Win Skis From Elan

Blister Gear Giveaway

The winner of our Gear Giveaway this week will get Elan’s new Playmaker 101 ski!

Win Skis From Elan, BLISTER
Win Skis From Elan, BLISTER

Designed as a playful yet capable freeride twin-tip, the new Playmaker 101 brings a surfy and lightweight ride to the whole mountain. Featuring a poppy flex pattern with soft extremities and a supportive platform underfoot, the Playmaker 101 is one of the newest and most playful all-mountain skis in Elan’s lineup. 

Enter below before Friday, January 12th for your chance to win!

(Winners will be chosen at random and announced next Friday in our Blister Newsletter. Must be 18 or older.)

By entering, you’ll receive our tri-weekly Blister newsletter, where we’ll (a) announce each week the winner of our previous Gear Giveaway, (b) provide a roundup of the news and our highest-profile reviews of the past few days, and (c) offer sneak peeks of the products we’re currently reviewing. It’s good times for sure, so don’t miss out. You’ll also be kept up to date on what’s new at Elan.

26 comments on “Win Skis From Elan”

  1. I am a Blister member but you competitions are limited to the US ☹️

    Why is that surely you could say anyone outside of the US would have the pay for the delivery.

    Can you please change that, we in the UK are not getting the same from Blister as the Americans!!

    • That’s not true, Charlie. The majority of our giveaways (and these are free giveaways, mind you) are *not* limited to the U.S. And when they are, that is not our decision. We always advocate hard to make them available to everyone, everywhere, but we can’t always make that happen.

  2. I demoed the Playmaker and it was one of my favorite skis that I demoed. It made me realize that even though I’m mostly a directional skier, I definitely like the feel of the playful skis. I’m embracing the west coast surf mentality, as they say.

    • I have this issue when using the Firefox browser (my main browser!) It seems to have started in earnest with the last 3-4 giveaways. I also had it happen a while back, but it seemed to disappear on its own.

  3. It looks like the entry form gets blocked by Firefox’s “enhanced tracking protection”. I don’t recall this being an issue with past giveaways, so maybe it’s a weird interaction of either a recent site update or Firefox update?

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