18/19 Winter Buyer’s Guide

18/19 Winter Buyer’s Guide, BLISTER

In a few days, we are going to drop the biggest and the best buyer’s guide we’ve ever made.

Other publications boast that they conduct their ski testing over several days, or have one designated week of testing.

Our guide is the result of over 10,000 hours of on-snow testing, year-round.

It is 200 pages long.

And it includes:

  • 207 skis
  • 55 boots
  • 100+ bindings, splitboards, snowboards, helmets, goggles, skins, apparel, etc.
  • 0 advertising dollars from the gear manufacturers in the guide
  • 0 fake reviews

Unlike other guides, gear companies can’t buy awards from us or pay us to feature their brands.

Truth is, most buyer’s guide “reviews” are just poorly written ads for the ski companies included in the guide. (If you didn’t know this, just check out their descriptions of a product. Then check out ours.)

There’s a reason why our guide has become the reference book for so many manufacturers.

And this year, we’ve got some very big news:

FREE ONLINE EDITION: 18/19 Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide

In order to ensure that every skier and snowboarder has access to the most honest, accurate, and useful product information out there, we are making an online edition of our Winter Buyer’s Guide, and it will be available for free. Yep, completely free.

[button colour=”accent” type=”slightlyroundedarrow” size=”large” link=”http://blistergearreview.com/winter-buyers-guide” target=”_self]Check out the new Winter Buyer’s Guide now — FREE[/button]

LIMITED PRINT EDITION: 18/19 Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide

We love beautifully made print books. There’s something wonderful about holding a hefty, collectible book in your hands that you can pick up, flip through, and come back to whenever you feel like it. We’ve been sent a lot of photos of our Buyer’s Guides gracing the coffee tables of passionate skiers all around the world, and it gets us every time.

So if you love print, become a Blister member now to guarantee that you get a copy, or purchase the guide by itself while supplies last.

The print guide is $9.99, and will ship out mid October.

[button colour=”accent” type=”slightlyroundedarrow” size=”large” link=”http://blistergearreview.com/shop/1819-blister-winter-buyers-guide-print-edition” target=”_self]GET YOUR COPY HERE[/button]

BONUS: all pre-orders to the US get free shipping

17 comments on “18/19 Winter Buyer’s Guide”

  1. Hopefully making the BGR Buyers Guide free will create a much larger following for BGR. I am nervous though, for me the price of admission is a fantastic deal. To have an advertisement free magazine chock full of thorough reviews of gear I cannot test myself is like have my cake and eating it too! I have bought 2 pairs of skis and a pair of boots since I became a member and each piece of gear performed as described, no mistakes on expensive gear purchases! You guys deserve every success, I just hope that making it free is temporary and that the audience understands that there is a cost to gaining access to this info. Since the manufacturers are not paying for it, revenue has to come from somewhere! Anyway, congrats on being the best Ski Gear Review on the planet and I look forward to pouring over the new Buyers Guide!

  2. Free online? That will probably triple the sales of the print edition. At least I hope so. It’s not possible to stomach the “gear guides” from magazines. Thank you for all the hard work and integrity. The Ace of Spades is about to drop…..I’ll be first in line to receive my copy at the post office.

  3. Just looked over my last two years of the Blister Buyer’s Guide. I wish they had odometers because they have seen a lot of mileage. Loaned out, photocopied, reread, they are the gold standard reference when someone asks for ski gear input. Long live the tangible print copy.

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for this buyer’s guide :-).

    Are the new Icelantic Natural 101 skis part of the 207 skis reviewed?

    Cheers, have a nice day!

  5. Will there be also a pdf version availabe for offline viewing? Offline use is important for me… I mean, what else would I do offline (when not skiing) than read Blister Winter Buyer’s Guide…?

  6. Even though I am retired and my wife accuses me of wasting far too much time between making one more move on a chess website and reading volumes of articles on your site even though they have nothing to do with skiing / $7000 mountain bikes, climbing shoes, trail running gear, I will now have to explain the over 200 pages of great reviews/info in this online version. Thanks a lot.

    Great job! Even at 71 I still ski and have bought more than a few products based on your reviews. Where were these great ski products and your great reviews 20 years ago. Better late than never I guess. Thank you to you and your team.

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