David Golay reviews the EXT Era V2.1 for Blister

EXT Era V2.1 Fork

EXT has continued to refine its Era fork and the new V2.1 iteration is claimed to be even smoother sliding and offer improved small-bump sensitivity than the previous generations. So what has EXT changed to bring those improvements about? Check out our First Look for the rundown, and our Flash Review for our initial on-trail impressions.
David Golay reviews the HT T2 and X3 Pedals for Blister

HT T2 & X3 Pedals

Our bike editor has been a huge fan of HT’s clipless pedals for a long time now, and the latest iterations of their Trail and DH pedals — the T2 and X3 — bring about some subtle but welcome refinements while retaining everything that made the older T1 and X2 great in the first place.
David Golay reviews the Pivot Mach 4 SL for Blister

Pivot Mach 4 SL V3

Pivot has dropped the new third-generation Mach 4 SL — their lightest, XC-race-oriented full-suspension bike — and while they’re talking about speed and race results first and foremost, words like “fun” pop up a bunch, too. And with a big range of builds covering both hardcore XC racing and more general-purpose lightweight Trail use, they just might be on to something there.
David Golay reviews the Chris King MTN30 wheels for Blister

Chris King MTN30 Wheels

Chris King is one of the first and biggest names in high-end hubs, and now they’re offering complete wheelsets under their own brand — and in keeping with King’s ethos, they’re high-end carbon fiber wheels, with US-made, recyclable rims.
Simon Stewart reviews the Canyon Strive:ON for Blister

Canyon Strive:ON CFR

Canyon launched two new long-travel full-power e-MTBs simultaneously, and the new Strive:ON is meant to be the racing-oriented compatriot to the freeride-focused Torque:ON — but the two share nearly identical geometry and both rock a mullet, so what sets the two apart? Turns out that there’s quite a bit.
David Golay reviews the Trek Fuel EX for Blister

2023 Trek Fuel EX

The Trek Fuel EX has grown in just about every respect from its fifth to sixth generations — suspension travel, wheelbase, degree of adjustability, and so on — and the end result is an extremely well-rounded Trail bike that we think could work for a ton of different riders.
David Golay reviews the Forbidden Druid V2 for Blister

Forbidden Druid V2

Forbidden was one of the first companies to offer a shorter-travel high-pivot Trail bike, and now that bike, the Druid, is getting a big update with a new (but still high-pivot) suspension layout and a whole lot more. Check out our First Look for the rundown.

Flash Review — Revel Ranger

We've been spending time on Revel's newest bike, the Ranger, which is so far proving to be a nice mix of XC efficiency and Trail bike capability. Check out our initial impressions.

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David Golay reviews the Transition Smuggler for Blister

2023 Transition Smuggler

The Transition Smuggler is back in their lineup after a lengthy hiatus, and it’s one of the most well-rounded, aggressive, short(ish)-travel Trail bikes we’ve ridden. Check out our full review for the whole story, including how it compares to several other bikes in its class.
Zack Henderson reviews the Fox Proframe RS for Blister

Fox Proframe RS

Fox released the Proframe RS as an evolution of their long-standing Proframe helmet, adding a swath of new features and safety technologies. After a long winter season in the Proframe RS, we think it's a great option for folks looking for a lightweight, highly-ventilated full-face helmet.
Simon Stewart reviews the Pivot Shuttle LT for Blister

Pivot Shuttle LT

The long-range eMTB market is heating up, with companies turning up the capability, and battery size bragging rights featuring prominently. But while the Pivot Shuttle LT’s battery isn’t the biggest out there, it might actually be a better bike for it.
David Golay reviews the Yeti SB135 for Blister

Yeti SB135

Yeti released a barrage of new bikes late last year, but they weren’t done just yet — because now they’re launching a new 27.5’’-wheeled aggressive Trail bike to replace the prior-generation SB140. Meet the Yeti SB135.