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No, the Deep Dive subscription includes access to all Deep Dive reviews, but does not include Flash Reviews. If you’re interested in getting access to Flash Reviews, check out the Blister Membership, which includes access to all content on the site, including Deep Dives and Flash Reviews.

The Blister Membership includes personalized gear recommendations. We guarantee timely answers to all questions from Blister Members. If you’re a Blister Member and want some personalized recommendations, please reach out via the Contact Us page on our site.

The Blister Membership includes a print copy of our Buyer’s Guide, which is why there is a shipping charge. However, if you don’t need a print copy, you can make that selection on the Blister Membership product page before adding it to your cart. If you specify that you do not need a print copy, you will not be charged for shipping.

Once you’ve purchased the Blister Membership, we will send you an email with all of the relevant info on your membership benefits, including your personal discount codes.

All of our subscriptions are set to automatically renew a year after you first purchase a subscription, but if you do not want your subscription to renew automatically, you can remove your billing info from the “My Account” page and your subscription will not automatically renew. If you have any questions about our subscriptions or renewal process, please reach out to us via our Contact page.

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J. Wilkerson
"I recently became a blister member and have been busy digesting all the info in the guide and all reviews online, and like everyone else commenting on your site, I have to say it’s bloody brilliant — honest and very informative. Congrats on the site. You have done an unbelievable job putting it together."
P. Dunn
"I couldn’t sign up fast enough. Your work over the years has been much appreciated and I am very excited about the new products. Keep it up. I would love to buy y’all a beer."
R. Belanger
"I just subscribed and want to say that you guys have got it spot on. No one offers the quality of gear advice you do. It’s a great service."
W. Gebhardt