Kristin Sinnott reviews the Strafe Sickbird Suit for Blister

Strafe Sickbird Suit

One-piece snowsuits have had an interesting history. They were once very common, then they became a bit of a joke, and now some brands are making high-end one-pieces with modern materials and features. The Strafe Sickbird Suit falls into that last category, and we’ve come away both surprised and impressed by it. Check out our review.
Sam Shaheen reviews the Patagonia SnowDrifter Bibs for Blister

Patagonia SnowDrifter Bibs

The brand-new Patagonia SnowDrifter Bibs replace their well-loved Descensionsist Pants. So how do the SnowDrifter Bibs compare to their predecessor and the rest of the ski / snowboard pants on the market?
Kristin Sinnott reviews the Flylow Donna Pant 2.1 for Blister

Flylow Donna Pant 2.1

Comfortable? Check. Waterproof? Check. Versatile? Check. Stylish? Check. The Flylow Donna Pant 2.1 ticks a lot of boxes, and is worth a good look if you’re in the market for a women’s ski pant.
Noah Bodman reviews the Mammut Alvier Hardshell Pants for Blister

Mammut Alvier Hardshell Pants

The Mammut Alvier Hardshell Pant is what happens when you combine a stretchy vest with a waterproof ski pant. So how does that impact the usual pros and cons of hardshell bibs? Check out our full review.
Sam Shaheen reviews the Rab Sharp Edge Jacket & Pants for Blister

Rab Sharp Edge Jacket and Pants

There aren't many kits out there designed specifically for ski mountaineering, but Rab's Sharp Edge Jacket and Pants are. So how do they perform in big terrain, and should you still be considering them even if you're not walking around in crampons and hacking your way up steep ice? Check out our full review.
Luke Koppa reviews the Arc'teryx Rush LT Pant for Blister

Arc’teryx Rush LT Pant

You know what you shouldn’t be thinking about when you’re skiing? Your pants. The new Arc’teryx Rush LT pants are easy to forget about, and we think they’re a great option for many backcountry and resort skiers and snowboarders.
Kristin Sinnott reviews the Strafe Scarlett Bib Pant for Blister

Strafe Scarlett Bib Pant

Most of us want ski pants to do 2 things: keep us comfortable and look good. Strafe’s Scarlett Bib Pant accomplishes both of those things and more, and you can now check out our full review for more info on this “Best Of” winner.
David Steele reviews the Patagonia Snowdrifter Pant for Blister

Patagonia Snowdrifter pant

The Patagonia Snowdrifter pant blends very good breathability with a useful feature set, making it a great option for days of high-output touring.
David Steele reviews the Arc'teryx Procline FL pant for Blister

Arc’teryx Procline FL Pant

Arc’teryx says their soft shell Procline FL Pant is for “high output technical climbs and challenging ski descents,” and after over 40 days in it, we weigh in on how the Procline FL handles both aspects of that description.