Strafe Cham Jacket & Pants

Luke Koppa reviews the 2020-2021 Strafe Cham Jacket & Cham Pants for Blister

This season Strafe once again updated their touring-oriented Cham Jacket & Pant, and we think the latest iteration is one of the best backcountry outerwear kits we’ve used. Check out our full, in-depth review to see why.

Women’s Hiking / Outdoor Pants Roundup

Need a new pair of hiking pants for your next excursion … or trip around the block? Check out our women’s pant roundup, with options from light and breathable pants for summer hikes to comfy leggings that feel equally at home on the trail, rock, or bike (plus one for the little ones).

Holden Sierra Bib

Kristin Sinnott reviews the Holden Sierra Bib for Blister

If you’re in the market for a new resort ski / snowboard bib, the comfortable, waterproof, and clean-looking Holden Sierra Bibs are worth a look. Check out our review.

TREW Capow Jacket & Bib

Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa review the TREW Capow Jacket & Bib for Blister

TREW designed their touring-oriented Capow kit with the help of CAPOW Guiding, and we’ve had two reviewers using it for everything from long days on the skin track to laps in the resort. Check out our full review.

Spyder Turret GTX Shell Pants

Luke Koppa reviews the Spyder Turret GTX Shell Pants for Blister

Spyder recently brought back their “Freeski” collection, designed specifically for freeride and freestyle skiers. Their Turret GTX Pants package proven, high-end materials into a design and style that we haven’t seen from the brand in a long time, and you can check out our review for more.

FW Manifest 3L Jacket & Pants

Cy Whitling reviews the FW Manifest 3L Jacket & Pants for Blister

The Manifest 3L Jacket & Pants from FW, a brand-new apparel company, have tons of features, a modern “freeride” fit, and offer skiers & snowboarders a unique aesthetic. But how do they perform as both an inbounds and backcountry kit? Check out our review.

Strafe Wildcat Pant

Kristin Sinnott reviews the Strafe Wildcat Pant for Blister

Insulated ski / snowboard pants may seem unnecessary to those who have their layering systems dialed, but our reviewer was very surprised by the versatility of Strafe’s insulated Wildcat Pants. Check out her full review.

Strafe Sickbird Suit

Kristin Sinnott reviews the Strafe Sickbird Suit for Blister

One-piece snowsuits have had an interesting history. They were once very common, then they became a bit of a joke, and now some brands are making high-end one-pieces with modern materials and features. The Strafe Sickbird Suit falls into that last category, and we’ve come away both surprised and impressed by it. Check out our review.

Patagonia SnowDrifter Bibs

Sam Shaheen reviews the Patagonia SnowDrifter Bibs for Blister

The brand-new Patagonia SnowDrifter Bibs replace their well-loved Descensionsist Pants. So how do the SnowDrifter Bibs compare to their predecessor and the rest of the ski / snowboard pants on the market?