David Golay reviews the Nicolai G1 for Blister

Nicolai / Geometron G1

We’ve now spent nine months on the Nicolai G1, and it’s still one of the best options out there for folks looking for an extremely aggressive Enduro bike that also pedals pretty well. Check out our full review for the whole story, including its extensive customization options and how it compares to several other bikes in its class.
David Golay reviews the Lazer Jackal KinetiCore for Blister

Lazer Jackal KinetiCore Helmet

Lazer’s new KinetiCore technology is intended to bring the rotational impact protection benefits of MIPS and other similar systems to a simpler, lighter, more comfortable package, and having now spent a couple of months in their Jackal KinetiCore mountain bike helmet, we think they’re onto something.
David Golay Reviews RockShox Flight Attendant for Blister

RockShox Flight Attendant

RockShox’s Flight Attendant electronic suspension claims to make big improvements to the pedaling efficiency of longer-travel Trail and Enduro bikes, and after spending several months testing it, it’s a whole lot more than just an automatic climb switch. Check out our full review to see why we’re so impressed with (and a bit surprised by) the system.
David Golay and Zack Henderson review the YT Capra for Blister

2022 YT Capra

YT’s latest Capra is definitely a big, stable Enduro bike, but it’s a super intuitive, relatively easy-going one that we think will click for a ton of folks who have the terrain for a 160mm-plus-travel sled. Check out our full review for all the details.
David Golay reviews Galfer's Standard and Pro Pads, plus rotors for Blister

Galfer Brake Pads and Rotors

Brake pads are an underappreciated factor in mountain bike brake performance, and Galfer’s offerings make a strong case for why a lot of riders should pay closer attention. And rotor sizing is a big piece of the puzzle, so we cover that in detail, too.
David Golay reviews the Orbea Occam LT for Blister

2022 Orbea Occam & Occam LT

“Longer” and “slacker” might be the go-to buzzwords for modern Trail bikes, but the Orbea Occam LT makes a very compelling case for why a lot of riders might want to pick something a little more moderate. It’s an outstanding take on a quicker-handling long-travel Trail bike that feels thoroughly modern despite bucking a lot of current trends. Check out our full review for more, including comparisons to nine other Trail & Enduro bikes.
David Golay reviews the SCOR 4060 LT mountain bike for Blister

SCOR 4060

SCOR says their new 4060 LT is “just seriously fun.” But it’s still a 160 / 170 mm travel Enduro bike, so just how game-on is it, really? Check out our full review for the rundown, including comparisons to 11 other bikes in its class.
David Golay reviews the Öhlins RXF38 m.2 for Blister

Öhlins RXF38 m.2

Öhlins has joined Fox and RockShox in offering an extra burly 38mm-stanchioned single crown fork, and their take on the genre — the RXF38 m.2 — is now our bike editor's personal favorite of the category. Check out our full review to see why.
David Golay reviews the Aenomaly Switchgrade for Blister

Aenomaly Switchgrade Seat Angle Adjuster

Most mountain bikers just set their seat angle to a comfortable position to pedal on flat ground and forget about it. But Aenomaly thinks there’s a better way, so they made the Switchgrade to let you change your seat angle on the fly. And having spent a few months on one, they’re definitely on to something. Check out our full review for more.
David Golay reviews the YT Capra for Blister

Flash Review — 2022 YT Capra

We’ve got a few rides on the new YT Capra Uncaged 6, with RockShox’s Flight Attendant electronic suspension. And while that system has been the biggest storyline about the bike so far, it’s shaping up to be an impressive offering in other respects, too. Check out our Flash Review for our early impressions.

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