Marker’s 23/24 Touring & Freeride Bindings | Blister Summit 2023 Video

At Blister Summit 2023, we sat down with Marker’s Chris McKenna to discuss their 2023-2024 binding lineup, including the brand-new Cruise touring binding; how it compares to the Marker Alpinist; the updates they’ve made to the Duke PT collection; and more.


Learn more about the Blister Summit here


  • Marker Cruise Binding 00:00
  • Marker Duke PT Collection 7:28
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4 comments on “Marker’s 23/24 Touring & Freeride Bindings | Blister Summit 2023 Video”

    • It doesn’t have a preloaded sliding heel, so it must have a tech gap. The animations on Marker’s website certainly show one.

  1. Any word on ramp delta? Being part of the small foot gang makes big deltas quite noticeable to the point of shimming toes to the max.

    • Yep, that was my question too.

      And speaking of small feet, can we please stop calling risers in degrees, as if everyone has the same length boot?
      Is there any reason NOT to just talk about them in millimeters?

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