2020-2021 K2 Sight

Joey Teahan reviews the K2 Sight for Blister

The K2 Sight is supposed to work well in the park and all over the mountain. But does it truly feel at home in the park, or is it more of a freestyle-oriented all-mountain ski? Check out our review.

2019-2020 ON3P Magnus 102

Scott Nelson reviews the ON3P Magnus 102 for Blister

We’ve been spending time on the brand-new ON3P Magnus 102 both in and out of the park. So how does it compare to other wider park skis, and should you be considering the Magnus or a Kartel?

2020-2021 Nordica Soul Rider 87

Scott Nelson reviews the 2016-17 Nordica Soul Rider 87 for Blister Gear Review.

Nordica has made a skinnier Soul Rider, one of our favorite skis. So how similar or different is the new Soul Rider 87 to the original Soul Rider, and who should consider the 87? Scott Nelson weighs in.

Deep Dive: Line Sir Francis Bacon vs. Mordecai

Alex Adams reviews the new Line Bacon and Mordecai for Blister Gear Review.

Line’s new Bacon and Mordecai are both playful all-mountain skis, but they certainly aren’t the same. We break down their similarities and differences.

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