoody a lot this season, and think it makes for a great insulation layer. Check out our full review.
Blister's Winter 2019 Hoodie Roundup

Winter Hoodie Roundup — 2019

That perfect hoodie — the one you never want to take off, whether you’re relaxing at home or heading out with friends. We’ve rounded up a bunch of our favorites — from high-end Cashmere options to minimal cotton ones, and even a couple insulated hoodies that could replace your technical mid layers.
Luke Koppa reviews the Strafe Alpha Direct Insulator for Blister

Strafe Alpha Direct Insulator

There are lots of specialized layers out there, but not many that work well for a wide range of conditions, temperatures, and activities. The Strafe Alpha Direct Insulator is one of the few that falls into that versatile second category, and here you can check out our full review.