2014-2015 Moment Blister Pro

If you’ve spent even a few minutes reading our ski reviews, you probably know that the Moment Bibby Pro is one of our favorite skis of all time.

Moment Blister Pro, Blister Gear Review
The Blister Pro

Some of us love the 184cm model, some of us love the 190cm model. But the point is, a bunch of us at Blister—and a lot of our friends—and many of our readers—tend to say things about the Bibby like, Best Ski Ever.

Then one day, Josh Bibby decided that he wanted to change up his pro model bit. And no question: when it’s your pro model, you ought to be able to do anything you want to it.

And yes, in that sentence above, that’s me trying to be really mature about the whole thing.

When the guys at Moment broke the news to me at SIA that the Bibby was changing, it was like … I can’t even think of what it was like. It was like being told that something perfect was going to be made less perfect.

I remember Moment’s Luke Jacobson telling me, “Don’t hate this new ski before you’ve skied it.”

I didn’t. But still…

So we wrote an In Memoriam / Tribute-Review to the 190cm Bibby Pro, and took the new Bibby Pro with us down to New Zealand last year.

And while the new Bibby is still a good ski—and arguably even better if you’re more interested in a fatter, jibbier, more pow-specific ski than a “playful charger,” as we came to call the OG Bibby—the fact is, it wasn’t the same ski, the ski so many of us thought of as perfect, the ski that made skiing more fun than virtually any other ski out there. Why?

Because the original Bibby Pro has the best combination of Stability and Playfulness of any ski we’ve ever been on. There are a lot of great skis out there, but no ski we’ve ridden strikes quite this balance, while also having a massive sweet spot.

This was reaffirmed for me all over again last spring after SIA, as I was spending every day at Taos on a bunch of brand new fat skis. A storm rolled in and set up an amazing pow day, and I was getting pissed because I was wrecking a phenomenal day skiing a bunch of shiny new skis that didn’t perform nearly as well as the 190cm Bibby Pro.

Finally, fed up, I went and grabbed my pair of 11/12 190 Bibby’s. I hadn’t skied them at all yet that season, because I’d needed to be out testing new stuff.

By my third turn down Zdarsky, I felt like I’d come home. No more struggling to find a balance point; no more tip dive; no more trouble in chop; no more unpredictable behavior. They felt quick yet stable yet playful, and I was instantly having way more fun on the mountain.

Again, while there are a lot of great skis out there, no ski has come out in the past five seasons that out-Bibbys the original Bibby.

Which is why we are extremely excited to announce that the original Bibby Pro is coming back.

But now as the “Blister Pro.”

At the end of September, Moment is going to do a special-edition run of the Blister Pro, in 184cm and 190cm lengths.

We worked with Moment’s Luke Jacobson on the graphics, and we think they’re pretty sick. We hope you do, too.

Moment Blister Pro, on Blister Gear Review
Blister Pro Bases

This will be a limited edition run, so if you want to ensure that you’ll get a pair, you can order them now on Moment’s website. The price is $699 USD, with free shipping worldwide.

More than anything, we’re just extremely psyched that our favorite ski is coming back.

Update – 10.9.14 – “People are going nuts for these things.”

This week, Moment begins production on the Blister Pros, and we were glad to hear that the response has been strong.

So thank you to everybody out there who loves the Bibbys as much as we do, and thanks to Moment for working with us on this.

And if you’re interested, there is still time to get an order in, but you might want to hurry up. (See the above link to the product page on Moment’s site.)

Oh yeah, and the bases.

We mulled over a number of options, and at the end of the day, decided to keep it simple.

Mean logo, clean look.

Update – 12.5.14 – They’re Back

As Blister readers have already been reporting in the Comments section below, the Blister Pros are beginning to show up on door steps. And it’s been very cool to hear the initial impressions from a number of you.

Our own Julia Van Raalte is a huge fan of the 184 Bibbys, and she was out on the 184 Blister Pros today at Crested Butte.

Blister Gear Review reviews the Moment Blister Pro
Julia, out on the Blister Pros.

She texted me while I was testing some other skis at Taos (reviews coming soon), but the exchange went like this:


Julia: They’re so good.

Me: Awesome. Same as our [pretty beat up pair of 10/11] 184 Bibbys?

Julia: Familiar, but smoother. I don’t remember them being this much fun, even on groomers.


I won’t lie, this has been the biggest worry of mine: that the new ski will somehow feel less good than our pair of 11/12 190cm Bibbys. Because production cycles change, certain materials change, etc.

But while I haven’t yet been on the new 190s, Julia’s comments and the remarks from those of you below have me feeling good.

A Few Stats, Just For Kicks

14/15 Blister Pro, 190cm vs. a well-worn pair of 11/12 Bibby Pros, 190cm

• Blister’s Measured Dimensions: 142-118-133  vs.  142-117.5-133

• Actual Tip-to-Tail Length (straight tape pull): 188.1cm  vs.  187.9cm

• Blister’s Measured Weight per Ski: 2393 & 2372 grams  vs.  2269 & 2300 grams

(I have a hunch that the textured topsheets on the Blister Pro might account in large part for the slight increase in weight.)

• Recommended Mount Point: about 0.5 cms farther forward on the Blister Pro than the 11/12 Bibby

(I’m totally fine with that, and I’ll be mounting my pair of Blister Pros on the line, even though I generally just skied the 11/12s on the line. A lot of people pushed these to +1 or +2 anyway, and I never felt like the Bibby was highly sensitive to mount position.

• Tip and Tail Splay: when the skis are not decambered—i.e., are not pushed flat underfoot—the Blister Pros show a bit less splay at both the tip and tail. But these skis were made in the same mold, so the differences below can primarily be attributed to the mileage our 11/12s have on them.

14/15 Blister Pro: 59mm tip splay, 62mm tail splay

11/12 Bibby Pro:  66mm tip splay, 69mm tail splay

Initial Conclusions?

The Blister Pro is slightly heavier than the Bibby Pro, with slightly less tip and tail splay. And the Blister Pros hand flex slightly stiffer than our well-worn 11/12 Bibby Pros.

I knew the Blister Pro wouldn’t come out identical to a ski that was made several seasons ago, and I’m psyched about the direction of all of the differences.

I’d rather these skis be slightly heavier than slightly lighter. I’d prefer slightly less tip and tail splay to slightly more tip and tail splay. And I’d prefer a slightly stiffer flex to a slightly softer flex.

And I’m psyched about our readers’ initial reports, and Julia’s early impressions of the 184s.

Sometimes in life, every so often, things just seem to break your way.


NEXT: Update — 12.25.14 — Merry Christmas, Everybody

197 comments on “2014-2015 Moment Blister Pro”

  1. I know it’s probably been well a truly covered but in terms of length. I’m 18, 6 foot 165 pounds and a strong/athletic advanced to expert. At my weight/height is the 184 enough ski to cover me in soft stuff while still being stable or am i better going for the 190?

    • Hey, Brendan – can’t say with certainty which length you’d prefer. An advanced / expert skier of your size will be able to handle the 190 Bibby, but the 184 will definitely feel a bit quicker in moguls and tight trees. So if you’re more into fast big turns, take the stability bump of the 190s. If you’re skiing in a place with tighter terrain and banging quick turns, you may prefer the 184s.

  2. AHHHAAAAAHHHHH say it isn’t true! Up until I read the above, I was committed to next season on two ski quiver: Moment DeathWish (184) and ultralight Praxis Protests (187 @ 8-ish lbs per pair– think west-coast Magnum Opus without the hooky side cut) ;-))))

    So back to it: ???A BLISTER OG Bibby is— OH wait a minute what length? …Hellish anguish and goldilocks mental gridlock ensues…

    6’1″ 180 lbs, short legs… what length?

    • Hi, Pat – I’m right around the same weight as you, and I personally prefer the 190 Bibbys – they’re what I’d ski at places like Taos, Alta, the New Zealand club fields, etc. But see my reply above to Brendan. You’ll work a bit more on the 190s to bang out a bunch of quick turns (Duh). I’m willing to work a little more in such situations for the stability bump I get from the 190s. But if you’re mostly banging out quick turns where / how you ski, then you might benefit less from going 190s, and may be happier with the quicker 184s.

  3. I’m in, easy choice
    5’11 170 i’ll take the 184’s
    Sweeeeeeet !!!!!!!!!!!
    This means I’ll have a pair of Opus for sale, anyone?

  4. I have the 1st year Bibby, a pair of the 2012 Bibby, and last years 2013/2014 Bibby, they are all great skis, last years skis like the 1st years bibby only more refined, I may have to get a pair of these.

  5. I bought a pair of 190cm Bibby Pros that I skied on for the first time last year. They are awesome. I hope Moment continues to make the Blister Pro.

  6. Hey Jonathan, how playful would you say this ski is? I’m curious to know what the swingweight is like and if you can nose butter it or if it’s a bit too stiff for that.

    • Hey Alex,

      I can weigh in here. I own a pair of 184 Bibbys and have put a good amount of time on the 190. It’s not the lightest ski out there, but spinning 3’s and backies is definitely do-able. I haven’t had the best of luck with nose butters on my 184s though; swinging the ski around isn’t a real problem (again it’s not really a matter of swing weight), but I’ve found that the shovels are a little too stiff to really flex into off of a lip. A ski like the Mr. Pollards Opus would be a better bet if you’re really looking to flex and pop off features, but it’s not going to provide the same level of stability that the Bibby will.

      Hope this helps,


      • That’s perfect Will, appreciate the reply. I know the Opus well so the comparison paints a good picture and I currently own the Candide 4.0s, which provides all the butter anyone would need for their sandwich. These Blisters sound excellent, I’ll definitely be getting a pair.

  7. I like it, but black topsheets?!

    A ski like this would be a great touring option, at least on days when weight dragged uphill matters less than ripping a descent. A few pound of snow clumped on top of the skis might change that equation.

    Then again, I suppose Moment’s a small enough company that someone could probably “special order” this “special order” ski with a light-colored topsheet.

  8. I used to search ebay and craigslist daily to find the last pair of unopened Bibby’s on the planet. Now that search has come to an end!

    Fantastic graphics, great ski, and just another reason to love moment. Hopefully this is an annual thing, because my bibby’s still have a good year or two left on them, and I hope they will come back. (Plus I just splurged on the Chipotle Bananas end of last season.)

    Congrats to everyone at Blister for having a big enough impact to make our favorite ski come back. Props guys!

  9. Hey there,

    I am really on the edge to pull the trigger on these skis, however as I am in Germany, they will be expensive… Around 800 Euros with Look Pivot 14 XXL bindings.

    I apologise in advance to the comparison question, but how do they compare to the Armada Norwalk? I not just mean how they ski (that too), but also the build quality. I could get the Norwalks just under 500 Euros (same binding), which is a huge difference. Is it worth it?

    At the moment I’m on 181 Atomic Access’s (budget conscious choice in EU) which are just constantly folding up and getting overpowered… Nice ski for cruising, but not the right tool for me. I think.

    So my skiing “credentials”:
    I weigh in at 70kg-s, my height is 180. Athletic (climber like :), am 24 years old and have been on skis since I’m two. An average of 20 days of skiing per season (some years less, some more) and two years of slalom racing.
    I like to rage down groomers in GS or SL turns, charge on chop and surf pow :) So generally fast… I hate moguls but love variable.
    Mainly ski in the Alps, especially France.

    All in all I would love the 2 cents of some of you guys ;)
    You probably hear it often and are even tired of it, but I have to say (write) it too: You guys are AMAZING, keep it up :)


    P.S.: More pics and videos would be nice to have of you shredding anywhere. Always looking forward to trip reports :)

    • @Tomi :
      Regarding Armada vs Moment, I have a pair of Tst’s (a narrower version of Norwalks) and they are in a different league when they are compared to my 13/14 Bibby in terms of build quality and construction.

  10. Hard to believe anyone actually “worked” on that graphic. It’s just two green words over flat black. That said, it’s still an improvement over Moment’s typical graphics which call to mind grade-school scrap book projects, minus subject theme.

    I’ve never ridden Moment skis but I don’t doubt they rip, based on what I’ve read everywhere.

    • Hi, Jim – they’re not very similar at all. Check out my reply to the comment on my 14/15 Bent Chetler review, re: the BC & the Protest. To help locate this ski, the 190cm Blister Pro has better firm snow and variable snow performance than the Bent Chetler, and the BC is better than the Protest. For really deep chop, the 190 Bibby is my favorite all-time ski; for really gooey snow & breakable crusts, the Protest (and its 128mm-waist) would probably get the nod.

      But the Bibby has excellent firm & variable snow performance for a ski that works so well in pow. The Protest has very good chop and pow performance – and is passable as conditions really get firm – given that it’s a very fat, 128mm pow ski. I could ski the Bibby everyday, and know people who do. I’d have no interest in breaking out the Protest every day.

  11. BOOM! Ordered. Ive never made such an expensive purchase so quickly. Zero 2nd guess, just charged the card hard. But not as hard as imma charge my bibbys! long love the blister pro! thanks so much blister and moment, you have made me very happy.

  12. Hey guys,

    Very close to pulling the trigger on these, but given the fact it’s going to come in at just over $1000 in the UK I wanted to shoot you a quick question.

    Tragically I virtually never get to ski in the US and spend most of my days on snow in the French Alps which are pretty variable and get much less snow (eg. Meribel got 230″ last season, Jackson got 500+”). I spend most of the time charging about in fairly shallow but reasonably firm crud and chop, not at the highest speeds but I’m a pretty big guy (6’1 and 210lbs) and some steeps when the snow is up to it.

    Would you recommend a ski this wide for that kind of profile, or would you say save the money and go with last season’s Blizzard Cochise?

    Cheers guys, keep up the good work.


    • Hi, Ross – I just spent several days in New Zealand skiing the 108mm Cochise back-to-back with the 118mm Bodacious – which is the same width as the Bibby Pro. And the truth is, I liked both widths. And I actually preferred the wider platform of the Bodacious in warm, spring slush.

      But if you don’t really anticipate getting the Bibby/Blister Pro into soft conditions much at all, then I suspect you’ll be quite happy with the Cochise.

  13. Hey Jonathan,
    The skis look sic, I am waiting for my 184 Blister Pros and will be picking them up locally in Reno since I live in town. I just sold my orange airtip super 7s since they were too soft in the tips. I also picked up the last pair of 181 Wrenegades from ON3P in the Tour layup. Some overlap but who cares, I cant wait to get on these skis.These purchases were based on the reviews from you guys on Blister and can’t thank you enough! Im just psyched that I wont be going over the handlebars anymore in heavy, deep, Sierra chop with the new quiver…Thanks again…

  14. Just a question out of pure curiosity.

    I ski 181 ON3P Jeffrey’s (last years, the 110mm waist version) and I would use a lot of the same descriptors on them as Jonathan uses to describe the Blister Pro. Has anyone skied both and feel like commenting on similarities/differences between the skis?

    Thanks guys!

  15. I just emailed Moment about shipping dates and heard back from Luke Jacobson. He estimated that they’ll have all orders shipped by Nov. 20th, with early orders possibly shipping by Nov. 1st. In case there are any others neurotically checking this page for updates.

    • Hey, thanks for this awesome update! I’ve been trying to find some info about shipping dates without bugging Moment but I’m glad you found out the goods. I was an early orderer so fingers crossed to get em before whistler opening day!

      Should be so good. I love my 2012 BibbyPros and wanted a “backup”. Guess they’ll be my backup and I”ll dry hump those good looking Blister Pros everyday. Thanks Blister for making this happen…this really is a cool community.

    • Talked to Luke late last week and the Blisters were getting a final grind. Shipping happening on the 20th….just in time for opening day at Whistler (almost….we’re going to be a week early methinks).

      • Do you mean shipping will start on the 20th (i.e. the early orders will ship on the 20th and later orders will ship after) or they will all ship by the 20th?

      • Cool, thanks. Looks like I’ll be on my trusty old 2006 Salomon 1080s for opening day at Snowbird though. :D
        Yep, that’s how often this guy gets new skis…

    • Hey Lucas – his exact response was “We are sending them through the grinders right now. We hope to have them all shipped out by November 20th.” So not sure about later orders….

  16. Jonathan,
    I am currently more of a traditional hard charger that is looking for something more playful to slow me down, waiting at the bottom of the mountain for my friends to catch up after going Mach schnell isn’t all that fun anymore. I am 6’5″ 220lbs and I am currently on a set of 11/12 186 influence 115’s, I love how well they rip up groomers but hate their lack of maneuverability in the tight stuff. I also struggled with tip dive on that ski. I am considering 190 blister/oldbibby pro, 190 line sfb, and 192 opus. This will be a one ski quiver that will see a mix of everything, powder, trees, groomers, little bit of park, and a little bit of bumps. I’m worried that the opus doesn’t have the stability to charge when I want to, I’m worried that the sfb won’t have enough float, and that the bibby/blister won’t be as maneuverable as I want in trees and bumps because of how damp is is. Any input is appreciated, love the site and the reviews.

    • Thanks, Kevin. Your worries about the SFB and Opus are warranted, I think. Biggest factor for me is the park component. If you remove that – or are willing to put that low on the list – then I think the Blister Pro is the better choice. Your Influence 115s aren’t tail rockered, so I’m confident that you’ll find the Blister Pros easier in tight spaces – the Blister Pros are easier to pivot; their dampness really isn’t a factor at all.

      If spinning / park IS a priority – and if you’re willing to give up a bit of float – then I think the 190cm Deathwish could be a good option for you (though if you were getting tip dive on the 115s, I’d be a little worried about tip dive on the Deathwish.)

      Finally, on the fatter / surfier side of things, the 192 Bibby or the 192 Bent Chetler seem like they also could warrant consideration. You’re asking for a lot out of these skis, so I think you ought to check back over these reviews, and figure out what compromises you’re willing to live with.

      • Thanks for the quick reply, what do you think the “speed limit” is on the opus? I’m okay with slowing down, that’s the main reason for the new skis. Also how would the opus and blister/bibby do on super flat groomers? I’m going to be instructing this year and spending a lot of time on the bunny slopes. Thanks so much!

  17. So how would this bad boys stack up against the new Atomic Bent Chetler??? Also, has anyone been on the Skevik Anton and how would they compare?

    • Totally different skis. The Bent Chetler is very much more a soft snow ski and will suffer on variable and chopped up conditions. Jonathan discusses it a bit in a few comments up the page.

      I have no info on the Skevik.

  18. Just ordered up the 190’s. Was having some serious #firstworldproblems figuring what to ski this season – these things look like the solution. Thanks for keeping this site going, it’s an amazing resource.

  19. Finally, Moment skis that don’t look like vomit plastered on skis! It may seem shallow, but with some many great skis out there these days, I’ve always written off Moment because I hate their graphics. This ski may change this though… assuming it ever snows in Tahoe again.

  20. Considering the following aspects, my priorities are as follows: Durability, OG Bibby dims (though I have not skied the new version) and Weight d/t the fact that I have gone dynafit. I was considering the exit world, but I most appreciate how much trash my 2012ish Bibbys have been able to withstand…To give you an idea, I’m on my third pair of bindings (a jester, a duke and the existing duke). Needless to say they are bomber.

    With all that being said, these are my questions:
    1) durability comparison b/t Exit World and Blister and Bibby
    2) weight comparison between the models (190, 190, 192 respectively)
    3) In an ideal world what are the side by side dimensions of the skis?

    Thanks for your time!

  21. I got a pair of the 190’s. I’m 5’9 150 good skier. I ski Tahoe. What are your thoughts on a 2 ski quiver of the 190 blister and the 185 cochise? What I’m unsure of is will the Cochise be much better for firm/ice/bumps east-coast style and variable conditions that is the new Tahoe? I need a big-gun for deep days and chop, which the blister pro will be great for, but do I need the Cochise as well? Skiing the 186 Moment night trains in crap Tahoe for the last few years hasn’t been ideal.

    Also going to Hokkaido for 2 weeks this winter. Should I take the 190 blister or my 186 moment night train? I haven’t skied the blister pro, which I’m sure I will like better than the NT for its versatility and stability…but not sure which to take for 2 weeks in Niseko and other Hokkaido resorts as they look a lot different than Squaw!

    Thanks! You guys are doing a GREAT job. Keep up the top-notch work!

    • Hey, Dan – I could certainly ski the 190s everyday, but I’d definitely rather have a 185 Cochise, too. It’s probably no secret around here that those two skis in those lengths are 2 of my favorites. It’s a nice 2 ski quiver. See our Ski Quiver articles for more.

      And I’d take the 190 Bibby to Niseko without question, because I personally prefer how it skis, even in deep snow.

    • POST-Japan update:

      Skied the 190 in Japan for 2 weeks. I had only 2 days on these prior to Japan and it was rain skiing groomers in Tahoe. Everything is true regarding this ski. I was a bit worried the 190 would be tough for me to handle in tight spots as I have only skied a handful of days due to bad conditions over the last few years. That and I’m 5’9 150lbs and 36. The 190 is perfect. The skis can crush powder or variable snow. They like to make short turms. They like to make big turns. They like to make no turns. You can slash surfy style turns or make powerful gouges. If you are not skiing well on these it is you, not the ski.

      I felt like they ski best with a bit of forward pressure as opposed to the ski I came from, the Moment Night train, which likes a more centered stance…but if you want to stand tall and ride them in a neutral stance they are fine with that too.

      Yes, the 190 is a big gun but I could see myself riding these everyday for sure. Without a doubt the 184 would have been too short for deep pow. Best ski I’ve ever ridden. I have a new problem…how am I ever going to mount and then use the 2015 Cochise I bought to pair with the Moment Bibby/blister pros!!!

  22. Really amazing site. Unfortunately just heard about it from my local ski shop, but now I’m devouring every article and review you post. Thanks! Driving my wife crazy!

    So I’m in the market for a second pair of skis to complement my Bonefides. I love them but I want a proper powder ski for my yearly trip to Europe to ski with my avid amazing ski guys who live in Munich. We ski everything from trees to steeps to wide open spaces (I love bumps but they don’t) and my Bones are not enough in the deep stuff and I bought them way too short at 173.

    I’m 5’8″ and 160 lbs and 56 yrs old with a racing background when I was a kid and have skied since I was three. Grew up on Canadian blue ice off of Georgian Bay but now ski US west and lately in Bormio. We heli ski and boot and skin up to find good deep stuff. I don’t jump anymore and I don’t ski backwards and I always stay right side up! I’ve got a fairly classic forward stance and carve all the time. Old school I guess but it works. I’m in salomon xwaves. The old hot chili yellow boots

    Been told about and am thinking about the following skis and would really love your thoughts and guidance on these and lengths. Thanks.
    Moment Blister Pro
    Line Opus
    Gun smoke
    Volkl BMT 122

    • Thanks, Hart. I don’t have much to add beyond our reviews and their comment sections, but a quick order for you:

      1) 184 Blister Pro
      2) 186 Gunsmoke – this is a very close second. If you were heavier, it would become a more distant second. The Gunsmoke is a bit softer than the Bibby. It is also really fun to carve. But I hear you talking about pow performance, not carving performance.
      3) 185 Opus – since you’re not spinning these and you say you like to drive the shovels, this doesn’t seem like the best fit, and I don’t see the point of giving up the improved stability of the first two skis.
      4) We haven’t reviewed it, so can’t say. But if you’re going to be skinning a good amount, I can vouch for the 184 V-Werks Katana.

      • Thanks so much for the quick response. I’ve been reading all of the ski mags since the sixties(!) and mostly for their reviews. I must say that your site puts them all to shame. Well done. Really well done.

        Next year new boots!

  23. Just received my 184 Blister Pros today. They look great. I’m planning on getting them mounted soon. There doesn’t appear to be a mounting line on the topsheet. Do you have any recommendations as to where to mount the bindings on these skis? Thanks, Steve

    • Heard back from Moment – there’s triangle on the sidewall that’s the boot toe mount point. I couldn’t see it with the wrappers still on the boards – duh

      • Hey Steve – thanks for checking into this. I just got my 190s delivered here to Whistler and had the same question! Double duh. Mystery solved. Skied rocks, shrubs and other assorted chunder on old moments today at Whistler so it’ll be a while before the Blister Pro’s get their first beat down. Can’t wait though since I love my old Bibby Pros.

      • Update on mounting (and I may still be confused). You mentioned that the triangle is the “boot toe” mount point. Did you mean mid-sole? I took my new Blister Pros to get mounted yesterday and if you mount boot toe to the triangle, you’d be wayyyyyyyy in the back seat.

      • One more post for clarification on the Moment triangle on the sidewall (this from Moment):

        “The ski is made to turn best at recommended, which is putting boot center on the large center triangle on the left sidewall of each ski.

        However with that in mind you could move your boot center to the most forward triangle. It would be a little better for tricks but you would sacrifice a few cm of tip for the big days.

        All in all mounting them forward of recommended won’t ruin the ski for you by any means especially with the way you want to ski it. You have our blessings.

        (p.s. I actually have a pair of pbj’s I mounted forward of center just to see how it would play out, a bit too aggressive of an edge but amazingly stable switch, definitely made skiing them a blast in a surprising way)

        -MMNT “

  24. Me again from above. What about the 186 Bodacious vs 186 Gunsmoke? I’m 5’8″ and 160 lbs? Just having a problem pulling the trigger on this.

  25. Hey – wondering if anyone had mounted Duke’s to the 190’s. Does the 110mm brake work if you stretch it out a little? Wondering if I need to order the bigger brakes with the Duke’s as well – hoping I can just use the ones they come with…


  26. Trying to decide between 184 or 190. Im 5’10” and 190-195 pounds. Ski fairly aggressively. Fundamentals are pretty good. In decent shape, but not like I was before I had a kid and worked 50 hours a week. Any input would be appreciated..

    • Scott –

      Get the 190s. I’m 2 inches taller and a wee bit ligher than you and the 190 is perfect. Unless you’re skiing really, really tight stuff or can’t handle the 190, then you could get the 184. But in all reality, the 190 has a short running length, skis so easy, that the 190 will even feel short at times.

    • Scott, I agree with Ryan. I searched and searched for used 190s last year and ended up with 184s as they were all I could find. I’m 5’10” 160lbs and the 184 ski SUPER short! Not to say they aren’t plenty stable but they are super quick. Both skis are shorter than their listed length and the 190s are only ~2.4″ longer total length (probably 1.5 or so in front of the boot). I really can’t see it making much difference and the extra stability and float would be more than worth it. Compared to my 185 Cochise the 184 Bibby Pro almost feels like I’m on snowler blades! ha But even at that, they are very stable and float quite well. I’ve only had a couple times I wished I had a bit more float on the 184s.

  27. Got out on my new Blisters yesterday at Whistler. I know that they’re exactly the same as my 2011’s except for the graphics but I swear, they gave me some sort of magical powers. Not really, but they are super sweet and look pretty dialed with Look Pivots mounted to them. My old Bibby Pro’s are now mounted up with new G3 Ion’s and one tour’s worth of data suggests it’s gonna be sweet, although not the lightest rig in the game. By the way, I thought the Moment text on the new Blister Pro’s was going to be yellow but it’s distinctly lime green on mine. I look like a colour co-ordinated douche given my lime green K2 Pinnacles but c’est la vie. All the gear is working great and I’m not a fashion model.
    thanks again Blister for making those skis happen. Very happy.

      • So far, the Ions are magic. I like the forward pressure on them, boot stop on the front makes them pretty easy to get into (vs my Plums). Heel lifts are easy to maneuver. 1st year binding, yes, bomber engineering, yes. Will see how they hold up after a bunch of days. A couple of good bails on them so far and I like the way they release (I’m not an engineer so that’s about all you’ll get out me…binary…good/bad)! crampons work great too.

  28. Do you know if the blister pros are being produced next year as well? Sadly, I can´t afford new skis this year, but would certainly be interested if I could get them next year. Love your reviews by the way!

    Cheers, Gaute

  29. I bought a pair of Moment Exit Worlds last year and love them…..but after reading how much you guys love the Bibbys/ Blister Pro I am thinking of ordering a pair. What would the big differences be between the two? I ski mostly Vail/ Steamboat/ Silverton. Trying to justify spending the money since the specs are almost the same between the skis. Thanks for you help. Tom

    • Biggest physical difference will be the weight, which means that the biggest question will be how much of the Blister Pros excellent abilities in crud and chop will be compromised. The Exit World is allegedly being made with a lighter core than the Exit World we reviewed, so I’m afraid that we can’t comment.

      (And yes, that means that we ought to get on the current Exit World.)

      But if you currently love your Exit Worlds, I’d see little reason to pick up the Blister Pro, unless you want a bump in chop / crud performance….

  30. The new graphics are awesome! Wish more ski companies would dial down obnoxious top sheets. Not everyone wants their gear to get them noticed. I also agree that stiffer and less splay are good things. You guys nailed these!

  31. Hey Jonathan,
    Had the Blister Pros 184 out at Mt Rose Wed in 12-14″ of very heavy chop, it was raining 200 vertical feet below the base. These skis are as advertised. Easier to turn than I expected and not as burly either, just spot on flex pattern for my weight at 165lbs. The only time I felt the ski was a little burly “if that’s a good word”, was underfoot around moguls as the snow firmed up They rip the groomers back to the lifts also. Since the visibility was pea soup fog, I was skiing more defensively. Cant wait for a sunny day to let them run. Mounted on the line with Look Pivots and Lange RX 130s. Happy customer here.

  32. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the wonderful site. No one out there does it better, and I can’t thank you enough for all the detailed ski reviews.

    Currently, I have a pair of 13/14 Mantras, and now I’m looking for my first pair of dedicated powder skis. Having read your glowing reviews of the old Bibby and now the new Blister Pro, I’m leaning in that direction. The only thing that’s complicating my decision is the Soul 7s that I demoed last year. I’m an advanced/expert level skier who tends to ski very fast and aggressively. The Soul 7s were the first skis I’ve ever had so much fun on in so many different types of terrain. I know the Blister Pros will probably offer better float, but do you think they will be as fun to rip around on as the Soul 7s?

    For what it’s worth I’m 5’10” & 165 lbs, and I ski primarily in the PNW. Also, I’m not really into touring, so I’ll be doing most of my skiing in resorts. Any advice you may have is greatly appreciated.


    • Thanks, Don. And I don’t think the question here is, “Which one is more fun to rip around on?”, I think the question is style. The 190 Blister Pro is a lot more ski than the 188 Soul 7. And the 184 Blister Pro is probably still a more solid ski than the 188 Rossi Soul 7. (You didn’t say which length of the Soul 7 you were skiing, but if it wasn’t the 188cm, then it should have been.)

      If you love the 188 Soul 7, then I suspect that you’d think the 190 Bibby was more ski than you wanted / needed. So the question here is 188 Soul vs. 184 Blister Pro.

      Knowing that you’re coming from the Mantra, I’m actually a bit surprised that you like the Soul 7 so much. Night and day different skis. But if the Soul 7 did everything you wanted it to, then why not stick with it? I’d personally take the 190 (or even the 184) Blister Pro over the Soul 7, because they are more stable skis. You can ski a Soul 7 hard (Jason Hutchins certainly does) but then you’re supplying the stability more than the ski is, so I find it easier (and less scary) to ski the Blister Pro hard and fast in chop and crud than the Soul 7.

      That’s all I’ve got. But in general, if someone says they love a certain ski … then it seems weird to try to steer them to something else, unless they can point to something that they felt was lacking.

  33. Just wanted to put in a word for the guys at Moment. My skis arrived in a box that had ripped on one end. I picked up the box and the skis fell out. The plastic was ripped and they had clearly been dragged around a bit. Not horrible damage, the tech and my shop recommended sending them back. Luke and Casey at Moment were incredibly cool about it and even offered to mount my bindings for free if I sent them back with the skis. Basically, they are awesome. I’m looking forward to the skis and glad to do business with a company like Moment.

  34. Waiting on bindings to arrive so I can mount my 190s. You guys using 3.5 or 4.1mm drill bits? I don’t know if there is any metal in these or not

  35. Awesome skis. I see what all of the hype is about. I mounted my 190’s with a pair of Duke’s that I had. Planning on using them as resort all arounders that will head out the gates. Do it all except for longer tours in super deep snow.
    I’ve yet to own a ski that skis hard pack and groomers like these things do (awesome edge control and not much flutter on the tips), yet, are stable, damp and playful in variable mashed up, week old pow. Didn’t get a chance to drive them in fresh snow, but that will change on Monday I think – we’re supposed to get pummeled here in Central Colorado.

    The thing I liked the most about these ski’s was the variable snow stability; still easy to turn and shed off some speed at any time. I can see how they would be super fun in the trees – I get the term “playful charger” now…

    Yep – overall, they are the best ski I have owned, so well rounded.

    • Nice, Bobby! Glad these are working out for you.

      I finally put aside everything else I’m supposed to be reviewing and got out on my 190s today for the first time — so happy.

      From skiing deep untracked & deep chop off of Taos’ Highline Ridge (Nino’s Heroes, Corner Chute, etc.) to hot lapping Whitefeather and airing catwalks into soft mogul fields, to ripping groomers and zipperlining bumps down Zagava and Powderhorn Bowl … it was such a great day.

  36. Got 3 days under my belt with these skis (190) and I couldn’t be happier. Owned a pair of 12-13 Bibbys and these are pretty much spot on in comparison. Ended up mounting them +2 (4cm from true center) and am very pleased with the skis performance. Very playful, remarkably quick given a ski this size, super stable forward and switch. Well done fellas. Hope Moment will keep this ski around for a long time.

  37. Hey guys,

    Thanks again for your work. It’s appreciated.

    So to the question… If I asked you for a ski recommendation for a ski that skied MOST like the 190 blister pro, just narrower (around 100), what would it be? The pb&j 188 seems to be the logical choice and is tempting me. I have the elan 88 xti 186 as a narrower carver and it is amazing. So I’m looking for a ski like the bibby 190 that I can transition to after things get tracked out without having to adjust to a whole new style of ski. I’ve been on the blizzard peacemaker 186 and it’s solid, though a little harsh in bumps. I’ve been in the kastle bmx 98 and it’s solid, but is quite lethargic when turning. The belafonte seems a bit wide for all mtn… So…. I lean to your advise. Got thoughts?

  38. So I’ve read a ton of reviews on your site and just love it. Thanks to the site, the used Rossi E98s i have are properly mounted 2cm back of the factory line and ski so much better (I’d skied the ski at the factory line previously and it never felt right). My question is this: I’ve got the E98 and the Blizzard Cochise for firm crap snow. As noted, neither of those skis float particularly well. Will be moving to Denver this year and ski in Utah and Colorado a bunch currently and with the move will be skiing west a bunch more :). In addition to the E98 and Cochise, I currently own the Bluehouse Maestro (116-118 at the waist) as my pow ski. It is a soft ski, but fun in the deep, untracked. It is no good when things firm up (too soft a ski) and this was what prompted me to buy the Cochise. Given this background, do you see a need for the Blister Pro here (yes, I know, first world problems). I’d be happy to sell off the Bluehouse and just use the Blister Pro as my pow ski if that would be worth it. I’m 5′ 7″ and about 190. Ski fast and aggressively. Love the site. Thanks for all you do.

  39. Actually the Bibby pro you love is not the original Bibby, The original one was 115mm underfoot with rocker in the tip and tail and no camber underfoot and imho was the best Bibby made, super playful yet could still charge, the newest model skis similar to it, just fatter and a little quicker.

  40. Cheers to the Blister gang for turning me on to Moment Skis – they’re some of the most solid skis I’ve ever come across. Ordered a pair of the Blister Pros – 184cms this holiday. Got five days on them this past week in Vail, CO. Had some of the best days of my life, top to bottom Pete’s & Earls with two feet of fresh.

    Skis are rock solid in deep powder, not quite as surfy as some other pure powder skis I’ve be on, but certainly more stable, and, they bash through packed powder/chop and carve hard on the groomers. The Blister guys nailed the review.

    Unfortunately, I got a little “out in front of my skis” on this one – I’m 5’6” / 160lbs / Expert Skier – although it hurts my pride to admit it, after five days on them, I realized they’re simply too much ski for me – have to let them go. My loss your gain. Hit me up if your interested, I’m in Edwards, CO. mikestoneusc@gmail.com

    Blister guys…I felt like the Blister Pros were a tweaner for me…not necessarily effortless in deep pow and not your GS ripper. Anyone, I understand the need for at least two skis in the quiver, what would you recommend if I wanted a pure powder day slayer and an all mountain ripping machine. The Moment guys say the ’14/’15 Bibbys are even more powder hungry so considering those and the PB&J, Deathwish, or Belfonte for my go to when there isn’t any new snow.

    Happy Holidays, keep up the good work Blister!

    • Hi, Mike – I’d like to think that the reviews themselves ought to help you figure out which 2 skis would best suit what your looking for.

      But beyond that, of the skis you’ve named for “all mountain ripping machine,” it’s hard to say given that you’ve listed skis that are 100, 112, and 106mm underfoot. The Belafonte best fits the description among those skis, but so does the Salomon X-Drive 8.8, the Rossi E100, etc.

  41. Loved the write up and am really digging the graphics on these beasts. I would love to get out on the 184’s and see how they compare to my 186 10/11 Billy Goats (I consider them to be my “Playful charger” that love trees).

  42. Mike,
    I have the 13/14 Bibby’s in 186 (same as 14/15) as my soft snow/powder skis and 188 Pb&j’s as my groomer skis, I think it’s the perfect 2 ski quiver for Tahoe snow. And for the real deep days 186 Donner Party. 5′-7″ 170lbs. The 13/14-14/15 Bibby is definitely more playful and powder oriented then the blister pro but can still charge. The Pb&j’s are so much fun, one of the best if not the best ski I have ever skied, surfy, playful, but yet charges as well, I think they relate more to the newer Bibby then the Blister pro. Just my .2 cents.

  43. Jonathan,
    I want to congratulate you for the website’s success and I want to thank you and fellow blister gear reviewers for the insightful reviews. I (and possibly lots of other readers) have enjoyed learning from you about the intricate connections between the relatively few ski design parameters (flex, splay, …) and how it performs on the snow. Educated customers will push the industry to new and exciting directions.
    I skied the Moment Bibby Pro 184 for two weeks two years ago in UT and loved it especially for its uncanny ability to make soft or hard chop and even deep frozen crud enjoyable. However, the ski felt a bit long and heavy to me (145 lbs., 5’9″ and not as strong as your reviewers). My yearly skiing is limited to about 12 days in Utah during the winter break, approx. 20% powder, 50% chop/crud, 20% groomers, 10% bumps. The Blister Pro does not come in a shorter size. What ski can you recommend that comes closest to Bibby Pro’s “playful charger” nature, but is suitable for someone not as athletic as you guys?
    Thank you.

    • Thank you, Jon.

      To try to answer your question, I think the most useful thing I can do is point you to reviews of 3 skis of 3 different widths, from narrowest to fattest: the Moment PB&J (which was initially billed as a narrower Bibby – see Will Brown’s new review of the Blizzard Peacemaker vs. the PB&J); the Line Supernatural 108, and the Blizzard Gunsmoke. One of those skis might be what you’re looking for.

  44. Looking at these Blister Pro 190 and the DPS Wailler RP2 112 190 (pure or hybrid)

    Any advise on the ride difference would be greatly appreciated. I ski Alta and Taos. 185 5’10” ski fast and fairly aggressive


    • Hi, Andrew – I haven’t yet skied the 112 RP2, but I feel comfortable generalizing here: the 190 Blister Pro is a much more substantial ski. The 112 is very light, very quick, and dead easy to ski. The Blister Pro is obviously fatter, but also heavier, far more substantial, and is world’s easier to ski in chop and crud. Really, these two skis have very little in common. The 112RP2 is much more like the Rossi Soul 7.

      If you’re going to try to ski fast and agressively through deep chop on the 112RP2, you’ll need to have a very balanced, very dynamic style – the ski isn’t going to do the work for you. The Blister Pro can be skied very dynamically, but it is also far more capable of blowing through resort chop and crud.

      • Jonathan,

        Thanks for the advise and its kinda what i was thinking. Another questions: In your opinion with the Blister Pro to much of a ski for a one ski quiver? I live in Nashville, TN and ski about 10- 15 days a year (dont really have the time to test a bunch of skis). I mainly chase steep lines and ski fast but when snow is bad/not new then i am typically forced to hike a little (is the Blister Pro to heavy for this?) or chase bumps/crud/groomers for some hot laps. Ski trees quite a bit. I am currently on Bluehouse Districts 188 (111 underfoot).

        What size do you recommend? I am 5’10” and 185, athletic and fit.

        Thanks again for the help and love the site.


  45. Hey guys been diving into your site pretty deep the last few days and love your reviews! I have been on the 112 RP since 2010. I have had numerous pairs of this ski and am currently on the pure 3 construction. I find this ski to be great at everything, but had a day at the end of last year skiing a pair of Helldorados on groomers and chop and really enjoyed being on a heavier ski that could really just rail. I find that the 112 is perhaps the easiest board I have ever been on to ski, and has made me a better skier over the last five years- 50-100 days a season. The 112 is good in almost all conditions and all terrain, but i feel like its time to find a new daily driver. I am looking for something I can lean into the tips a little harder, with some more weight that are a little more directional without losing the playfulness of the 112, and I’m thinking this Blister Pro might be the ski. I am however a little concerned about jumping up to 118 under foot for an everyday ski. Ultimately I guess I’m asking if the blister pro would be a logical step coming from a 112 for someone who has become a more directional skier over the last 5 years? Finally I ski bridger bowl as many days a year as possible and am 6ft 165 I’m on 190 112’s but was thinking about going shorter with a heavier ski. Im worried the 184’s will feel too short, would you suggest the 190’s?

    Thanks for your time,

    • Hey, Tim – I think the biggest factor about whether or not you’ll like using a 118mm-underfoot ski as an everyday ride probably comes down to how much time you spend in big, icy moguls. If the answer is, “Not much,” then the more comfortable I am recommending the Blister Pro. (And for whatever it’s worth, I have a number of friends at Taos who use the 184 & 190 112RP and the 184 Blister Pro / Bibby as their everyday ski.)

      And given that you’ve got a 190 112RP, I guess I’d be inclined to tell you to go with the 184 Blister Pro – use it on firm days and deep chop days (more demanding snow conditions), and save the 112RPs for your deeper, untracked days (easy snow conditions)? It’s hard to say for sure – read Noah Bodman’s comments on the decision to go 184 or 190.

      Also, see my note below this one…

  46. Hey, everybody – here’s an update for those of you who are still thinking about picking up this ski: Moment has said that the demand for these has been very high, they are now down to fewer than 10 pairs of 184s and 190s, and that these will most likely be the last pairs that they make this year. So if you want a pair, you’ll probably need to get them soon.

  47. Great review, I hope to get a pair of 184s (and soon!). I was hoping you could help me to decide where to mount my Guardian bindings. They will be my only ski and I ski aggressively on mostly softer snow. In or out of bounds. I am 5’8″ and 165lbs, fall line skier with only small airs and rarely switch. Mostly, I just like to haul ass down the mountain and let the terrain dictate how short or long my turns are (including tight tree skiing too!). It sounds like the Blisters allow for skier’s choice on how and when to turn, sick! How would the ski handle differently if they were mounted forward or backwards of the suggested line? Thanks in advance, your reviews rule!

  48. I just purchased the 184cm and im also around 160lbs but 5’11 im mounting px12s to them would you mount center or back some?

  49. Thanks Jonathan, I mounted them at the suggested line ( -6cm from cord center). I only have 2 days on them but am very happy so far. Thanks again!

  50. Wow. What an excellent ski!

    I had my 190’s mounted on Marker Griffons at the recommended line and took them up yesterday on Whistler Mountain for the first time this season.

    Conditions: 6″ of heavier Pac NW pow on top of hardpack and some crust. The temps dropped in the early morning, so some of the moisture had been sucked out of the snow but not enough to leave it light.

    General impressions: the Blister Pros ski shorter than their length, so at 6’2″ 175 lbs the 190 was absolutely the right length for me. The skis also ski lighter under foot than you’d imagine by lifting them up, which would attribute to the subtle playful aspect that they absolutely carry. The ski is exceptionally stable when blasting through chop, even more so than what I expected after reading these fine reviews. Incredibly they were even serviceable in mid-sized moguls, though admittedly they were not hard-caked or clearly defined.

    Verdict: Absolutely strikes that balance of playful oriented fun and stable charger that the Blister folks have claimed. I currently own a quiver of 4 and will most likely be selling my Rossi Soul 7 188s as a result of getting this ski. They are different planks but even at 118mm the Blister Pros can easily cover the same real estate as the 108mm with little to no drawbacks and just as much fun. Great engineering that just feels right from virtually the first turn carved. Thanks for bringing this one back Blister folks.

  51. I just ordered a pair of the 190s after reading this whole thread. Given what you said bout demand I can’t believe I was able to snag them! They were sold out of mounted pairs so my question is do you recommend the same bindings they do or something else? I’m a big 6’2 240# fall line charger type skiier and I put a lot of demands on my bindings to not blow up. So psyched to get these in!!! I have the 2013 gunsmoke right now and like but don’t love them. They are just a bit too soft to be able to shut down quickly (but strangely feel super stable when landing airs). How do you think the blister pro will compare re “landability?”

    Also how do I get a job with y’all? ?

    • Hey, Max – were you skiing the 186 or 193 Gunsmoke? we’ve only skied the 186s in the last two iterations. The tails of both skis felt a bit weak to me, but I suspect that the tails of the 193s would feel better to me.

      As for bindings, at your height & weight … Look Pivot 18s / Rossi FKS 180s. Same binding, different paint jobs. But order the XXLs so you get a wide enough brake.

      As for a job, if you can write better reviews than Jason Hutchins or Will Brown, you’ve got a shot.

      • Haha…I couldn’t find the 193’s anywhere in Tahoe to demo and ended up getting a really good deal on some lightly used 186’s. I agree the tails are too soft. I do like how “absorbent” the ski feels underfoot, even in firm conditions. Not chattery like lots of heavily rockered skis I’ve been on. Thanks for the rec on the bindings, the Blister’s show up today!!! Now what can you do about this f*ing high pressure?

  52. Jonathan,

    I ski mostly East coast (PA and WV) with a lucky trip to Vermont when possible. I have a nice front side carving ski in the Nordica Firearrow 74 EDT and a decent all mountain ski in the stokli stormrider vxl. I was looking for a mogul/crud ski for something different, but after reading all the wonderful reviews, I was wondering how this might work on a warmish, slushy spring day on the East coast, as I would never really be in much powder unless i got lucky w/a 3-5″ snow day. I’m a 6′ 220lbs advanced skier for reference. I was at Okemo last April and I was miserable on the first day of the trip in heavy, mushy snow–around 50 deg. I imagine I might have had much more fun that first day on a pair of Blister Pros. Your thoughts? Is the ski just too wide for my ski areas? Also, if anyone on the East coast (VA/PA area) uses these and loves them please reply!

    • JB,

      I ski mainly at Blue Mountain, PA and Taos and I just rode the 190s for the first time this morning at Blue. This ski blew me away as far as how well it did on the groomers. Will be fine on bumps, just not probably as awesome on East coast seeded ice bumps. Honestly the ski was so much fun I don’t really see myself using my Dynastar slicers (98 underfoot) much at all anymore.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Tom – I’ll defer to your advice.

        But JB – I love skiing these in slush, and I certainly know people who ski these at Stowe and other spots in New England.

        But I do think that in big, firm bumps, you’ll have more fun on other skis – especially if you’re on the 190s. But in slush bumps? And especially less-than-huge-and-gnarly bumps? You’ll be fine, and will probably even have a good time.

  53. Jonathan,

    It’s been said countless times before but hands down, Blister Gear Review is the most useful ski resource currently on the line … Adulation aside, have a real quick one and its a toughie… Could a Blister Pro in 184 work for a 164cm / 180lbs advanced 64 year old as a pure pow ski? Said 64 year old is my old man and is currently skiing 178 Fischer Wateas. Given “traditional” profile of Wateas vs. Blister (with its shorter effective edge), my sense is that length alone won’t be the issue … Its combination with width and flex however may make this ski altogether too much for the big guy. Very keen for your thoughts here …

    Truth be told, I am straining for an all-clear from the Blister Jedi Council bc once he is done, I plan on mounting forward of recommended and using it as a jib oriented resort ski to complement 186 Helldorados (directional fall-line ski) and 187 Protests (icy groomers). Noah had some interesting observations about the potential of this ski as a more playful “playful charger” and wanted to know your thoughts on it as a designated platform for jumping and spinning in bounds if mounted slightly forward.

    Am asking a lot of this ski I know but at least on paper, and after reading your reviews and comments, seems it could fit the bill which would be remarkable


    • Thank you, Tom.

      And I’m not sure which Watea’s your dad is skiing – the 96s? The 106s? But in any case, at his weight, and given the tail rocker on the 184s, I think he’ll be fine on them and find them easier to ski in powder.

      And I don’t know your size (a very important detail), but you could certainly mount them + 2 or + 3 and trick these, though the new Bibby is the more natural jib ski (see Jason Hutchins’ review).

      Hope that helps a little.

  54. Thanks for the speedy reply Jonathan – does help. To round it out, he is on the Watea 96s in 178 … think the 184 Blisters will work nicely for him in length. The new Bibby mightn’t work as well for him in 186 so haven’t considered it overly notwithstanding its more jib bias …

    On that, I am 5’9″ / 180 lbs … Am I straining to see a forward mounted Blister as encouraging more jibby resort/resort powder skiing (say vs. my 186 Helldorado; limitations of that ski aside) and should I concede that overlap and just look elsewhere (Line Supernatural or Opus, ON3P Jeffrey etc)? Versatility and chargeability of the Blister in “resort” conditions (read, any sort of snow) has me leaning towards making the Blister work in the air…

    Cheers again and keep up the sensational reviews!

  55. Man, I’m so on the fence on these Skis as far as length. I wish that I could find a place to Demo these Rascals here around Loveland Ski Area. I’m 51, Advanced Lifetime Western Skier, 190lbs, 5’10” & ski mostly off piste in the usual CO Variable above timberline, but also like trees too.
    I’m getting old & trying to slow down and not charge as hard anymore so I can make it to a free pass someday.
    I still like to open it up some in the Bowls, but I can get intimidated and start slashing on the very steepest stuff & of course the need to be able to turn tight in the trees. Would I give up too much forward/aft stability on the 184cm ski in the tough variable conditions, or should I just man up and get the 190cm ski?
    Additionally, I plan on getting a pair of LINE SN 108 as well in the 186cm (here’s another ski that I can’t find to Demo).Thanks for any input.
    Man, I love this website!

    • For what it’s worth, Jonny, my understanding is that the 190s are sold out. But if you’re looking to slow things down a bit, I do actually think that the 184s may work quite well for you – probably better than the 190s. We love the 190s precisely because of how hard you can push them, but if you want a more laid back ski, that’s not exactly what the 190s do best.

  56. Hello,

    First – absolute great and thorough reviews, very much appreciated!
    Second, I am 6’2, 230#, ski primarily Summit County with Steamboat thrown in for about 10 days.

    Missed the 190cm purchase but they have the 184cm still available – will I potentially run into tip dive issues in deep snow at this length? I’m tempted to make this an everyday ski if I had to go to the 184.

    Can wait til next year if need be but I don’t want to..

    Thank you!

    • Hey –
      For what it is worth, I am 6’2″ and 215 minus BC gear – live near you in Chaffee County. Get the 190. I got them, and love the size. I’d even get a 194 if they made them. They turn easily in steep trees, and are so stable at speed for big guys like us. I have ski’d them about 20-25 days this season in everything from knee deep BC pow to steep chop and hard groomers at Copper Mountain and love the ski more than anything I have ever had. The thing that I like most is the damp, stable, confident feeling of them when going fast and the terrain gets a little varied, and I am not sure a lighter, shorter ski would have that…

      That is just my 2 cents coming from a heavier, bigger guy who likes to ski fast and take GS turns in a little bit more open terrain.

  57. Hello Bobby,

    Thanks for the reply and I agree with you 100%.
    Unfortunately, I missed the 190cm boat and all that is left at Moment is the 184cm length.

    Hence, my question – is the 184 at my size prone to tip dive or if I did go with it, make it an every day ski and look for a more powder oriented ski.

  58. Pulled the trigger on the 184’s today. Hope I didn’t go too short like I did on my Old Goats.
    I haven’t decided which Binders to mount on these. Been thinking of the Solly STH2, or some Look/Rossi Pivots.
    I’m used to skiing Solly’s on my 2006 Head Mojo 90’s both in 176 & 186 (my groomer skis), so maybe I’ll go that way.
    I used to ski the Look/Rossi Pivots and off piste they are nice as well because they are flat, so when you hit variable you aren’t throw forward, but with these (new to me) rockered skis maybe a little forward ramp would be good. Maybe somebody could chime in on this whether a little ramp or flat works better for this ski.
    Btw, I added a W to my name as there is another Johnny on the site.

  59. Thanks Jonathan!
    I’ll let you Guys know how it goes down when I get them out on the snow
    soon. I’m skiing a ’06 full camber twin tip Head Mojo 90 as my everday All Mtn.
    set up. If the Blisters are too short, I guess some fellow Maggot on TGR will just score next season
    then… ha ha.

  60. Just got my 190’s in and mounted w/ pivot 14. they look really good. super pumped about getting them out to Alta in a few weeks.

    Do you all have any suggestion on tuning/de-tuning these skis? How about the factory wax? any advise or should i leave them alone?


      • I plan to ski them with factory tune as well, but what tune have you Guys used subsequently and what IS the Factory Tune on these skis. Without any further info, I would be inclined to put a 1 & 2 on them. Tune & Detune is huge in how a ski will behave. Wrong or bad tune could have one in full on hate mode.

  61. Just finished 3 days at Whistler on my 190s. Wet weekend, very heavy pow then lots of dense cement chop, followed today by frozen mank with 2 inches of creamed corn ontop. Variable.

    Getting these into any kind of fresh is a blast. So much fun in the heavy pow.
    Very damp on rough chop. Incredibly grippy on groomers, in firmer spots, and in slushy conditions. Ski does make you work for it, not at all pivoty but has a lot of life underfoot and I was able to get it on the bounce. Big platforms to land on. Did realize how much ski they are in steep narrow terrain. Normally I like to make quick jump turns and this is not where they excel. But make an adjustment in style and they feel very stable underfoot. Surprisingly nimble at moderate speeds making short turns through bumps. Visibility was godawful all weekend so I never opened it up all the way in real bumpy terrain but I imagine they’ll crush it.

    Very excited to get these into soft conditions to test their playfulness a little more. Clearly an awesome ski.

  62. I spoke with Dave at Moment and they put a 1 & 1 Tune on ALL their Skis. On the Blister Pros they detune 6″ forward and aft of the contact points. Cheers!

  63. Luke Jacobson says the Blister Pro is sold out but they might make a few more next month after returning from trade shows. Just keeping the Community up dated. Jonathan…if you read this. Thanks for the reply to my questions. Just one more. I was on a 187 Bone and it was great in mixed but was cumbersome for my lazy legs on tight, quick deep snow moves. Probably the 180 would have been better suited for me here. Again, I am 6’0′ 175 finesse and technically sound. But my legs are older and slower to react. I have the Automatic for deep quick. For aggressive
    driving In mixed deep chop and trees which ski might be better? Torn between the Moment Blister Bibby, or the Supernatural. I love the Automatic but fear that would be squirrly in heavier chop. I’ve read the reviews and probably should draw my own conclusions. Thanks Will be skiing primarily in Pacific North West cement.

    • Given your criteria, I’d suggest the 184 Blister / Bibby primarily because of its tail rocker. The 108s will certainly work in deep chop – but they will probably require a bit more work and perhaps a bit more of a fall line approach.

      (Sidenote: In a fresh 12″ today, I A/B-ed the 190 Blister Pro and the 192 Bent Chetler. Both are great skis, but on runs where I was encountering deep chop, huge piles of pushed around snow, completely scraped off, windscoured steeps, as well as stashes of untracked, the 190 Blister Pro was the clear winner. I should probably add a section to this review & elaborate.)

  64. I have a Pair of Blister Pro 184’s that are still in the wrap that I was going to send back to Moment, but if anybody wants them let me know. I’m 190ibs and the 184cm isn’t going to work for me. I will ship them free to any Western State for the purchase price of $699.00. They might not make anymore is what they told me when I called today.

    • 1 more pair of brand new, still in the wrap, Blister Pro 184cm will be available Mon. or Tue. as I have sent mine back. I can’t say enough how good the Customer Service is at Moment Ski. Casey sent me a pair of the new 15/16 190 Bibbys to ski before I even sent the 184cm Blisters back and this ski is the best ski I have ever skied- hands down! It skis well in every condition I have skied it in. I think this ski is so balanced and versatile that it would even negate the need for a All Mtn Backside ski as this ski could fulfill any off piste role that I could envision. If I’m going off piste, I don’t think I need a Belafonte or a Line 108 SN anymore really because this ski does so well in tight tress, softer moguls, or even railing down groomers doing GS Carves. It will absolutely rule in breakable crust, chalk, or anything else. I would advise that Folks really need to size up and not down on these skis as I feel they ski short, at least for me, and I feel with the reduced effective edge that if you get in the Steeps on hard or icy snow you will need all the edge grip that you can get and that in other off piste condition having the longer length will give you a better & more stable ride- no real downsize to a longer length that I can see and especially with how unexpectedly turny the ski is. I was also very surprised how the skis were much lighter than I expected (yeah, I know they gave the weight), but still. They also ski slow very well and you can billy goat these skis very well to get you outta stuff in situations where you get in a little deeper than maybe you wanted to. These skis will save your ass and will work with you in those hairy scenarios that we all get ourselves into occasionally. Best Ski ever for me and thanks Blister for turning me on to the 190 Bibby!

  65. Got a chance to ski the Blister Pros in 190 cm this past week at Jackson Hole (in some soft spring bumps) and a foot + of fresh at Solitude. In short, everything you guys said about this ski absolutely rings true. Loved it. Was fun in bumps (for a fat ski) and made everything fun. Smooth over chop and tons of fun in the fresh. Very maneuverable in the trees. In short, excellent. Thanks for turning me on to the ski.

  66. Just skied the Blister Pro for the 1st time a few hours ago. Had been waiting until Snowbird got up to a 90″ base to cover some of the rocks but it looks like it may not happen this season. So finally broke down and took them out after about 6″ on new snow in 48 hrs and some wind. Skis edges are set up with a 1 degree base bevel and 3 degree sidewalls with me doing the edges and a shop in Park City putting a downhill race grind on for cold snow. With Swix HF wax they were like rockets as intended. These are 190’s for a 160 lb guy in his late 50s. The size is perfect for someone who finally gave up their 210 cm GS skis from the mid ’80s only three years ago. This is the 35th year having a pass at Snowbird so it’s well known what works on this hill. Your recommendation for the skis was spot on, these things rail. No face shots today but in the deeper wind blown, and with very few skiers on the hill it was available all day, you didn’t have to muscle the entry to the turns. Some good hip angulation and a commitment to the outside ski was all that was necessary. Regulator Johnson on Little Cloud got winch catted overnight and at midday with very few people on the hill laying a 45 MPH trench in the snow through the right hand kink at the bottom felt great. We like heavy skis for just this reason (well there are other reasons but this is a big one). You can inspect your track as you ride the lift back up and normally with my rock skis you’d see a wash out or two with the torsional stiffness just not up to the load. The blister pro track was perfect with a bit of pre-jump over the rise in order to follow the hill. It felt good enough that a repeat pass was called for with a really quiet, solid feel under foot. On the lower mtn especially there was alot of variablility between the windblown between the bumps and the tops being glazed corn. Having edges that weren’t trashed yet there was confidence to give the skis their head and get in some good rhythms floating over the tops and stuffing the troughs knowing the skis could cut into anything that wasn’t rock. All in all a good day.

  67. My 2 cents on the length issues — I sweated over 184 v 190. Am 6′ 175-180, advanced but not an expert skier. 45. Thought that due to age and not being as good a skier as a lot of people on this site I might need to size down. Nope. Very glad I went with 190s. If you are on the fence, go long. Great skis, longest I’ve ever owned, and have never felt like too much ski.

  68. Just wondering if there will be another production run of these skis next season? I didn’t read all the comments above so not sure if my question was already answered… Thanks

  69. I am also wondering if there will be another production run of these skis this coming season? I’m trying to move from a 13/14 Mantra into something a little more playful without sacrificing too much stability. Like Stefan I looked at the comments but did not see if this question was answered. Thank you!

  70. For the sometimes tight trees in Niseko/Rusutsu would the better choice be the 190 or 184 Bibby Pro (or perhaps 187 Praxis Concept) for the World’s Worst Advanced skier, 68 (by the time snow falls), 6’2″ 170 lbs?
    Note there are days when I’m the World’s Best Intermediate.
    At Niseko I’ve been on a pair of 177 carbon layup Protests for the past few years, fantastic but end of the day much too short when not in the deep trees.
    I’m looking at this as a one-ski quiver for Japan/Europe/Rockies as can’t handle schlepping around multiple pairs any more. One ski to rule them all, and in the powder slay them.

  71. Just pulled the trigger on the 2016 blister pro 190’s stoked, its just like the old commercial, membership has its rewards,
    Mike, Colorado Springs.

  72. I was on the moment website couple hours ago. Luke popped up in the live chat box and when I told him what I was looking for he sent me the link. One blister code and visa card later-Bam.
    2016 quiver looks like:
    Nordica enforcer: 185
    Blister pro: 190
    Stoked-cant wait

  73. Aha! Thanks Mike. I’ll e-mail Luke. Still wondering what the revised? graphic looks like. I really love the one from last fall and hope it’s pretty much the same.

    • Ha, Mike got a bit of a head start on this. James and everybody else: we’ll be officially unveiling the new graphics in our newsletter tomorrow morning. I know you and Mike are all set, but to everyone else, this year’s Blister Pro is only available to Blister members. Of course, Blister members also get 10% off all Moment skis, so it’s kind of a no brainer. We really like the new graphics — “Same but different.”

  74. Sorry, didn’t mean to jump the gun. So far the blister membership has just rocked! Jonathan, I do have a question for you but still kinda new to the website so not sure where to post this. I have a pair of Solomon X-pro 120’s and in going back over some of the older reviews I see you on them when you list the boot/binding combo. I have packed out the liner pretty quickly I believe and would like to get some insight from you.

  75. Gotcha. I’ll probably get a pair of each because I love this ski so much. But just to beat the horse to death: Moment is selling both a Bibby Pro and a Blister Pro in 2016, and it’s the same ski?

  76. Yep, and booked a pair based on it. Like I said I will likely grab the Blister as well. I do appreciate your efforts!

    While I have you, please rate my quiver:

    Daily driver: Blister/Bibby 190
    Mank railer: 4frnt Devastator 194
    Hero soft/playful: 2013 Gunsmoke 192
    Spring: Underworld 186 (I need a binding recommendation)

    • I have a brand new pair of last years Blister Pro in 184 mounted with Pivot 14’s I need to sell. I bought these last year, and never skied on them because the snow was too sketchy here in the Pacific NW. I spent too much money on toys last year, and now I need to sell some stuff to prevent my girlfriend from kicking me out. Asking $800.00.
      I have the 13/14 Bibby Pros that I really love, so I will have to get by with them for now.
      I’m in Seattle, so I’m hoping to sell these locally. Call me if interested 2062409157

  77. I just grabbed a pair of the 184s, I’m 6′, 175, ski only about 15 days a year now. Going to use them as an all around ski for Tahoe (except when it’s pure ice out there). I don’t ski switch at all, so was wondering if I can mount behind the recommended line to get a little more float on the deep days? The 190 seemed like a little too much ski for me, but would love to get a little more float and sacrifice switch performance.

  78. So, took the 2015/2016 blister pro 190’s out for their first test drive yesterday at breck. 9in fresh nothing open up top yet but was able to run em through some chop on the front side. Cut through everything as advertised-me happy-gonna be a great season.

  79. Hi, I’m looking at the Moment website and is this the same ski? http://www.momentskis.com/products/bibby-pro
    I am 5’6″ and 155lbs. I ski very aggressively and charge hard but do go into tight tree too. Previously I used the original Dynastar legend pro 186 as my everyday ski and the Original Salomon Rocker 192 as my pow ski. I’ve added a Dynastar 6th Sense Huge 185 as a ski everywhere in everything ski and I like it but feel the tails are too soft. I thinking of the Nordica Enforcer 185 as an everyday kinda ski when it hasn’t snowed in a while and the Bibby 184 or 190 for when there is fresh snow or when its tracked out. What are your thoughts on those two skis for me and in what lengths? Could I hell ski on a Bibby 184? Could I ski trees on a Bibby 190? What length should I get? Generally I ski at winter park on the mary jane side. Thanks!

  80. First off, thank you guys for your ceaseless work and attention to detail. I patrol at Big Sky, ski bridged, and spend all other free time up in hyalite. I’m 5’5 140. I currently ride my 168 bonafides as my resort/work ski, and mostly absolutely love them. As you know, they can get unstable at speed on any crud, and are nothing in powder. On powder I have a pair of 175 Amperage, which float just fine for my size and they are ok carvers and relatively fun ski. But what I need is my backcountry driver. I can always take out the Amps for BC pow days, but I want a mean machine for the real life day to day, pow at 9500, punch crust at 7700, ice road to the car days. I’m over way too light, I can carry the weight if it will ski well. The question is: My salomon MTN lab I have, I love. I’m thinking a pair of Kingpins on either the Cochise or the Bibby. The Bibby sits in high esteem with everyone who loves it, and many folks including yourselves have recommended it. Thoughts? It seems like the Bibby can handle everything, and float on the great days. True? Or are the Cochise going to make the first few turns of ice into pow a lot more predictable?

      • Hi Johnathan, I see a couple of comments (from you) as to center mount and forward mount not feeling like much of a change… I have the ’16/’17 190’s on center mount and find that they feel too far forward. I’m considering moving bindings back 2 cm… I have always mounted on center and have not previously experienced this resistance to driving. Searching for that sweet spot which will allow the charger side of the famed “playful charger” express itself. Before I drill for a remount I thought I’d reach out and ask about your experiences (or knowledge of) with the effect moving back a few cm. Thoughts?

        Thanks for your time and consideration. :)

        6’0″/230/PNW snow

  81. Compared to the old line opus 192, will these turn more quickly and more easily? I love the line opus, but at 192 it was a bit too much of ski to navigate tight trees.

    • Probably not. We haven’t reviewed the 192 Opus (only the 185), but the 185 is a very soft ski with a pretty tiny sidecut radius. The 192 Opus will be ‘more’ ski … but I would not expect it to feel like more ski than a 190 Blister Pro. If you’re used to the Opus and like it … I think you you should either get the 184 Blister Pro, or find a different ski.

  82. I skied the Nordica Enforcer 100’s last season in 185cm and loved them. Do you think the Blister Pro’s would ski more similarly in 184 or 190 given their tip/tail rocker profile?

  83. Is the current Blister Pro identical to the ’17 Bibby Pro other than the graphics?

    I’m 5’8″, 145lb, expert skier. Looking for an every day Pow ski (tracked pow, Japow trip, cat ski, resort, short tours, charging, jumping, tree skiing). Would you recommend the ’17 Bibby Pro 174 or 184, or the 184 Bibby Tour? My last pow skis were 181 Head Cyclics, and most of my all mountain skis have been around 177cm.

    I’m also currently considering the QST118 178 or 184, Kye 120 182. If there’s another ski you’d most recommend, let me know.

    Thanks so much!

  84. All,

    Apologies for the intrusion and mods please delete if inappropriate; I’m selling my 190 Blister Pros purchased late 2014 from Moment which are mounted up with Look Pivot 14s (my boot size is 27.5 and BSL is around 315). I’ve skied these approximately 15 days and like them a lot but find that my quiver of skis overflows and it is time to downsize. There are a few nicks and chips on the top sheets but the bases and edges are in great shape. I’d like to sell these locally if possible. I live in Golden, CO and could meet in the high country as well. I’d love for these to go to someone who knows how awesome they are. I’m thinking $600 for skis and bindings seems about right. E-mail me at deva.solomonATgmail.com if you are interested.

    • Matt,
      Answering on behalf of the OG Blister (OGB) not the new lighter weight version.
      I’d want another set of skis for less than optimal conditions. OGB’s are fun on soft groomers. Not so much when icy. I have original soul 7 that I think performs much better on hard pack and in tight/deep bumps. If you are just heading out in optimal conditions then, yes it’d work.

      Too late for your trip, but yes, they’d rule for that. Go with 190. I’m 6 ft, 235 and (should weigh 215). Have had out a couple times on snowcat days, big days at WP Cirque. They will feel wildly different than your Sins.

      However if you guys are buying new, based on reviews if blackops, new moment commander or wildcat.

      Hope this helps

  85. Following-up on Matt’s question, above, I’m considering the 190 Blister Pro and need some guidance (or peer pressure). I’m a strong skier and hit the boards at 6’1″ and 215lbs. My time is spent primarily at resorts (Breck, Vail, A-Basin), on the back bowls, tree runs or noodling some bumps. My daily ski is a Rossi Sin 7 (188). I’ll be in Whistler this winter and will be taking at least one heli trip. Is the 190 Blister Pro a good option for the deeper snow days and for a heli trip?

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