Win a Pack, Shoes, & Apparel from Mystery Ranch, Oboz, Duckworth, & Jelt

Blister Gear Giveaway

The winner of our Gear Giveaway this week will get an assortment of pretty sweet products from four Montana-based companies — Duckworth, Oboz, Mystery Ranch, & Jelt. They’ll get a Vapor T and sweater from Duckworth, a pair of shoes or boots from Oboz’s Bozeman collection, Mystery Ranch’s In and Out Backpack, and one of Jelt’s belts!

Win a Pack, Shoes, & Apparel from Mystery Ranch, Oboz, Duckworth, & Jelt, BLISTER
Mystery Ranch In and Out Pack (photo by Mark Genito)

One of our reviewers, Matt Zia, is a huge fan of the Duckworth Vapor T thanks to its breathable, odor-resistant, and super soft merino / polyester / Modal fabric. For the sweater, the winner will get to choose between the men’s Powder Hoody or women’s Powder High Neck, both of which use a thick, merino-blend, fleecy fabric. All of Duckworth’s apparel is made in the US, and their merino wool is even sourced from Montana itself.

From Oboz, the winner will be able to choose from the men’s and women’s boots and shoes in Oboz’s new Bozeman collection. The Bozeman shoes and boots look pretty much like regular, casual options, but they still feature Oboz’s excellent, supportive midsole and an aggressive outsole. On top of that, many of them feature insoles made from algae and recycled materials in the upper, lining, and laces.

Mystery Ranch’s 19-liter In and Out backpack is designed to be as packable as possible — ideal for travel, quick summit pushes, or any time luggage space is at a premium. But it’s still a Mystery Ranch pack, so they designed to to be as durable and functional as possible, while being packable down to the size of a liter water bottle.

Finally, the winner will get to pick one of Jelt’s belts, all of which are stretchy, sleek, and designed to work well during activities like climbing and skiing, while still looking pretty understated. They come with a few different buckle styles, but they all feature a stretchy webbing and a grippy inside coating — and all are made in Montana.

Enter before Friday, August 28th for your chance to win!

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