Zeppelin Zeerip

Age: 20 | Vitals: 6’2″, 170 lbs. |  Years Riding: 13 | Current Residence: Salt Lake City, UT Background I grew up in Michigan riding Pando, “The Birthplace of Competitive Snowboarding,” and lapping the towropes thousands of times each season. The hill was roughly 100 … Read more

Tom Bear

Tom Bear: PHOTOGRAPHY, Blister Gear Review

Current Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah Background: Tom Bear is a Salt Lake City based outdoor adventure and lifestyle photographer. His combination of the love for the outdoors with an eye for classic composition has given him the ability to create genuine images that reflect … Read more

Dan Finn

Current Residence: Salt Lake City, Utah Background: Dan was born and raised in a tiny town in western Massachusetts, near the borders of New York and Vermont. In his mid 20s, he packed up and migrated to the West Coast, a move that led him … Read more

Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher: PHOTOGRAPHY, Blister Gear Review

Current Residence: Victor, Idaho BACKGROUND: Mark Fisher is simply one of the most accomplished outdoor sports photographers working today. He is an experienced mountaineer, a Fulbright scholar, and a guy who spends a good amount of time in helicopters with some of the best skiers … Read more

Ryan Heffernan

Current Residence: San Francisco, California Background: Ryan grew up skiing Tahoe, playing basketball, and hiking in northern California. He has worked extensively with Outside Magazine, shooting a number of their summer and winter Buyer’s Guides and travel feature assignments. Other clients include: National Geographic, GQ, … Read more

Jane Koopman

Jane Koopman, Blister Gear Review

Age: 25 | Vitals: 5’10”, 170 lbs. | Years Paddling Whitewater (not including the high school stint): 6 | Current Residence: Brunswick, Maine Background: I grew up in San Francisco, where I spent much of my free time and weekends in the outdoors, either hiking, … Read more