Mountain Town Economics | Blister Summit 2023 Video

At Blister Summit 2023, we brought together reporter Jason Blevins (Colorado Sun & resident of Eagle County, CO), Dara McDonald (Crested Butte Town Manager), Jonathan Houck (Gunnison County Commissioner), Pete Wagner (Wagner Custom Skis & resident of Telluride, CO), and Paul Forward (Blister reviewer & resident of Girdwood, AK) for a wide-ranging conversation on the current challenges facing mountain towns and a number of potential solutions.

We cover how small towns can serve as test zones for new & innovative policies; the impacts of an outdoor-recreation-based economy; the ongoing challenge of affordable housing; ideas for new methods of funding, and more.


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  • Intros 00:00
  • What Other Locales Can Learn from Small Towns 1:45
  • Recreation & Its Impacts 10:33
  • Affordable Housing 31:50
  • Engaging Younger Generations 42:53
  • Innovative Funding Mechanisms? 48:34
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