Win Skis or a Snowboard from Weston

Blister Gear Giveaway

The winner of our Gear Giveaway this week will get their choice of a pair of skis or a snowboard from Weston!

Win Skis or a Snowboard from Weston, BLISTER
Win Skis or a Snowboard from Weston, BLISTER

For two-plankers, up for grabs is Weston’s Summit Carbon ski! During our testing, the Summit Carbon really stood out because of how playful and accessible it is — it’s easy to bend into tight carves, enjoyable when noodling through tight, powder-filled trees, yet it has good suspension for its weight and is surprisingly capable.

For boarders, Weston is offering their Japow Solid! A repeat winner of our “Best Of” award, this is one of our favorite surf-inspired boards, and it shines both in deep powder and on fresh groomers. After testing a bunch of various surf-inspired shapes over the years, the Japow continues to shine because of its adaptability — it feels fast and confident when arcing big, wide turns while remaining quite maneuverable in tighter terrain, making it a solid choice for a variety of riders. 

Enter below before Friday, November 17th for your chance to win!

(Winners will be chosen at random and announced next Friday in our Blister Newsletter. Must be 18 or older.)

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    • I would love to test them both in the Italian Alps and in the Tuscany APPENNINI! We have the world’s best wet snow ever!!! Ahaha

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