David Golay reviews the Fox Float and Float SL for Blister

Fox Float and Float SL

Fox is launching two new inline shocks — the Float and Float SL — that essentially replace the Float DPS and split it into two slightly different versions, for weight-conscious Trail riders and XC folks, respectively. Check out our First Look for all the info.
Blister MTB Brake Shootout

Hayes Dominion T4 Brakes

The Hayes Dominion A4s have been one of our favorite brakes for a while now, but how about the lighter Dominion T4? Do they share the magic of the A4 or are they something else entirely? We’ve been logging a lot of time on the T4s and are ready to weigh in.
David Golay reviews the Starling Murmur Enduro for Blister

Starling Murmur Enduro

The Starling Murmur, with its steel construction and single-pivot suspension, doesn’t ride like most bikes, but those differences just might be what certain riders are looking for. Check out our full review to hear what sets the Murmur apart and how it compares to nine other bikes in its class.
David Golay reviews the SRAM Eagle Transmission and Stealth Brakes for Blister

SRAM Eagle Transmission

There have been spy photos of what appeared to be a new direct-mount derailleur, plus updated Eagle cranks, cassettes, and controllers from SRAM floating around the internet for a while now — and today it all breaks cover, along with some new brakes and much more. Check out our First Look for all the info on the new Eagle Transmission.
Simon Stewart and David Golay review the Ibis Ripmo V2S for Blister

Ibis Ripmo V2S

Ibis gave the Ripmo a light update late last year, and while the changes to the new V2S version aren’t all that dramatic, it’s still a good, well-rounded bike that blurs the line between longer-travel Trail bikes and full-on Enduro ones, in a way that we can imagine working well for a lot of folks. Check out our full review for our take, including how the Ripmo V2S stacks up against a dozen of its competitors.
David Golay reviews the Galfer Shark Rotors for Blister

Galfer Shark Rotors

We really like Galfer’s standard Wave rotors, but how about the fancier Shark versions that they’re launched more recently? And in general, who should think about upgrading their existing rotors? Check out our review to learn more.
David Golay reviews the Trinity Gravity for Blister

Trinity Gravity

Trinity MTB has been developing one of the wildest, most interesting new bikes in recent memory and now the result of their efforts is available to pre-order. Check out our First Look with all the info on the Trinity Gravity — and there’s a *lot* going on here.