17/18 Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide

17/18 Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide 

“After 50+ years of skiing, and almost as many years of reading those other reviews, I can say hand on heart, that this is the most comprehensive, honest, and reliable review publication I’ve ever come across.” – Hart

“You guys are like my ski bible, so thanks again for cutting through the bullshit within the ski industry.” – B. Gephart

“Not that you need to hear it for the millionth time, but you are the only source of reliable information regarding ski reviews. Which is frankly bizarre given the time the other magazines have had to get their shit together.” — B. Chadsey


17/18 Blister Winter Buyer's Guide
17/18 Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide

Why the Blister Buyer’s Guide is Better

We Take No Money from the Manufacturers We Review

As it’s been since Day 1 at Blister, we still accept no money from the product manufacturers we review. So our only obligation is to tell the truth to you, our readers, not to appease the companies who are paying us to gush about their products.

We Test Product Year Round

Other publications do all of their ski testing in a few days. We literally test year round. Nobody puts in as much time on equipment as we do, so no other Buyer’s Guide can match the accuracy of our reviews and our product comparisons.

We Won’t Insult Your Intelligence

We’ll leave the bad cliches and unhelpful reviewer quotes to the other buyer’s guides. Instead, we’ll provide you with the info you need to make informed buying decisions — including our own Blister-verified product specs (weights, dimensions, lengths, mount points, etc.), and honest product descriptions that detail the nuances of how a product performs, and distinguish that product from the others in its class.

In short, we tell it like it is.

And this is why more and more people in the outdoors industry are writing to say that this is how a Buyer’s Guide should be done, and why more and more ski manufacturers are using our Buyer’s Guide as a reference book.



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  1. How do we as Blister Members that have recently changed their email and sign in access the Digital Buyer’s Guide ?

    My question me be more acct specific with recent changes ?



    • You (i.e., Blister members) can download the digital version of the guide right now — we sent out two emails about it last week, so you might check your email filter settings if you didn’t receive those emails. (Long and short, go to “My Account” and then to “Downloads” — and look for the 17-18 Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide.)

      And the print-edition of the guide is currently in the process of being shipped.

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