Matt Hart on Nike, The Oregon Project, & PEDs in Sports (Ep.74)

Matt Hart, author of Win At All Costs, goes on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast to discuss the book, PEDs in a variety of sports, and more

We talk to Matt Hart about his book, Win at All Costs: Inside Nike Running and its Culture of Deception, which is is an important book that everyone interested in competitive athletics should read. We discuss how Matt got interested in and involved with this story; whether we should just make all performance-enhancing drugs legal in all sports; who is most to blame for PED use in sports; what Nike’s response to the book has been; and Alberto Salazar’s upcoming trial.

Athletic Brewing Company Founder, Bill Shufelt (Ep.151)

Athletic Brewing Company Founder, Bill Shufelt, goes on the Blister Podcast

Athletic Brewing Company is a fast-growing brand in an emerging category that is about to blow up: non-alcoholic craft beer. So we talked to Athletic Brewing’s founder about why he started the company; the stigma of not drinking; why “near beer” has been so bad; why there’s such a need for products like this in the outdoors community; Athletic’s brewing process; how he feels about the emerging competition in the space; and more.

Anneke Beerten on Her Accident; Recovery; Pastranaland, & More (Ep.44)

Anneke Beerten goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss her recent injury, concussions, Pastranaland, Pit Bike Championships, & More

Anneke Beerten (the 2 x world champion BMX rider, 3-time Four Cross world champion, and Queen of Crankworx) was in an accident and suffered a serious concussion, so we check in with her to hear more about what happened; get a firsthand report of her recovery; and present a public service announcement that we all need to hear. Then we shift gears to talk about participating in the amazing Pastranaland Pit Bike Championships, so this is both a serious and super fun conversation.

Hoka Founder & Deckers Group VP of Innovation, Jean-Luc Diard (Ep.73)

Jean-Luc Diard goes on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast to discuss going from an intern to the CEO of Salomon, founding Hoka One One, and his current role as VP of of Innovation for Deckers.

If you are interested in product design and the process of innovation, then you need to listen to this conversation. Jean-Luc Diard started as an intern at Salomon, developed the first shaped ski, became the CEO at Salomon, played a major role in the development of Salomon’s running shoes, moved on to found Hoka One One, and is currently the VP of Innovation for the Deckers Group, where he currently heads up the Deckers X Lab.

Reviewer Reports: Shoulder Season MTB Gear + Forks Roundup (Ep.43)

David Golay goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas Podcast to discuss wet-weather mountain bike apparel, compares the RockShox ZEB, Fox 38, and Manitou Mezzer Pro forks, and more

For many of us, it’s shoulder season, where the riding conditions are wet, muddy, and / or cold. And some of us live in places where we regularly encounter those conditions. So on our latest Bikes & Big Ideas podcast, we discuss why some of the apparel that’s intended for wet/muddy riding sucks; which products have worked the best for us; and then we shift to a conversation about forks from Fox, RockShox, and Manitou.

Bending the Paradigm: Polartec’s Approach to “Waterproofness” & Comfort (Ep.122)

Michael Cattanach, Product Design Director at Polartec, goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss the history of Polartec, Polartec NeoShell and why people should think a bit differently about waterproof and breathable fabrics, Polartec Power Air & Power Fill, & More

What does “waterproof” really mean, and when should you worry (and not worry) about a 10k or 20k rating on the jacket or pants you are thinking of buying? Luke Koppa and Jonathan Ellsworth spoke with Michael Cattanach, the product design director at Polartec, about the “ingredients” used to make your favorite apparel; Polartec’s history; and what Polartec is up to today.

Billy Yang on Running, Filmmaking, Media, Moving (??), & More (Ep.72)

Billy Yang goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss filmmaking, his podcast, running career, and more

Billy Yang is (among other things) a runner, filmmaker (Billy Yang Films), podcast host (Billy Yang Podcast), and someone who has been chronicling the sport of running in a fashion that is often beautiful, and always inspiring. So Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth talked to Billy about everything from cigarette brands to the need for more compassionate critical thinking in our world.

Mali Noyes & Lani Bruntz ski The Wurl (Ep.148)

Mali Noyes and Lani Bruntz go on the Blister Podcast to discuss their winter attempt of the WURL. (photo by Adam Clark)

The Wurl — The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup — has gained a lot of attention in the trail running and climbing worlds, but it had never been done in the winter, and Mali Noyes and Lani Bruntz set out to ski it. So we talked with Mali and Lani about the origins of this idea to ski The Wurl, and the planning, logistics, and scouting that happened behind the scenes.

Hunt to Eat founder, Mahting Putelis (Ep.147)

Hunt to Eat founder, Mahting Putelis, goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss Hunt to Eat, what it's all about, why it's applicable to all people, and more

This is another installment in our series on food, and food systems, and our guest today was first introduced to me by Blister reviewer, Paul Forward. Mahting Putelis is the founder of Hunt to Eat, which is an organization that “exists to find modern, progressive, and inclusive ways to support and grow the community of folks that go outdoors, harvest wild meat, or plants, or fungi, and take these things home to be cooked with care for themselves or their friends and family.”

Big Mtn Skier (& Trail Runner), Cody Townsend (Ep.70)

Cody Townsend goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss how he went from hating running to loving it, how running is a big part of his training plan for his ongoing Fifty Project, and more

Six months ago, professional skier, Cody Townsend, hated running. Now he loves it. So what happened?? And will his current training program really get him ready to ski tour up and down some of the gnarliest peaks in North America for his ongoing Fifty Project? If you have ever found yourself in the “I hate running” camp, you should listen to this episode.