Nordica Announces New 23/24 Unlimited A/T Boots

Nordica Announces New 23/24 Unlimited A/T Boots, BLISTER
Nordica Unlimited LT 130


Today Nordica revealed their brand-new line of A/T boots, the Unlimited series, a name that carries over from their Enforcer Unlimited and Santa Ana Unlimited skis.

The Unlimited boots take over where Nordica’s Strider series started; the Strider boots were designed as options that could handle both lift-accessed and human-powered skiing, though they were a bit more biased toward the former than the latter, with fairly heavy weights and relatively limited uphill range of motion. The Unlimited boots aim to accomplish similar goals, but at lower weights and with better uphill mobility.

Nordica has accomplished this in many ways — the Unlimited boots are by no means some subtle update from the Strider, but rather a complete overhaul.

We’ll be getting in several of the Unlimited boots in the near future, but for now, we’ll get into the construction details of the new boots:

2023-2024 Nordica Unlimited Boot Lineup

Here’s a brief breakdown of all the Unlimited boots and their basic stated specs:

Nordica Unlimited LT 130 DYN

  • Stated weight (size 26.5): 1480 g
  • Liner: 3D Light Performance Fit TF

Nordica Unlimited 130 DYN

  • Stated weight (size 26.5): 1680 g
  • Liner: 3D Cork Fit Primaloft Light

Nordica Unlimited 120 DYN

  • Stated weight (size 26.5): 1680 g
  • Liner: 3D Cork Fit Primaloft Light

Nordica Unlimited LT 115 W DYN

  • Stated weight (size 24.5): 1390 g
  • Liner: 3D Light Performance Fit TF W

Nordica Unlimited 105 W DYN

  • Stated weight (size 24.5): 1530 g
  • Liner: 3D Cork Fit W Primaloft Light

Nordica Unlimited 95 W DYN

  • Stated weight (size 24.5): 1530 g
  • Liner: 3D Cork Fit W Primaloft Light

All the Unlimited boots feature the same last, stated at 99 mm wide for a size 26.5. They also all get GripWalk soles, though the “LT” versions get a sole with Michelin rubber reinforcements.

One major thing to note is that all the Unlimited boots are available down to a size 22.5, with the 3 stiffest models being available up to a 30.5, and the three women’s models being available up to a size 27.5. Reviewer Kara Williard will be testing both the Unlimited 130 and Unlimited 115 W, which will be an interesting comparison, and one that’s not possible with all boots out there, due to the often-limited size ranges for stiffer models.


The Unlimited LT 130 and Unlimited LT 115 W both feature castor-bean-derived Grilamid shells to reduce weight, while the other Unlimited models feature polyurethane shells.

All Unlimited boots feature Nordica’s “Tri Force Cuff,” which combines three different densities of plastic in the cuff area. The front of the cuff is softer to better wrap the shin and create a smoother flex for both skiing and walking; the cuff’s stiffer “mid layer” is meant to provide lateral support and increase energy transmission; the stiffest rear / spine of the cuff is meant to support the ski-walk mechanism and improve power transmission and rearward support.


Nordica made two new liners for the Unlimited series: the lightweight 3D Light Performance Fit TF and burlier 3D Cork Fit Primaloft Light. The 3D Light Performance Fit TF liner is used in the lighter “LT” models and reportedly weighs only 280 grams. The heavier 3D Cork Fit Primaloft Light is built with power transmission and comfort as higher priorities than minimizing weight.

Buckles & Power Straps

All the Unlimited boots feature fairly standard upper buckles (though they’re made with a lighter magnesium alloy), but their lower buckle layout is a bit more unusual. Rather than traditional buckle ladders, the two lower buckles are connected by a wire. The goal is both an improved fit, but also efficiency during transitions; flipping the toe buckle open will loosen the lower shell for touring, and then you should be able to simply flip it back down for ski mode; the instep buckle and its buckle ladder are the things that you use to fine-tune the overall tension of the wire.

That lower buckle quick-release function pairs with 50mm-wide, cam-style, quick-release power straps on all models except the Unlimited 120 and Unlimited 95 W.

Nordica Announces New 23/24 Unlimited A/T Boots, BLISTER
Nordica 3D Light Performance Fit TF & 3D Cork Fit Primaloft Light liners
Nordica Announces New 23/24 Unlimited A/T Boots, BLISTER
Nordica Unlimited LT 115 W

Walk Mechanism

The previous Nordica Strider boots used a mostly internal walk mechanism, but the Unlimited boots use an external bar-style walk mechanism that appears quite similar to many other boots on the market, such as the Scarpa Maestrale and Atomic Hawx XTD. It’s a style that we’ve found to work quite well overall.

Nordica says that the Unlimited boots offer 65° of range of motion when in walk mode, compared to 46° on the Striders.

Bottom Line (For Now)

Nordica’s new Unlimited boots look like a significant step forward for the brand when it comes to touring-capable but still downhill-oriented boots. Compared to the Striders they replace, the Unlimited boots are lighter, more mobile while walking, and feature some neat touring-friendly features. We’ll be testing several of the new Unlimited boots soon, so stay tuned for more.

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8 comments on “Nordica Announces New 23/24 Unlimited A/T Boots”

  1. These are the boots I’ve been waiting for! I love my Strider’s but would like something lighter with more range of motion. Thank you Nordica!

  2. Any update on your testing of these? Looking at them now as a primarily resort-oriented daily driver (I like that they’re light and they happen to fit my feet really well), but would love to hear some input on how they ski in that context. Thanks.

  3. Hi I want to let everyone know that I tested this in the Japanese backcountry in Hokkaido and the boots completely fell apart on my second day skiing them. That “tri force cuff” is a big design flaw! My left boot completely snapped right in the union of the softer and mid plastic and I was left with a piece of cuff on my hand while taking them off on my second day of touring! Lucky me it happened at the end of the day in the parking lot… I got a full refund from the store I bought them as I didn’t feel safe to ski with those boots again when they offered me another pair…

    A shame because I loved them. Great fitting boot, really nice liner. I have narrow feet, really narrow ankle and midfoot and was surprised at how well they fit and performed… The liner is made in a way that it takes up space in the midfoot area for us narrow feeted individuals. I’d like to see how that feels after some packing out… My zipfit tour liner made them feel too big so I didn’t use it… Anyways, I wanted to let everyone know that it’s a boot that will probably lead to many warranty claims like mine… I already read 2 other cases on redditt.. I’ve got pictures of what happened if anyone wants them…

  4. I purchased the 130LT and have used it for skiing, including backcountry, for about 10 days. It feels a bit easier to wear than the Dobermann 110, providing an overall excellent fit and good flex. The walking comfort during ascents is also good. Since my boots are the LT version, possibly due to the different material, I haven’t experienced the cracking that others have mentioned so far, but it seems necessary to monitor them over time.

  5. The best fitting and performing boots I’ve owned but snapped the cuff in half twice. Really poor quality. First time happened after a relatively hard hit after 20 days on them, second time happened after 2 days and not sure what caused it

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