2010-2011 ON3P Caylor, 191cm

2010-2011 ON3P Caylor, 191cm, Blister Gear Review

Ski: 2010-2011 ON3P Caylor, 191cm 

Dimensions (mm): 148-120-140

Turn Radius: 27.4 meters

Actual tip to tail length – straight tape pull: 193cm

Boots / Bindings: Nordica Supercharger Ignition / Head Mojo 15, DIN at 12

Mount Location: recommended (3cm back from true center)

Test Location: Arapahoe Basin; Eaglecrest; Colorado and Alaska Backcountry

Days Skied: ~25

The past few seasons I’ve been on an epic quest to find the perfect powder ski, or at least my perfect powder ski. During my search I spent time on a handful of fun-shape skis: the Armada JJ, Armada ARG, K2 Hellbent, Moment Bibby Pro, Moment Donner Party, and Praxis Mountain Jib, just to name a few. While all of these skis were particularly good at certain things, none had the versatility that I sought. I was after a ski that excelled in all soft-snow conditions, backcountry trickery, and that could survive when the snow was less than ideal. After a few years of searching – and ever evolving ski design – I finally found my ski.

The Caylor is a soft snow machine, and dominates in a variety of conditions. This winter, I was able to ride the Caylor in nearly every variety of soft snow imaginable: perfect, blower pow; old, faceted sugar; thick, wind-affected snow; heavy maritime pow; rain-soaked slop; and deep slush. In the most difficult of conditions I never struggled with the Caylor. A medium-stiff flex was neither too soft nor too stiff; it simply felt good in all forms of powder. I could feel the skis flex and respond to my movements. Although a soft flex on an aggressively rockered ski can be quite fun (e.g., the K2 Hellbent), a stiffer flex like that of the Caylor provides a greater amount of versatility. This stiffer flex certainly didn’t diminish my desire to go airborne, and in some cases, I preferred it.

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