New Moment Countach 110 & 23/24 Skis |  Blister Summit 2023 Video

At Blister Summit 2023, we sat down with Moment’s Max Smith to discuss the origins and design of their new Countach 110; how it fits into their lineup between the Wildcat and Commander series; their new extra-long Wildcat; who should get a Moment Wildcat vs. a Moment Deathwish; their new, much bigger factory in Nevada, and more.

Moment’s Countach 110 Product Page

Blister Flash Review: Moment Countach 110


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  • Countach 110: Origins & Details 00:00
  • Other 23/24 Updates 4:05
  • Moment Deathwish vs. Moment Wildcat 5:32
  • Moment Women’s Skis 7:09
  • Moment Touring Skis 8:25
  • Moment’s New Nevada Factory & Store 9:07
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6 comments on “New Moment Countach 110 & 23/24 Skis |  Blister Summit 2023 Video”

    • My thoughts exactly. Enjoyed the interview but a little bummed they kind of threw the DW to the side when comparing the Countach with the Wildcat and Commander.

    • Yep — 186.7 cm for the straight-tape-pull measurement. The measured specs listed for that ski in our 23/24 Winter Buyer’s Guide are for the 188 cm version, and we’ll be posting a full review of both it and the 183 cm version ASAP this season.

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