Pooping in Buckets? Skiers & Snowboarders on Climate Issues, Individual Behavior, & Collective Action

As skiers, snowboarders, and general users of the outdoors, the changing climate is an issue at the forefront of many of our minds. So, should we all be pooping in buckets? Or what should we do to most significantly and quickly improve the current situation?

At Blister Summit 2024, Blister founder, Jonathan Ellsworth, hosted a conversation with Amie Engerbretson (Atomic; watch her film, The Hypocrite); Dr. Len Necefer (Founder, NativesOutdoors & the Sonoran Avalanche Center); and Jake Black (Sr. Director of Programs, Protect Our Winters) to address this and a whole lot more.

Topics include: misplaced guilt; misplaced pride; the fallacy (and efficacy) of “perfect climate advocates”; reducing division and increasing collaboration within the “Outdoor State,” and more.

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