Athletes & Product Design | Blister Summit 2023 Video

When it comes to gear, how do you balance the specific needs of world-class athletes with those of average skiers and riders?

McKenna Petersen (K2 athlete), Drew Peterson (Salomon athlete), Tyler Curle (Moment athlete & ski builder), and Jed Yeiser (K2 engineer) discuss the product development process; the roles that athletes, designers, and product managers play; the weirdest prototypes they’ve tried; what “evolutionary” and “revolutionary” changes we should expect in the future; which discontinued products they’d like to bring back, and more.


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  • Intros & Backgrounds 00:00
  • Balancing Needs of Pro Athletes vs the Public 5:13
  • Are We in an Evolutionary or Revolutionary Stage of Ski Design? 22:50
  • Weirdest Prototype You’ve Tried? 33:27
  • How Have Your Responsibilities Evolved? 41:05
  • Changing Popular Products 44:56
  • What Product Would You Bring Back? 52:12
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