Win Any WNDR Alpine Ski or Snowboard

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The winner of this week’s Gear Giveaway will get to pick any ski or snowboard from WNDR Alpine’s lineup!

Win Any WNDR Alpine Ski or Snowboard, BLISTER

From the new Nocturne 88 to the Reason 120, WNDR Alpine’s current ski lineup now covers a wide range of widths and we’ve found many of their skis to be adaptable in both the backcountry and resort.

On the snowboard side of things, our reviewers have been really impressed by their BellAire shape, and we’re very much looking forward to testing their brand-new Shepherd series — and both series are available in solid and split versions.

What makes WNDR Alpine really stand out is their approach to making their skis and boards. WNDR uses algae-derived materials in the core and sidewalls of the ski in place of petroleum-based plastic, and they also use reclaimed manufacturing waste to create their “Spiralmade” ski and snowboard binding retention plates. (You can learn a lot more about their approach to ski and board construction in our Blister Summit Brand Lineup video with WNDR Alpine founder, Matt Sterbenz.)

Enter below before Friday, January 19th for your chance to win!

(Winners will be chosen at random and announced next Friday in our Blister Newsletter. Must be 18 or older.)

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34 comments on “Win Any WNDR Alpine Ski or Snowboard”

  1. Skiing with the technological WNDR ski in the backcountry of Austria and Germany would be a blast. In case you need an ambassador for WNDR ski s let me know

  2. Dope contest! A new snowboard would be awesome. Maybe even get a few seasons in locally before we lose winter altogether!

    Thanks for an awesome contests with an awesome prize! See y’all on the slopes

  3. Haven’t ski in years. I have recently retired and would love a new update pair.
    I still have a pair of Old wooden ones from my days living in Montreal and Eastern Townships

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