David Golay and Zack Henderson review the Yeti SB165 for Blister

2024 Yeti SB165

The new Yeti SB165 is their first production mullet bike, and the longest travel one in their lineup as well. But is it a more easygoing alternative to their high-strung SB160 Enduro race bike or something else entirely? Check out our full review for our take.
David Golay and Zack Henderson review the Deviate Highlander II for Blister

Deviate Highlander II

It’s no secret that high-pivot bikes have seen quite the comeback lately, but the layout is still mostly seen on Enduro and DH bikes. However, the Deviate Highlander II applies this eye-catching suspension layout to a mid-travel Trail bike, and a lot of the details of its design are pretty interesting. Check out our First Look for all the info, and our Flash Review for our early impressions.
Zack Henderson reviews the Mondraker Dune

Mondraker Dune

Mondraker has released a new version of the Dune, but this time, it’s electrified. As Mondraker’s lightweight Enduro-focused eMTB, the Dune gets the latest Bosch Performance Line SX motor and an all-new frame. Take a peek at our First Look for all the details.
Zack Henderson and David Golay review the Ibis HD6 for Blister

Ibis HD6

Ibis set out to make a modern Enduro race bike and came up with the HD6 — the longest travel bike they’ve ever made. We’ve been spending a lot of time on the HD6, and it has proven to be an interesting take on the genre. Check out our Full Review & Deep Dive comparisons to see what we mean.
David Golay reviews the 2025 Fox Transfer for Blister

2025 Fox Transfer

Fox has overhauled their Transfer dropper post with more (and adjustable) travel, full user serviceability, and more. Here’s our First Look for the new version.
Zack Henderson reviews the Giant Trance X

Giant Trance X

Giant has updated their longstanding Trance platform with the new Trance X and Trance X SX. Both the Trance X and Trance X SX get a lot more adjustability, more aggressive geometry, and some other refinements. Dig into our First Look to get all of the details on what Giant has cooked up.
David Golay reviews the RAAW Jibb V2 for Blister

RAAW Jibb V2

RAAW updated their Madonna V3 Enduro bike earlier this year, adding a lot of adjustability and refinements, and now their shorter-travel Jibb gets many of the same tweaks, updated geometry, and more. Check out our First Look for all the info.
Zack Henderson reviews the Rocky Mountain Altitude

Rocky Mountain Altitude

The Rocky Mountain Altitude has gotten a major facelift for 2024, with a new suspension layout, updated geometry, and a focus on creating a more capable Enduro race bike. Check out our First Look for more details on the updated bike that Rocky Mountain’s Enduro race team will be piloting this upcoming season, and our Flash Review for our initial on-trail impressions.
Zack Henderson reviews the Liv Intrigue X

Liv Intrigue X

The Liv Intrigue X is the latest addition to the popular Intrigue series, cranking things up a notch with some geometry updates and a whole lot of added adjustability. Check out our First Look to learn more about how Liv has brought an impressive amount of adaptability to the Intrigue X.
Simon Stewart reviews the Propain Sresh CF for Blister

Propain Sresh CF

Propain calls the new Sresh CF a lighter, more Trail-oriented eMTB alongside their burlier Ekano, but it’s got a full-power drive system and options for more Enduro-oriented builds, too. So what have they come up with? Check out our First Look for all the info.