Brian Lindahl reviews the Whitedot Ragnarok 118 Carbonlite for Blister

2021-2022 Whitedot Ragnarok 118 Carbonlite

By lightening up their big-mountain weapon, the Ragnarok, with their “Carbonlite” construction, Whitedot intended to make a true, big-mountain powder charger that’s still light enough to haul uphill. So did they hit the mark with the Ragnarok Carbonlite?
Brian Lindahl reviews the Faction Prime 2.0 for Blister

2018-2019 Faction Prime 2.0

Faction says their touring ski, the Prime 2.0, “excels at high speeds, but keeps it surprisingly nimble when things get technical.” So how stable and nimble is this ski, and how does it compare to the competition? Check out our full review.

2019-2020 Salomon QST Pro 130

The Salomon QST Pro 130 is a heat-moldable, lightweight boot with a unique design, and it’s also compatible with both alpine bindings and tech bindings. Three of our reviewers have been spending time in this boot, and they all weigh in here.
Brian Lindahl reviews the HEAD Kore 93 for Blister Review

17/18 HEAD Kore 93

Here are our initial on-snow thoughts and impressions of the HEAD Kore 93.

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Brian Lindahl reviews the Blizzard Cochise for Blister Gear Review.

3rd Look: 2017-2018 Blizzard Cochise

The Cochise has been one of the most important all-mountain skis on the market for years, and it comes back unchanged for 17/18. So it was time to take a fresh look at the ski, offer new comparisons, and see how the Cochise measures up today.
Brian Lindahl reviews the Fischer Ranger 98 Ti for Blister Gear Review.

2018 -2019 Fischer Ranger 98 Ti

The Fischer Ranger 98 Ti is light, snappy, and energetic. It’s easy to ski, but it also responds very well to solid technique. And it’s a good option for those looking for a ski to pull 50/50 duties in the resort and backcountry.