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The winner of this week’s giveaway will get a brand-new goggle & helmet setup from POC. Their new Obex SPIN helmet and Fovea Clarity goggles feature some of the brand’s most interesting new tech, and we can confirm that their quality is excellent.

win POC Obex SPIN Helmet and Fovea Clarity Goggles; Blister Gear Giveaway
POC Obex SPIN Helmets and Fovea Clarity Goggles

The Obex SPIN is a lightweight (515 g for a size XL/XXL) helmet with an excellent fit-adjustment system and versatile ventilation. And one of the most interesting aspects of the Obex is its SPIN (“Shearing Pad INside”) system. The patent-pending silicone-pad technology system, SPIN, complements POC’s whole-helmet approach to deliver superior levels of comfort, fit and performance.

The Fovea Clarity goggles feature excellent lenses from Carl Zeiss. We’ve used some of POC’s Clarity lenses and have come away very impressed — they offer great contrast and function well across a very broad range of conditions. Add on to that the fact that the Fovea is designed to match perfectly with the Obex SPIN, and this is one sweet setup.

Enter below before Friday, December 14th for your chance to win.

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