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We discuss the latest in the bike world; being good stewards of the places we ride; and the game-changing innovations and emerging industries that can improve the present and our future.

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Off The Couch takes a closer look at the wide, weird, and wonderful world of running.

All Things Climbing

We cover the major events, prominent trends, new gear, and notable individuals that make the climbing community so interesting. 

Recent Podcasts

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas Podcast to discuss his new film, Balance, skiing vs mountain biking, and more

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa on Biking, Skiing, Similarities, & Transitions (Ep.47)

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa is one of the best big line skiers of all time, and he’s an extremely good — and extremely passionate — mountain biker, too. So we talked with Sage about how he thinks about the similarities of skiing & mountain biking; riding lines in Virgin, Utah back in 2004; riding with Cam McCaul; what aspect of mountain biking he is most focused on improving; and his film, Balance.

Blister Recommended Shops: Backcountry Essentials

Shop Talk: Backcountry Essentials, Bellingham WA (Ep.128)

On our latest edition of ‘Shop Talk’, we’ve got the founder of Backcountry Essentials, Chris Gerston, talking about Bellingham; starting Backcountry Essentials; and some of the gear that he thinks works really well for skiing at Mt Baker and for volcano skiing.

Elena Hight goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss her new film, Blank Canvas, her snowboarding career as a whole, and more

Snowboarder Elena Hight on Competition, Transitions, & Blank Canvas (Ep.155)

Elena Hight is an X Games Gold Medalist, two-time Olympian, and a badass. We discuss her new film, Blank Canvas; competitive drive; how similar or different it is preparing to ride a big backcountry line versus a half-pipe contest run; her time in the mountains with the likes of Hana Beaman, Travis Rice, and Danny Davis; the art of getting better at dealing with changes and transitions in life; and more.

Zoë Rom goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss her DNF Podcast, growing up in Arkansas, Oreos, Fireball, ultramarathons, her FKT on Capitol Peak, and much more

Zoë Rom on Fruit, Oreos, Fireball, FKTs, & Running Culture (Ep.77)

Zoë Rom is a runner / scrambler / climber; reader; writer; and host of the DNF Podcast. We talk with her about all of this plus her interest in continuing to deepen and enrich running culture; the very specific way to win her heart; getting cut from the cross country team in high school; winning her first ultra with the help of Oreos & Fireball; her FKT on Capitol Peak; what she’s reading, watching, and listening to; and more.

Bode Miller goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss his ski racing career, SKEO, data and skiing, ICL (institute for civic leadership), and more

Bode Miller on Education, Mental Preparation, Technology, Ski Design, & More (Ep.154)

We catch up with one of the greatest ski racers of all time to discuss his involvement in rethinking education; the use of technology and data in skiing; the crucial lesson his grandmother taught him at a young age; his greatest competitive advantage as a ski racer; what he aims to do in terms of ski design with Crosson skis; and more.

The Ski Monster founders, Eric Gerrmann & George Michaelsen, go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss how and why they started The Ski Monster, what they've learned since then, and much more

Shop Talk: The Ski Monster founders, George & Eric (Ep.126)

We’re talking with the two friends who founded The Ski Monster in Boston, MA. We discuss how George and Eric met; how getting fired — twice! — turned out to be a very positive development; the diverse customer base they serve; why ski shops ought to work to elevate the experience of purchasing all of this expensive gear; and more.

Peter Bromka goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss writing, running, writing about running, and more

Peter Bromka on Running & Writing (Ep.76)

Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth talk with Peter Bromka, a runner that grew up in Portland, ran at Tufts University, and now is back in Portland where he runs for the Bowerman Track Club Elite Program. But in addition to training hard and running fast, Peter is focused on writing about running itself. And in this conversation, you’ll hear more about how he is currently pursuing both.

Lance Canfield goes on Blister's Bikes & Big Ideas podcast to discuss the origin of Canfield bikes, competing in the early days of Red Bull Rampage, the new Canfield Lithium & Tilt, and more

Canfield Bikes’ Lance Canfield (Ep.45)

We talk to Lance Canfield about Canfield’s new Tilt and Lithium bikes and the rest of their 20/21 lineup; the origins story of Canfield; the evolution of Rampage and competing in the first Rampage comps; the mountain bike industry today; and more.